What are the ceramics - As the concrete floor before laying ceramic tile Prep

In this article we consider how to prepare a fund before starting a concrete result of laying ceramic tile, so you have a great one.

One of the first things you get when you will be faced with the laying of tiles on the floor is to ensure that the. If you deal directly with the old concrete you must first fill cracks or noticeable drops composite with a filler or concrete. Then, when it is dry isneed to clean the concrete, the tiles as this is a good base for the mortar and followed. A good quality degreaser is usually ideal for this task.

Now that the concrete floor has been cleaned up and ready to install the tiles, you first need to trace some of the tiles. In this way you can see what your finished card format will be similar. Only then can we then begin to effectively apply the mortarbeginning on the card agent and cement, was the.

When you apply the mortar at a basic level it is good to apply) the right amount, right trowel (a choppy one. If the mortar is not yet ready, so take careful note of the statements that were made ​​available by the manufacturer. If the consistency of the mortar is wrong, you will notice that the tiles do not really adhere to it very well, you could end up with tiles that are loose and one wasto break and crack.

Once you have the floor, the right amount of mortar you can now begin, lay your tiles.

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