Concrete grinders and diamond segment for the family Renovator

During renovations a grinder concrete plans can remove glue from carpet tiles, irregular slabs can level, a new unit is looking to create, prepare a soil application of sealants or paint to clean up spilled cement, plaster or other material on floors, concrete polishing and paint removal.

Before the election, which specifies drill meets your needs best suit your needsunderstand how the work should cut diamonds, because if the concrete would you choose the wrong type is not the expected results. Many people have started up with a concrete grinder to work very productive to find friends after only one hour, a snail, which is too slow. All concrete grinders use diamond as an abrasive modern now, but there are some things to note.

The segments of the diamond grinding mills used in the dishes are made ​​of concrete, metalThe metal blocks embedded with diamonds which are only exposed when the concrete carrying away the sand. If diamonds are not exposed, will not cut the concrete and this is what happens when the segment is in the hardness of tungsten carbide for special concrete. For the concrete segment diamond metal disk should be soft, so that small amounts of sand is concrete drive is removed from the metal enough to keep exposing theDiamonds, heavy metals during cement soft must stop for fast, that the large amount of sand produced by metal removal. soft, medium and heavy - diamond usually three types of metal.

If you use half the hardness of tungsten carbide on segmented diamond blade diamond ultimately very boring, and break, as they always do, but the surrounding metal, concrete is not removed quickly enough so that the metal segmentsto be polished. When this happens, the wheel is very hot and is not to crush the concrete at all.

The first tip is to choose the right production work hard segment of the diamond to adjust the hardness of the concrete floors, so that your machine for crushing concrete. After removal of glue or paint from concrete floors of diamonds through the material and the soil beneath it is important that theDiamond segments correspond to the hardness of the soil. The work of the concrete grinder in a circle, if possible, or from side to side under one bites the glue or paint with every movement. This is the best way to remove it, because if you press the polished concrete in the middle of the paint or glue smeared only the material heats up and unnecessarily burden the grinding of the engine, combat pollution in the sticky.

Another aspect is theDegree, or size of the diamonds are used to obtain records of expression. Use coarse to 20-40 and adhesive strip, and also to remove a heavy concrete with a 40-80 for a finer surface on the bottom, where the scratches are not visible and easily with 80-120 grit for a job very end. a smooth floor or a table of grain must be for 3000-5000.

Plate level, where he moved from the highest point and grind away until you reachthe deepest point of the other grinding plate back away from the top to smooth the ground. Use a metal ruler, as the height of a person to visually check the levels and the use of concrete grinder to grind down the high areas to when the soil is at the level you need. A mill drainage concrete can be used to create new levels, but that is usually a slow and difficult as a grinder cut off the hard stone aggregateused to mix concrete, concrete that is under the surface.

A concrete grinder can be completed faster way to clean a floor for other work was. It will quickly remove spilled mortar, plaster, paint splashes and other materials were, went ashore and prepare them for what ever you want to use later. The benefits of preparing a ground in this way, leveling small to reduce reflectionsAmount of mortar is used if the tiles or to provide a flat floor in the definition of vinyl and always open to the surface so that the sealants and adhesives, and will strongly adhere.

To obtain a special type of concrete polished concrete grinder is usually required when a planetary gear head action when three or four heads to touch the floor and rotate in one direction and the focus of this direction contains the head rotates in the opposite direction. It 's easier to reacha flat bottom on this unit, or alternatively one of eight machines, which ran in the opposite clockwise four heads and four rotating clockwise.

The process is out of wheat double in number to each next step to grind. have made from 30 gravel, then 60, then grit grain 120-3000. After 120 grit diamond exchange link link diamond resin and metal, after the first round at 30 grains, it is necessary to spray the floor with gluewith 60 grit to fill before driving to the air vents at the bottom appears in the minutes between 60 and 120 grit, you must also harden and compacting the soil using a chemical curing agent that makes it easier to reach and maintain a gloss.

A favorite word to use a concrete grinder is the garage, the rooms are sealed to prevent stains or a dusting or for him or the camp.

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