How and why did the acid etch a concrete floor

Garage conversion is big business and more people are saving money by adding some floor coverings. The most important and first step is to clean and etch your concrete acid. Etching the concrete floor, the surface profile add "tooth" or epoxy paint to adhere more space. The etching process will help to remove impurities bond breakers are good.

There are two types of acid-etching products, liquid andGel. The liquids are mixed soil with 2 or more parts of water are then poured. With a hard brush, the solution is distributed over the entire surface and then erased. The gels are rolling on the floor with a roller / 8 "3 nap and left undisturbed for 15 minutes, then they cleaned a knife and clean with a damp Vac or pan. Balance must be clean and with a knife.

acid etching liquid coating years was recommended by the manufacturer on the groundbut it is a practical way to affect ieffective. The problem is that the acid is a dangerous product, and most manufacturers sell a diluted product for safety reasons. Then recommended to dilute with water. If you apply a dilute acid on the surface seems to dilute the results. Furthermore, since each has a concrete floor practically low and high points, the liquid solution, of course, flows to the low points. The high spots have little or no incision. Sorry, can not escapewith a surface almost acid. You will find that epoxy painted floor delaminated and areas that are not adequately recorded failover.

The other option with an acid gel is to use more effective and safer. The process is then shake the container pour the gel in a special color. With a 3 / 8 "-1 / 2" nap roller rolled like painting the gel on the floor. The gels are very effective, why, where they are applied, and not remaindiluted. This means that to get up exactly the same range as the low points. You can also use a brush to apply the points of attention. The gel that is a much more effective than a liquid as a cleaning lady pulls impurities like oil, rust and rot from the ground. Impurities are contained in the gel. The gel acts as a carrier in a rust, mildew and oil do not have the opportunity to return to the land. The gel works as a cleaner and etching solution.

Once the gelthe soil is washed away with less water as a liquid, its surface incised, the coating is a floor with an epoxy resin or high-performance ready. In fact, many professionals use a concrete floor acid etching gel, because it works and avoids the failure of the coating.


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