How to add color to your concrete project

Your specific project for a real piece of art after you add the color. There are several ways to add color to the concrete and not what you choose depends on whether the article has already been done o.

If the project has already been done, as a springboard, a pot or even a whole terrace, you have the following options are open, all good cleaning and probably requires as etching.

. Paint 1 -If you thoroughly clean and etch the project, the paint should adhere well. How long will good, depending on humidity. A vase painting of a plant it is more likely to have problems with peeling painted as a door stop in the living room. But the color is so easy to find plans for an ending that you like and use that many, this is a good choice.

2. Stain - you can use an opaque stain, color, or you can choosesemi-transparent stain. Both are in high gloss or low luster. Etching is also a place that is the floors and designed an "old world" look to it in concrete. I noticed the word discount in the new city has this level of treatment. All points still penetrate the concrete, the time to wear off enough.

If the project is not done, you have several options.

Before Paint- Yes, you can add mix latex paint on the concrete and the color will go all the casting. You must paint, but can be any latex paint color or a mixture. This is an option that requires a series of tests. If the regular gray concrete color will be affected. Try using white cement. If you mix with sand, more time to plan for testing. There is a lot more time to think about as you take the right formula to determine the color you have inMind.

2. chemical colors - that are added to the mixture is sprayed or irrigation your bit '. You can spray a color and then to get a different color for a natural stone look. This objective can also take the time because it is a pigment surface.

3. liquid color additives - These are ready-mixed concrete in your color before adding the entire cast, not just the top. The test is necessary. This is the stuff you see the guy pouringin the mixer, just before pouring a driveway.

4. Mosaic - Another option for adding color "concrete" is to press the objects on the surface of your project. bits of mosaic tiles, broken glass, pearls or other stones around the concrete work of art unique. This is great fun, but be sure that without the sharp edges!

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