Such as epoxy your garage floor!

This is a very popular thing to do these days and can really improve the functionality and appearance of your garage. However, if done improperly or with the wrong product, you will regret ever finish that floor, I have a good experience with the type of epoxy garage that Sherwin Williams had sold, but there are many good many other products at different retailers. One thing epoxy look at when choosing a garage floor that there is no need to "etch" theAcid soil with a product before. Many high-end professional products require this, but for most homeowners, you are using a product that is not in that order. The only way your soil may need to acid etch, if the garage floor is dirty with oil and grease stains and very old. During etching cleans the surface and makes it porous and rough (paint ready to accept). Ask the person behind the desk the paint when you need it or not!

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the end of the floor. Then we will go through the proper way to apply garage floor paint / epoxy on.

Finishing the floor of the garage has the following advantages:

1. Improved appearance.

2. The ability to wash the spilled substances more easily.

3. Protects concrete.

4. Do not we look cool?

Now, some drawbacks:

1. Often it is to make your> Plan as Slippery When Wet (even if you add slip substances).

2. If not corrected, performance and appearance of your garage that can ruin (chipping, pick-up hot tire marks, etc.).

When choosing a garage floor color / epoxy choice to go with the epoxy. I've never seen before, says a color for a garage floor, it is good hot tire pick up that no matter what the color of store sales person. hot tire pick up is easy if you train in yourGarage after the race and the tires are warm enough for an inferior product actually pull out your garage floor to the ground and keeping the tires. Speak to one of a mess. Find a kit with two-part epoxy paint stains, non-slip additive in the kit. Your typical kit includes a small can of activator, a large gallon can from the base of the epoxy, colored spots for aesthetics and to add non-slip additive. Just follow the instructions Box on the application of color.

1. Normally, you want to print or at least wash thoroughly clean out and sweep the surface of the paintings (many of these products can be concrete surfaces to be used inside or outside on). Make sure the surface is very dry and clean of dust and dirt.

2. Mix Activator (small can) in the large box. An electric mixer does this, but the color will work great for paddling.

3. Pour the mixture into a> Color and cut tray the area that are in) painting with a brush, junk (it is always ruined.

4. The color even in areas of work in small strokes at a time, a 3 / 8 "or 1 / 2" nap roller cover with. Many times a garage floor is poured concrete everywhere in 2-6 separate blocks. One color block at a time and make sure the male, even in a corner.

5. Once you click on the color of the product, you can optionalSamples of color, while color is still wet (most people like the look of these places).

6. Now put the most important, make sure you buy the clear sealant to tower above the epoxy is painted (usually sold separately). If you do not come with this glaze coating is the lowest layer of epoxy-chips, and spots will be ripped to obtain. Paint the clear coat as you did the bottom layer of epoxy resin. Depending on the type of kit you get, there is normally aanti-slip additive can be either in the epoxy base or outer layer of the mix of enamel. Use anti-slip additive! this addition, the color of wet work in the absence of such a layer of ice when. You can be a bit 'more slip-resistant additive to the top or bottom of the mantle with the kit, but you must purchase one separately.

A few things to keep in mind that you are not able to drive on the freshly painted surface for a few days. Also try to avoid scraping yourSnow blower and other electrical devices in the epoxy coating, as far as possible.

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concrete highway barriers to the road construction season is here

Today it seems that road will never end. Although it might seem that the construction goes on throughout the year, is certainly a driving time of year when construction work on almost every road you've done. One of the busiest times of the year for the construction of roads is the spring. This is when the weather finally decides to give us a break and begins to warm. Once the ground melts, construction workers are in full force, day or night.

IfWatch your nightly news this time of year, you'll probably see an overview of all construction work in your area. Although probably hundreds of ongoing projects, will most likely ignore the installation of a concrete highway barrier and only highlight the most important projects that will likely cause traffic delays through traffic lanes. Watching the news this time of year is a good idea. Not only can you find out what's going onin your area, but most likely to save time if your going to work. It 'also good to know what lane highways on weekends or at night to have. Although most of us do not have a lot of night commuters, there are a few of us who still need to take this route, sometimes unexpected. And 'better, with these delays ahead of time to learn how to plan accordingly.

The country's infrastructure has always been that age when it seems that every routebe replaced. The streets seem to be crumbling before our eyes. There are holes and cracks everywhere, they never seem to end. The business of concrete construction is the ideal place for the time at this point. Even if the economy in general is a particular crisis for the amount of road building, needs to be done, it will almost be guaranteed your job for a while '. This is as good as all over the country where you live, it's true. We are facing a decreaseInfrastructure must be rebuilt. The best we can hope for is that they are replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

This does not mean that the only thing that needs to be fixed only on the streets. There are also bridges, overpasses, highway concrete barriers, galleries and more, to be replaced or repaired, or even perhaps for the first time installed. There are many different projects, which together with the road construction season, so that at least one ofsure, somewhere in your neck of the woods.


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Protect your garage floor concrete floor

If you think that the decision to protect the garage floor with garage floor then you are making a good compromise. These products protect against harmful substances such as road salt, chemicals and oil and gas. These types of things are exposed to your regular concrete base, you have to do something effective and durable.

garage floor coverings are not just for you to be a mechanic. They are for anyone with a garage. Keep theFlooring looks great and you never know when a home for sale, is also a good selling point. There are all kinds of products on the market, trying to keep it nice and clean.

Garage flooring tiles can be made up of tiles are not exactly the same thing at home. This type of tile glued to concrete is not necessary. Will meet at the ends and the seams are sealed with an adhesive construction. Another typetreatment of the land consists of a large carpet that is rolled out across the floor or a specified part. Two of the main types of tiles include a PVC tile and rubber tile. PVC is very light and locks dirt.

If your desire is to have these garage floor coverings, tires for cars only then is there any special floor mats. Many people are seen as an epoxy floor treatment but the application is not an easy processif not done properly, it requires more layers.

that do so DIY that uses their garage as a workshop or a person, the workshop has a separate, keep the floor clean from spills is a necessary task to prevent accidents and to prevent the ground deteriorated quickly. Therefore, these areas is so important.
You can look for garage floor coverings places for your workshop or garage more. Try your local big box home or yourLocal mom-and-hardware to support local businesses. You can also search the Internet, as there are many reputable dealers are also online.

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Epoxy coatings - coating the garage floor the best choice

If there is a proposal for a better way to cover the garage floor of thick concrete, an epoxy coating on the floor. There is something very strong but very convenient. This is the best option when it comes to good coverage and protection without having a lot of your finances.

There are several kinds of epoxy floor coating operations that are available today. Choose from a variety of designs and colors. If you think thisenter colors> the opportunity to express your creativity and design preferences.

If your garage is your place for a hobby, so this option is most advantageous for you. Can your hobby room or playing field even more exciting.

If you need to repair garages, because your soil has cracks, holes, divots and holes, you can also use epoxy. Mix together with a solution, the color is the similarity with Patty and apply it to the problem area. This planoption coverage is truly a multi-purpose solution for all your needs of coverage.

In fact, it would be easier to make your garage look his best. What's more, you can enjoy a more lasting effect. Your garage floor would last without the need to renew year for sure.

epoxy paints are very easy to use. Since they are the colors, you need a surface with a brush or roller to apply only to the ground. If you like Home ImprovementProjects around the house that is perfect for you. You can do the job yourself if you have the time and energy for it. Otherwise, you can always hire a handyman to do everything for you.

You will have a garage epoxy paint to cover the entire area from your. These colors have to prepare like you need a little 'mix of painting a solution to filter the last better and be resistant to oils and stains found in theGarage.

When epoxy floor kit to start, then you have everything you need in the box. Just clean the entire garage floor and make sure to wear protective clothing, as do the project. If you are good with all the requirements of the preparations, garage floor, your view is certainly more than perfect.

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Drylok concrete floor paint

Indoor floors of endless possibilities can be adjusted as bricks, wood, carpet and vinyl. If you are not able to adjust the floor outside the same? Courtyards, garages and driveways are often gray slate lightweight concrete. What house does not know most is that the cement can be painted seems more attractive, not only, but make it easier to clean. Drylok color concrete are the bestYou can get paint. It is smooth and clean for your entire floor into a smooth, easy to clean colored surfaces. The colors range from white to dark blue and can be customized with speckled flakes. Drylok is easy to clean the floor and is completely waterproof. Oils and chemicals will not stain the surface.

This latex paint dries hard and shiny. It provides improved traction for the feet and prevent slipping. Unlike many colorsDrylok does not smell. High traffic, weather, washing and dirt no chance against the toughness Drylok. During the application, even Drylok seal small cracks, so they are no longer visible. larger cracks can be filled with a filler in concrete and polished before use. Customize your garage or driveway has never been easy.

There are several ways to apply Drylok. Before applying you should clean your concrete with a more clean as heavyKrud Kutter. This will remove dirt and oils on surfaces improve the adhesion between paint and concrete. Everything should be removed from the area before application. Drylok simple concrete surface is poured and allowed to move freely. Gravity is uniformly distributed Drylok ground, although you'll be able to edges with a brush or spatula around the painter. You can cover a short or long-handled brush Drylok around. The color isform a perfectly smooth surface without brush marks, like gravity, the smooth seats. One gallon to 500 square meters of land cover.


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Interior Concrete Waterproofing: Protect your concrete from water damage

Moisture is a main enemy of the concrete. It can weaken concrete, make it crack, and a general deterioration of a concrete structure. Humidity can also lead to decolorization and fungi that is almost impossible to remove. Waterproofing concrete can prevent internal moisture damage of this type.

Before applying any type of sealing internal concrete Firstly, ensure that no leaks or drainage problems have been solved. Only because you are closing does not occur in the water. If the horizontal drainage problems or losses are not fixed, then you still have water pooling on the concrete treated.

Interior concrete waterproofing is a welding method can be used to cast concrete, concrete blocks and even on a foundation of stone. Sealing internal concrete can be used both old and new concrete. For the best protection, should be sealed > Concrete directly after polymerization.

Interior Concrete Waterproofing

The sealant must be protected against water, water vapor, and radon. Really waterproof, you may need more than one layer of sealant, applied usually at least two. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before using the brand of sealant.

Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry before sealing all the practical application of any concrete interior. Intended for current> Surfaces such as concrete in a basement, old paint or glue, this could be used on the floor were all water before being removed. The areas to be treated should be as clean as possible and be free of mold or mildew.

If you want to waterproof concrete foundations they need care for months. Sealants will be good to keep cracks, holes or defects in concrete foundation walls receive moisture. For better water qualityProtection, it is usually recommended that both sides of the seal wall with an outer layer on the outside.

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Because the number of calculation units in concrete

Aggregates in concrete are different materials mixed with cement and water is then added to the dough to make consistent paste.This called concrete without reinforcement. Concrete is what is used for items suspended floors lintels, foundations of foundations, ground floor, beams, many columns and structural elements. The materials used are cement, concrete, sand as ballast in the fine and coarse aggregaterespectively.

If a developer does not raise any specific work processes following aggregates are calculated. A lot tons of cement, concrete, on average, about ten meters long at a depth of six inches thick and eighteen inches wide. A rich mix of a 2-4 requires more cement than 2:59 is a mixture of six. Therefore, a foundation of three hundred meters in width and thickness as above would take about thirty Pockets.

Number of coarse aggregate is required to become as volume of concrete in order to calculate the amount of weight to throw about the volume and this amount is equivalent to coarse aggregates. The weight must be multiplied by the known volume of cement required to obtain a fifth tonnage. Calculate volume in cubic meters. Concrete needs five to seven cubic meters per cubic meter and a half. This is used and also the size of the ballast to the use of> Concrete.

To calculate the amount of aggregate, sand, its important to know its characteristics. Sand in bulk when wet and shrinks when dry. Since the volume of sand to cement equal to eighty percent of the average volume needed to, it means that due to shrinkage of fillers or add twenty percent to the same volume of concrete as a building owner to use. Fixed unit dosage pit to measure and monitor mix concrete agreed that the rightmix.

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How to Make a Decorative Concrete Overlay in 2 Days Setup

Decorative Concrete overlays are thin layers of concrete purpose for resurfacing unattractive concrete surfaces. Most applications are plans, but can also be applied on vertical surfaces.

The process is fairly simple if you have all the right tools, products and systems. A basic question is that milk from striking the floor with a polymer that looks like. And 'white and the consistency of milk. Polymer is then poured into a 5 gallonBucket, add color, mix quickly and then slowly mix concrete to a pancake batter consistency. Pour evenly distributed on the floor and thin.

Most systems have a two-coat process that is sealed with concrete sealer.'s All. A big problem.

Here are the steps to use and completely over the weekend. This system is the same whether it is a store of 3,000 square meters per minute or a basement of 500 square meters.

Step 1 - Friday night after work. Make sure surface is clean.With blue painters tape on the edges, columns, stairs. You can use plastic to protect your walls. How to use a roll with a strip of blue painters tape is attached. Always apply the bottom and work. Then (style cheap garden sprayer spray) or water based polymer floor and MOP on the surface. Takes about an hour for a 500-SF.

Step 2 - Saturday morning, once again with the polymer stock and allow to dry. If the temperature is comfortable and disk spaceTemperature, drying time is less than an hour. Use this time to create a mixing station. You need a drill and mixing blade (available at hardware stores) 2 five gallon buckets, "x 7" plane on the ground to protect a 5, knee pads and a "Magic Cellar". (A squeegy magic ladle for the distribution of your mix used)

Once mixed polymer blend dry bucket first. Most manufacturers of overlay product package to cover 200 meters square per bucket. Process is specified by the manufacturer volume pourPolymer in 5 gallon bucket, add color, mix with drill and paddle stirring for a few seconds. Then slowly begin to take concrete and mix until smooth and without lumps.

Once the mixture is ready pour the floor on a 2-3 cm height and spread thin on the ground accidentally. At 500 square meters floor should only take about an hour. Let dry for 5 hours. If there are marks or drops high places easily graded 100-120 Palm Sander can be ground. Then applysecond layer is usually a good wet coat. This step should be faster than the first.

Stage 3 - Sunday, the application of two layers of sealed concrete. Acrylic sealants are recommended.Sealers They should be sprayed in your garden, pump sprayer with light hands. Allow to dry 2-3 hours apart. Exit final demand or wax coated. The wax layers are generally thick for a pump sprayer extensively on the ground and poured on thick with a microfiber mop. With a thick microfiber mopnot create streaks. There are few layers of wax finish that 30% solids, which are a system of two layers. 25% of solid wax layers typically require 5-6 layers at the same end product has reached 30% solids. Each step of sealing wax and the application should be 20 or 30 minutes.

This is the process. If you figure the demand for a total time of 500 square meters floor is about 5 hours of actual work, with lots of dry weather. Total cost of all instruments and products is approximately $ 1.50 - $ 2.00 forSquare feet.

If you plan to apply concrete acid staining dye or add a name for the project. Stains and dyes are not expensive, but not on the ground. Must have 24 hours of dry weather has stalled. If you do not want to run and bind moisture in your pot.


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How to Lay screeds on concrete

Screed laid on a concrete slab where a developer has finished the concrete slab. This is, after all other components have been completed. Screeds are layers of cement and sand mix placed on the concrete as finished. This is so that the materials tile floor, like wooden blocks, wooden parquet flooring, laminated, PVC and ceramic tiles are laid down for others. The type of material you add determines the bed to lay. This cansmooth or rough with a float or steel posts.

The method used to fix slab of concrete, mortar is to affect the cement mixture to remove the first concrete. The substance of smooth concrete, on the basis of concrete after casting. Once this is done is the key A is done to correct the connection of the concrete floor and new. The next thing is to avoid the soil moist, water absorption substrate competition between the plate e. Pourslurry of cement and wipe the plate in a glue between the two elements create.

the floor levels to Mark, is smooth or concrete slab. Pour the mixture of cement and sand on the concrete surface. Uniformly distributed with a rake and pound with a pestle to give a hard surface. Level of excess mortar with a straight edge and follow the levels marked. Use a wooden float until the surface has reached the desired level.Also remember, if another goal or parquet tiles or PVC are added. This ensures that the plan is finished with a float of roundwood for ceramic tiles. But for the PVC tiles or parquet floor, floating in steel for addling Skimming coat, where it was before.

A small coat is usually a mixture of cement and water. This information should be applied with a steel float to a smooth finish on the floor. It can be done soil are used as final. This also allows for wood surfaces, rubberor carpet will be installed using adhesives. After the decision of the target on the ground is rough or smooth surface was desired that the material specification. Dry the floor. Cure by dipping continuously for about a week. If it is completely clean and dry the next target, such as parquet concluded.


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How to paint the garage floor

If you like for your garage floor look beautiful, strong and durable, you must apply the paint surface. It 's the best flooring for garages, cars are like a workshop or repair center.

There are other options when it comes to improving your garage floor. But the use of color, by far, is the best choice.

Once you have decided to paint the garage area, is better than expected in advance. Notethat the solution takes time to dry. This means that you do not want the garage for about 24-72 hours of use after application. If you do not program, you may end up ruining the whole project. Painting the floor is best done on weekends, or from work. And as soon as possible.


Paint - epoxy, latex or polyurethane (Epoxy is the most popular choice), wiped clean cloth or mop Bleach or concretehigh pressure washer or hose connection Concrete Cleaner Degreaser bristle paint primer paint roller with extension pole


Test the absorption capacity of the garage area. Pour water on the floor and to estimate how long it would fall, Rather that if the water does not wet the grain and form on the surface, the color does not work. This suggests that the bottom of the garage is closed. Would onlyRemove the seal with a special connection or use a different technique to all floors.

Scrub all oil spots on the floor with a degreaser. With a stiff brush to speed up the process. Clean the surface with a rag or a cloth afterwards. Use a clean cloth to absorb the stain.

Clean the garage with a broom. Make sure that no debris visible on the surface. After sweeping the floor should be ready for a wash. TestRemove stubborn stains using bleach or a mixture of clean concrete. Turn the pressure washer for best results.

Completely wash the entire area of the garage. Allow to dry. Use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that there is dirt on the surface. The floor must be completely dry before the next step.

Repair cracks visible on the concrete. The concrete repair compound will benefit here. Mix pasta andUse to fill cracks. Let dry and you should be prepared with the paint.

Before applying the solution, you may need a primer first. This link should ensure that the paint would also be in contact with the concrete. You will need the 'pole to reach all corners. Allow the primer to dry. It is eight hours. This is why you should start this morning, the garage floor painting project early.

If thePrimer is dry, the paint would come next. With a roller to cover the entire floor. The brush is entered on the roll that can not reach at hand. They should put two layers on the surface. Wait until 4 hours before applying the second layer. The paint should be completely dry after 24 hours or so. And that's it. It was perfectly painted your garage floor!


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Concrete Driveway sealers explained!

Which concrete sealant need you? This is more or less the simple question, most homeowners want a reply. In an attempt to simplify concrete sealants, there are only two groups of concern concrete sealants, penetrating sealers and topical sealants. These are essentially the same for other types of materials such as stone, bricks, tiles and seals. Penetrating sealers are penetrating sealers that plate of ¼ inch to 4 inches. These seals areFinish top sealers that deep into the pores of the concrete. coating sealants are less expensive than penetrating sealers. These types of seals are still good, so that the concrete to cure evenly. The disadvantage is that, although cheaper, they will need most frequently asked questions

Penetrating sealers (chemically reactive)

Silanes can be applied should be strong, that obscure real, lasting 5-8 years with goodSaturation, less dirt, higher cost, because the application rates of heavy

Silicate; applied after 7-14 days, binds permanently with concrete plates to seal and reduces the porosity of the concrete application requires hard for protection on the surface difficult to penetrate from smooth hard floors, brooms Get Ready Heavy Rock, Shake with a brush

Silicon can be used as a cure and seal applied when the days of irrigation, permanentlybinds to seal concrete, reducing porosity, preferably waterproof, durable, high molecular bonding to porous surfaces. Overall, good choice for driveways.

sealant coating (film-forming, similar to paint)

Siloxane, very similar to silicon

Silicon, low-level UV-resistant, low life, low wear resistance, low chemical reaction so that there is a film forming sealant type

Acrylic, life of 3-6 years, water-based, less expensiveAlternative two layers is recommended, may yellow with age, in fact, a transparent coating

Polyester double acrylic, polyurethane moisture are the most intolerant, which means that the surface must be dry, the seal is applied or otherwise enter into a chemical reaction that causes the foaming.

To summarize, the current concrete sealer best, next is a product made of polyester with acrylic-based products that turn. The best sealer is a penetrating Silconbased product. coating sealants or topical are not cheap, but last almost as long, requiring more frequent applications. Penetrating sealers are more expensive, but the first year will require fewer applications and protect your concrete road to reach ever, require a second application.


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To install furring strips on concrete

If you intend to return to finish a basement, you will probably need to install furring strip sheetrocked to concrete walls, the walls can be that.

Application of furring strips to concrete walls can be done easily with 2 "x2" I 2 "x3 oven" dry wooden frame, liquid nail glue, and some fluted concrete nails.

With moisture in the basement, I want a 2 "x4 prefer" pressure treated stud flat along the bottom of the wall. Place the pin on his plateSide against the wall. The pressure will sit over furring strips stallion deal, so that there is indeed a vapor barrier between the ground floor and the kiln dried studs one.

The kiln dried studs should be placed on 16 inch centers along the wall, again resting on the pressure treated 2 "x4". The kiln dried studs should wall the full height of the concrete.

To attach the base plate and studs on the wall, I run a drop Nails(Designed to keep wood and concrete) along the entire length of the bottom plate / stud. If you use 2 "x3" s for the furring strips, the adhesive must be applied to the wider side, so if the stud is installed, is actually the flat pin attached to the wall.

Starting treatment with the use of adhesive on the pressure plate.

Continue with a drill and a bit 'masonry drill the plate. The holes must be present every16 inches along the length of the plate and should penetrate the concrete walls of about 1.5 ". Then, with 3" fluted nails and a pound sledge hammer 3-5, pound the nails into the holes. Note: I prefer to drill and pound a nail, one hole at a time, in order to eliminate alignment problems.

After the base plate was installed, repeat the process on the vertical tunnel kiln dried. Install a post at a time, back to 16-inch centers. Make sure they are straight and level.

To helpand hold the vertical pin, however, drill holes and nails hammered print in cement, I would like to toe nail the bottom of the screw in the bottom plate of the first pressure treated.

Once the glue is set, the strips are much calcium deposits on the wall and secured ready for drywall.

Note, however, are advised to apply pink insulation between the studs on the wall of a degree of insulation between the concrete walls and finished sheetrocked.Cut 'isolation width correct application of liquid nails on the back of the insulation board and press the insulation between the studs.


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Epoxy concrete floor - A must for all House

Concrete floor coating is an epoxy binder, which helps to remove or delete any part of the land that bears it. The types of epoxy coatings are usually tar and paint.

For the coating are, you have the substance to clean the floor with a given chemical. While in this way can effectively remove grease, oil, dirt and other debris that will go away. You call an Rotaryscrubbing machine helps you get rid of dirt and mud. Often using heavy vacuum to clean the mixture of mud and dirt. They are essential to our homes, as it really useful for the mud and dirt, remove stuck in the cracks of the earth come.

It has yet to apply the epoxy coating agents to eliminate the persistent and materials offer a different feel to the concrete. Scrubber Rotary which is really usefulremove or eliminate any type of mineral stains on the concrete. The combination is only used to ensure complete removal of all stains from the floor of the gaps.

epoxy flooring project in essence, a very important step in the soil also wash the floor with fresh water, making sure that the remains stay on board and in the region of materials that stick. Do not forget the Polish soil the RotaryScrubbers, very little foam left in the depths of the earth. The solution is poured repeatedly down the holes in the ground and the process should be.

The first layer of the coating is things like brushes and rollers to give the final touch. Sealers usually have a strong odor, so strong is always advisable to ensure adequate ventilation. The conditions should be favorable to, and preferably under fifty-five degreesthis type of curing the coating. There should be a space for a few hours before applying another layer of epoxy-coated concrete floor.

You can use this cover to cover or hide the cracks in the soil. This method should ideally be the first coating is applied. It 's always recommended to the ground before you read the guidelines for applying such coatings. There are ways to unwanted chemical reactions if the instructionsincorrectly applied.


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Getting stains cement

If you want to learn how best practices which have a spot, you have space on the right. This article shows several ways to eliminate all types of stains, including oil and grease, rust, old paint and others are more difficult to eliminate completely normally. Some chemicals and other natural methods to remove these stains painless as possible.

Many homes have a concrete indication that the input is one of the first things a visitor iswhen at home. If the concrete is stained and dirty, which is not a good first impression and that is what everyone is trying to avoid. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and get dirty and stained concrete. So if you have a road made of this material, you have some ways to clean your patio or driveway to keep all ages know.

Removing rust

Rust is to remove a very evil and not allSolution works. The rust problem is that probably need to try a few things that works best for you. It's not something all the time failed. If you have a colored concrete, you should try the treatment on a small portion that is not visible, to ensure that the original colors are not out.

One of the best chemical to remove the stain is oxalic acid. This is actually a number of products that can easily be included in mostgrocery stores, and one of the best goes by the name Zud. First you need to wet the area and then add Zud much about them. Then spray so that the dust Zud and wet. Let it set for a few minutes and then scrub with a brush strong. If the stain can not leave, repeat the procedure several times.

Alternatively, you can go with hydrochloric acid. You can find this type of acid in stores around your hometown hardware. You have to dissolve in 2 cups water in aplastic jar. Make sure you follow safety procedures, wearing gloves and always pours acid into the water and never vice versa (this is actually for all water and acid mix). Once the solution is mixed, begin to apply lightly on the concrete surface.

The acidity is quite strong and has high property incision to avoid damage to slow the stone. The bubble solution is to start shortly. Wait until it stops foaming andthen scrub with a nylon brush. If the stain is removed, thoroughly wash the area until it is really neat. Do not have concrete on the remaining acid.

Removing old paint

The best option to remove old paint from concrete slabs to be a stripper solution, it can also be made of wood with which to eliminate, the process is the same. Make a paste with the strippers, and some catsa plastic bucket. Pour the mixture over the concrete and left for about an hour and a half. Then used to remove the paint with a plastic spatula. If traces of color, apply another layer and follow the above steps a second time is Easier Than paint to remove rust, so you should have no problem with good results very quickly.

Remove from oil and grease

Take some 'bedding and sprinkle over the oilStain. Be sure to do so while the stain is still fresh in order to obtain the best results. Then throw the can on the stain for 24 hours and then with a broom to sweep away. After using some 'liquid detergent mixed with water to clean the area and, finally, rinse the entire concrete with clean water. You may need to follow this procedure several times, especially when put oil or fat old enough.


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Acid Stains Concrete - Who is it?

There are many people out there who are finally ready to begin, on a protective coating on concrete, but at the same time no one really knows then that type of product, they should get it. Well, the answer is simple, concrete acid stain make the job right you need it, if it is real. Although most people actually really confused, because the concept sounds like the concrete is already a stain them and their acid and should be onThe removal will instead demand.

Not true, acid stain is specifically what you need when it comes to loss of protection of cement in a large or small area from your. Do you have concrete somewhere in the garage or in a store you would have noticed that if something is leaking, tend to take a spot and stick to it. And if you try to wash only spread chaos and makes it even worse. Finally, it dries and is always there for allwalk and see. This is not something you want and anywhere. If you save to improve it ever been in a large business or home you may have noticed the concrete on the floor, most of them yet, you might notice that the effect is very shiny and reflects light Strongly.

Have you seen what finally Spillages actually look like cement and you can easily see what they do. If you accidentally pay something on the protective layer, acid stainnot absorb everything and keep it out. So you can easily clean with nothing behind. This is the magic of this product and it's really worth it if you paid a constant watch, people definitely need to work in the garage.

Well, if you have finally decided on this product, you are probably wondering where you buy and from whom to buy. This may be the hardest part for most people, and in fact use a lot of people do not end simply becauseI could not see who sells it. The reason for this is that this product can be very dangerous and this is why most places do not want to sell, although this is not for all sites, but a few. The first place you want to check are shops, stores, products to sell in large quantities, and other small shops in town. This enables him, depending on the area and how far they are from a single manufacturer.

If you can not find, you must move on and find thenext person who might be selling, this may be a contractor working on construction sites. Think about who else would have a lot of this? Obviously someone who is working with patches of cement and concrete all have to apply [http:// concrete acid acid /] as a simple space to a place where some work has been made by, and see if you can call or talk to them. It will probably sell because they alwaysare very, and extras in many cases. This is the best solution, and you'll probably end up with a good height. Next we go safely!

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Decorative Concrete

A form of decorative concrete is a specific use of decorative bands in specific areas of the property and not decorative. How big are these bands of concrete are all dependent on the size of the concrete, and what you want the appearance of the area is. When it comes to bands, etc. Basically, there are all types of concrete a decorative, stamped concrete exposed aggregate, colored concrete, finishing salt

Another form of decorationThe concrete is concrete with a broom finish. Broom finishes can be light broom or coarse depending choose the bristles of the broom you. As opposed to many forms of decorative concrete, this is not a fantasy but offers a sliding surface, so That concrete is a very functional decoration. They should not just brush this type of decorative concrete, but choose a broom made specifically for this purpose.
Colored concrete is avery popular form of decorative concrete. There are two basic types of colored concrete. Mix that can be placed, or shake dry within that dusted the top of the concrete.

Concrete is another popular form of decorative concrete. Often, colored stones, cement included in the right touch of decoration to the drive or walkways. This type of decorative concrete is usually formed intop layer of cement paste is washed away or chemically, with water or sand so that through the rocks. In this case, the blocks of cement or the mixture may be higher or at all.

Another form of decorative concrete is floating and trowel-textured concrete. This is a fun form of decorative concrete, there are many practical sample size may be that, as vortex or differentSheets, or basically any shape imaginable. The texture can be created as you like, coarse, medium or smooth. What you get used to the tool to make the model employee. For example, wood floats create coarser textures in the concrete, aluminum or steel trowels create medium or smooth surface floats.
concrete painting is another form of beautiful decorative concrete. You can use any of this form of decorative concrete in the groundSituation, you just want to make sure the concrete has cured well, so if you already concrete and decorative concrete, then you paint existing concrete.

A finishing blade stone is another popular form of decorative concrete. This is a cool technology, because there's nothing really scientific, it's pretty simple. What is done is usually a basic water softener salt crystals that about 1 / 8 "to 3 / 8" sizeare practically flattened on fresh concrete and a roll of some sort is then used to press the concrete in salt crystals. Once the cement has dried, the surface is washed, dissolved salt and leaving small holes.
There are several other forms of decorative concrete as well. Basically, your imagination limits are not set, and you can even use your existing concrete decorative concrete, the Value property, you can improve, andMake your living space more beautiful.

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Faux Painting - Unique creative ideas for faux finishes

We must transform our world with color for over thirty years. Faux painting uses the magic of color to create fabulous illusions. Whether you want cabinets a new design for walls, floors, doors, columns, or there is a faux painting technique for the task.

Some well-known interfaces or ports, of course (made with brick faux painting below) effects, wood grain is finished, the appearance of marble and the appearanceLeather. You can also create difficulties in the areas perfect for game rooms make the style and atmosphere of an old house or the character of the building. Alternatively, new faux painting to revive tired and dull spaces, indoors or outdoors.

Finishes of bricks and blocks

There are many scenarios where you could create a brick effect. You can transform a plain wall into a brick wall like life. Outdoor courtyards of ugly concrete floors and columnscan be compared to the use of brick patterns. Stencil is an easy way to add texture, color and pattern on matt surfaces. The 'look Breakaway' (exhibition brick expanded gypsum) is another striking feature.

Wood effect

The door can be easier and cheaper converted beam or other feature wood grained finish. fireplace surrounds and the picture or mirror frame also invite a warm, wood protection. Oak, pine country, mahogany, or cleaned, bleachedDriftwood looks are just a stroke away. And 'much cheaper than trying to fit the old doors other source in your house, let alone find one with a grain that the existing lots. You just need practice to master the technique of drawing.

Faux Marble

It 'hard to play marbles, elegant. faux marble has been around for centuries. The secret lies in the method sponge to apply paint to give then sealed with a gloss paintvery bright. coating surfaces that resemble marble room can transform your bathroom from a functional to a luxury or add a touch of class to your kitchen. Other natural stones are available. Polished granite is a popular alternative.

Designer Finishes More

All materials and color can be replicated with some know-how. Faux techniques are the final touch for a certain style. A leather-look finish makes unusual for an idealmale or study in modern design schemes. Metallic finishes of chrome or bronze effective complement to contemporary decor and antiques in every case.

Hot surfaces ideal for evoking ancient Tuscan rough walls. Create a multi-layered, textured effect in bright colors and earth. The versatile space can seem Tuscan set the tone for an elegant living room or offer a cozy, lived in feel, kitchen with terra cotta tiles. Stenciled rustic Aboardvine or acanthus leaves complete the look.

With faux painting techniques you can have the look of antique furniture and has a difficulty or a room to improve the character and atmosphere. Coordination is the key in interior design. Faux painting helps to ensure that the unit can simulate Paint. The deep glow of a patina, which of course can last centuries to develop. treatments and washes of color are prohibited crisp texture, "to look like new," whileCrackle glass resemble old paint dry.

Faux painting is a response to a series of problems at home decoration. It is not only economically, but it is a creative and fun way to make your home unique.

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Epoxy floor for your garage

epoxy garage floor paint will give your floor the look of a beautiful showroom. This type of floor protection is durable, resistant and oil resistant and can withstand most chemicals, paints are tough in the regular services. This is the reason that car dealers and auto mechanics who use on their floors to keep clean and they take a long time a.

Homeowners with garages have noticed how the shop floors were protected withyears and started the same epoxy floor as a protection for their staff and workshops. People also use it to protect their basements because of the large coverage it offers. It also dealt with clean and attractive. There is a lot of maintenance coverage with this type of land protection.

There are many advantages with epoxy flooring, here are a few of them:

Is non-toxic when dry
Resistant to salt and acid
Takes a long time
And 'steel
Heat resistant
Relatively maintenance

These advantages mean that you need to repair any damage to concrete floors by way of salt and other chemicals that can be harmful. Another advantage of epoxy floor is that all Do-it-yourself type of person who can apply. Just follow the instructions on the container. If the soilor has areas are soaked in sweat, then it is always advisable not to apply any kind of paint concrete because it is not least because of the constant presence of moisture. This problem should be maintained before any type of floor paint.

Epoxy flooring is available in a variety of different colors and some people throw paint chips blended in the lower right of the wet paint for a unique look.One of the main application of this type of land is as it prepares the concrete surface des If the surface is not prepared correctly, the epoxy coating is not enough. You can also clear coat of concrete sealer to help keep the floor surface. Some operators suggest adding to the epoxy in the bottom four inches of walls to protect against water damage to youhose down the floor to happen at some point.

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Water vapor in concrete for protection against hydrostatic pressure & Green concrete problems

Throughout my career as a floor covering installation, I have a meeting and countless other wood or vinyl flooring claims were rejected by a field. After careful investigation has more than 80% of these plans have failed or wet cement or hydro-static pressure. To my surprise, most of these lands has never been tested humidity, (a very quick and simple test). I have often heard customers say: "It will be right mate> Concrete 's been for weeks. "

To meet the standard of Australian plants concrete pavement must have a reading of 5.5% moisture content not more. As a general rule, dry concrete about 20-25mm per month.

Taking into account these figures, then an average of 100 mm thick sheet of 4-5 months to dry before it comply with Australian standards. If this drying process, the cement isexposed to rain or water again, this will further increase the drying time. Concrete is like a sponge and will continue to exist when water on. These times may vary depending on the context, etc. And 'generally a myth that concrete dries faster in warmer climates. In warmer climates, is usually found that the relative humidity is much higher, which means that there is a lot more moisture in the air, which slows the drying time even further.

The other concern aboutInstallers hydrostatic pressure. Hydro-static pressure comes from below the concrete and move through the capillary voids in the matrix of concrete. been installed in the ground once, not to draw moisture into the concrete surface and will respond if no way out, and break adhesive etc. 's hydro-static pressure may be a lack of plastic under concrete or something like a hiddenSpring run the underground water is forced through the concrete. Water has two goals in their lives, only to sink into the atmosphere and evaporates back into the file. Floors, as joints generally do not suffer from this problem because they can by air, but vinyl and wood are very vulnerable to hydro-static pressure. The glue is broken under the vinyl and wood floors will cup.

The most effective way to addressthese two problems is to use a vapor barrier. Most people do this because of the cost. I can not understand this thought into account the cost of deposition in the first place, and a few dollars more for them to ensure that the ground track are still in touch for many years.

vapor barriers have come a long way in recent years and have been very profitable. Gone are the days of 2 Part epoxy membranes require3-4Days for installation and a smooth topping on their surfaces. This is a very costly affair, which can blow the cost of $ 50 - $ 60 per m2. Meanwhile, there are barriers that moisture directly on the shotcrete and penetrate deep into the matrix forms a barrier inside. These products are much less expensive and time savings over older methods. One particular product I used is specially designed for industrial applications and floor coverings, whetherShotcrete at the date of this healing is to make a perfect block excess moisture and allows to determine the time of floor coverings as barriers within the 14 days versus 28 days with a typical content. It is very affordable alternative and can be installed for $ 12 - $ 15 m2, saves time and money.
This product can be sprayed land 200m2, in a matter of hours (a) and has virtually no downtime for other trades. The other great thingThis product is that you are working in other trades almost immediately after installation without compromising the product. The old system of epoxy membranes had to be well protected, to a hole in the barrier unusable.

This particular product is a colloidal silicate and sodium should not be confused with a much cheaper and less silicate.

This moisture barrier can be installed directly without the need for level controlCompound and charges no known problems with the responsibility of one of the leading brands of glue, polyurethane or self.

colloidal silica remain in the concrete business for the life of concrete and this is a guarantee against any particular hydrostatic pressure 20yrs.

Finally, I would recommend a moisture barrier under any floor covering, it is still a problem or not. These products are very affordable and will give you restthat there are no moisture problems is the title.

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Using concrete floor for the garage

This is a story that happened in the spring of last year. Adam was launched by the house cleaning his garage to prepare for next summer. She knew she had before her duties when she cleaned the leaves, which started came through the garage door. While cleaning, decided on one thing. This work was demanding and did not want to do this every time. He looked around and then suddenly an idea. He decided he wanted to changeThe garage floor.

Once you've decided to put the task of Adam and designed the ground floor. He also had a plan in mind how long it would be a complete plan for. He jumped up from the old cracked pavement. We have taken some time for the process, but is happy with it using the hammer. Adam was wearing a mask, so that particles of dust into his respiratory system. This was the cautionTook while working on this project. After the job was done, decided to carry small pieces of concrete driveway crack Adam, the process that had led to.

Then spread the straw on the ground and covered worldwide. This would prevent the grass to grow in the area to help. The next task would be to create and spread the wet concrete in the field. But before that happened, Adam was decidedthe place where the concrete was encroaching fence be moved so that wet concrete does not.

The next task for Adam was to make concrete, carefully in a wheelbarrow. Adam had already experienced in the construction industry. This experience has proven practices in the work Adam did. It was easy for Adam to about 3 liters of water, stir and then add a 50 kg bag of cement, water. Then put the mixture thoroughly mixed. OnceHe still had a mixture of cement, has decided to make concrete mixture is poured into the enclosure, which had already. This ensures that the concrete does not pour over the fence, and there would be chaos. He then left the room to take his drive. When half dry, took a broom and brushed surface to give an elegant look. After this has meant that the body was dry enough to be used as a real garage. The place was looking good and Adamit would be even fewer jobs in the next summer to do. They are not just worried about things like soil remediation or other PVC floor, as he now screed. This is much maintenance.


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A quick guide to the process of painting your concrete floor

Garage and concrete floors can be seen well made and maintained by the painting. The material is this right for paint or epoxy coating. This can be difficult at times, but with the right technique, you can work easily.

Here's how to paint to paint the garage and concrete floor with epoxy:

· Cleaning complete.

Make sure you sweep or blow away any dust and dirt from the surface topainted. Just completely clean the environment of dirt, leaves, dust and other materials, the door could come from the garage at the base of your soil again.

After the sweep, must be to wash the entire surface coated with a pressure washer. Preferably used psi to that between 2500 and 3500. However, it is important to pay particular attention, since the water pressure may reduce the concrete. If you do not pressure washer, you can easily rent from rentalCenters.

For areas that are heavily greased and there are heavy arrears, a solution de-greaser can be applied to the surface. Scrub and completely after use with your pressure washer.

• Check your concrete floor.

It 'very important to check and monitor the area closely. In this way, you may be able to find any cracks, the places with low or high and other damage or defects on the surface. You must correct this if you want the bestResults.

For very fine cracks can be filled with epoxy coating and the bond. If you are large cracks but cracks appear jagged, or low, you must use the crack or patch kit filled with epoxy / concrete repair. It can also grind a real need. For low points in the concrete floor, epoxy compound patch can be applied and filling mixture on the surface.

· Etch the concrete floor.

AfterPressure washing, degreasing, if necessary, repairs and businesses in shock, you must hack the cement floor. This is necessary so that the epoxy floor coating to bond to the concrete floor below.

This mixture the same amount of hydrochloric acid and water, then distributing them across the surface of the concrete floor. Leave for 20 minutes after you are completely around the bottom withclear clean water until all acid has been washed away.

• You mix your color.

You may need to know how to mix epoxy. For a 2 - Pour mixture gallons of epoxy, the same amount of "Party A" and "Party B" to a clear 5-gallon plastic bucket. Use a Jiffy mixing paddle mixer or a drill at low speed of 2.1 mix. "Shake on the floor and raise the mixer paddle or never or outside, because air can move in the mixture Com. The mixture must be made only be threeto 3 ½ minutes, neither more nor less.

• To apply the epoxy paint

Start) Apply the paint from the farthest point from the door (s, with this one. You paint your way out of the brush to paint your garage for free, you go in wet paint and material movement and not to destroy . In applying the first coating, wet wet epoxy resin alone, the total area covered with rose. You have your paintingsmall portions so that the epoxy will not fade easily. Apply to the second layer, wait 2-3 hours until the first coat is already dry.

Since the right to work and suitable material garage floor can be used for your continued satisfaction.


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How to reduce basement moisture and humidity

The soil around a basement serves as a reservoir for water when it rains. This water can penetrate a wall of odor from the basement or on the floor and hence accumulate mildew and musty cellar. The sealing of basement walls and floors inside with a penetrating sealer can to stop this area of water and water vapor from entering

damp concrete walls and floors

Since it rains the soil around the basementWater absorbed. Not properly sealed concrete walls and floors can move water and steam inside the cellar. This is because the concrete blocks and concrete to allow water and gas to penetrate through capillary action.

sealing walls and floors

A sodium silicate penetrating sealer can be used as first line of defense against infiltration of water and steam action. The sealer penetrates the concrete block or concreteand reacts with the free lime content of the substrate. The seal crystallized in the matrix of concrete and seals the microscopic pores of the substrate. Water and steam can not be thought the migration of the walls and floors in the basement and humidity cause.

After the treatment required, concrete, masonry or concrete block is the most dense resist, dusting and chalking and stop water and water vapor to penetrateInterior.

Penetrating Sealer sodium silicate vs. Surface Sealer

sealing surface forming a film on the substrate, which depends on the strength of bond between him and the substrate. The water exerts pressure on this film that moves through them. Over time, the bond between the substrate and the seal and the seal starts to peel.

Since the penetration of sodium silicate sealant penetrates and becomes part of the substrate, there is a surfaceFilm, blister and peel. The penetrating sealer becomes part of the substrate concrete or masonry. microscopic capillaries are filled and the water and the water can not migrate to the basement

Penetrating Sealer benefits

Works on concrete, masonry and block
Stops water, steam and gas migration
Recoat demand
Minimize dusting and chalking

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The facts on cement concrete

The cement is mixed to create specific purposes for which they are widely used. And 'one of the most commonly used materials in the world and is often used for driveways, roads, sidewalks, pavement, buildings and strengthen for various other uses in the construction industry. Volume of cement needed is more, there are some techniques to keep order, to produce good concrete.

Take a look at some helpful tips on a trailer with mixture of cement-mixer

First, add about 12Liters of water, depending on the type of cement mixture. Cement should go in after a few clusters. Continuous work, the ratio of ingredients for each type of concrete work is underway. Watch the latest against the lower units, as this only leads to problems with fall, ruin the appearance of concrete, after you paid. Also, more importantly, do not get the concrete mix to wet, reduces the strength of this and there will be less able to resistWeathering in the future.

Take the material in the mixer, instead, constantly wire over the edge. This is the material, solid at the back to prevent the drum, and will then be distributed only to stop the mixer. Mixing the appropriate time for concrete is 2 and a half minutes from time when all materials, including water, entered the drum. It 'important to remember not to over mix, as this is the strength reductionConcrete and aggregates will cause separation of coarser.

Always make sure to keep your mixer clean, because the slightest trace of material in the drum and make it harder every time I use the residue. This will ultimately make the machine unusable. to clean throw stones into the mixer drum. The best method is with 19mm clean gravel and water.

Cement mixing rule


Most show the mixer brochureProduction in liters. (Example 260 liters) and the amount of concrete needed for the job at hand is usually measured in cubic meters. A cubic meter of concrete is 1,000 liters. Therefore, if your machine is rated at 260 liters, 0.26 cubic meters can produce the mix.


The mixing cycle is the time needed to fill the machine, mix the cement and unloading. Most of the brochure shows a concrete mixing cycle of 2-3Minutes. This is not an exact number for all purposes. When using the standard mixer grinder, use about 6 minutes in a combined cycle. This will help you assess how long you are prepared to consider all the evidence is necessary if the volume output a. This is especially useful when I have Knowledge in the setting of a cement mixer.

There are different textures and strengths of concretedifferent uses. Low-strength concrete is usually used for home. Some applications of medium strength of the concrete floor of the building, sidewalks and driveways. Concrete High-strength, is suitable for concrete and heavy soil. Mortar, bricks and blocks used for that. On average, you will need three pieces in 1000 bags of cement and 0.6 cubic meters of sand. Cement is also commonly used for plastering!

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Concrete Coating

Many home improvement projects you need a concrete coating. Concrete is concrete used for a variety of purposes in construction. Aggregates, consisting of a mixture of different substances such as cement, gravel, sand and others, mixed with water. Particular caution should be vaporized, is to prevent the water in the mixture of this, because if this happens, gaps and spaces can be left behind which can cause weakening of the concreteand create tiny holes and cracks in concrete. Other effects of water and harsh weather elements can erode the concrete, greatly reducing its strength. concrete coating is beneficial to home owners and builders such as those protecting concrete structural problems.

Where you should be covered in concrete?

If you have never before covered in concrete, you can know exactly how miraclesworks. concrete coatings, special chemical solutions That an impenetrable layer to create a layer or coating, the concrete Preventing the transfer of water molecules, while at the same time keeping the structure safe. up concrete is usually used for filling voids water left in drying concrete, the reinforcement of the surface with a covering effect. concrete coating is used in areas of precast concrete used in parking lots,Body protection of structural steel from the effects of transmission of water. Salt and other corrosive elements can cause damage to concrete structures, particularly in heavily trafficked areas. It may also be to prevent and reduce damage in these areas.

What are the advantages of using concrete surface?

There are many advantages of using concrete coating. As discussed above, the main benefit provides protection against water Transmission. Another advantage is concrete linings is also an excellent acrylic tear. Coating Concrete takes comfort in most types of building materials like blocks, concrete, polystyrene, PSI and QCI. Concrete coat finishes are available by brand and two or three should be applied depends on the type of building material used and the extent of which needs protection.

Where to buy> Covering concrete products?

concrete coatings products are available in most suppliers of home improvement. But for larger projects we recommend directly to distributors, to purchase such products. The products can be easily found by contractors and concrete cooperative house building. The Internet is a valuable resource, especially with its multiple Web sites on these products and applications. Internet is not just aSource of information on products covered in cement and various brands available, but also a good way to get prices. To compare coating concrete good projects are used by professional contractors for Ability Have, correctly determine the specific type of pressure resisting concrete construction of the particular project.

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Protect a Garage Floor Epoxy Concrete

There are few better ways to quickly add resale value to your home floor, as the application of epoxy paint on your concrete garage. Will not only add an aesthetic value that your garage is distinguished from the rest, but adds an additional level of protection and offers a high level of care for cleaning up spills, abrasion and dirt. The best part is, this is something you do at a very low price. You can often find kits nearby$ 60, which is worth it, after completing the task. Before you begin, you should write the basic process before you find something that you do not want to decide later on after acquired.

The following instructions apply to the use of epoxy cement, a garage for the land, which currently does not have an existing coating. It 's also a general list of recommendations for the process of someone who had made it. We recommend Always read the instructions supplied with the product before applying the lining - is absolutely fundamental, as all products can vary slightly.

Before applying the epoxy, there is a bit 'of preparatory work and testing, you need to do. Remove all clutter from the first sweep of the garage, and empty and clean, according to all the dust and dirt. Once finished, you should find out if you have a seal on the garage floor. Unfortunately, epoxy floor> Paint does not bond well to a bottom that has an existing garage Seal - once you pull into a car, has faced rip off the right (often called hot-tire pick-up). Fortunately, the test is simple. Tube only slightly down on the garage and look at where beads. When it absorbs all without beads, you're clear to go ahead. If beads in different sectors, is likely to build because of fat or oil. You can scrub it with Simple Green or any otherheavy duty degreaser. If beads evenly over the garage floor, you will unfortunately have to grind it all with some heavy machinery. I recommend hiring a professional, unless you know what you are doing.

Hose down the surface and check lists again. If you are clear to go ahead. Next, you need acid etchings on the surface of epoxy resin to give something to grip. If you have a garage, take a liter of hydrochloric acid from the hardware store and mix in alarge bucket with water to form a ratio of 10:1 acid. This stuff is bad, cover the walls with a plastic sheet, and pour the mixture acid on the floor. I also recommend wearing goggles and gloves when using hydrochloric acid. Apply with a broom on the floor evenly in all, you rinse and repeat the process.

Ok, you're done with the preparatory work, and that is the hard part. What you need to do now is all that apply epoxy paint concretethe ground. The best results, I recommend completing this within 48 hours after the incision, so plan ahead if you need. If you decide on an epoxy resin, mix together the two parts and put it down. Most of the mixtures are cured in full within 4-12 hours to plan, I know, at completion, as soon as possible (not being a slob, but is likely a permanent mess on your hands) have. Although it depends on the product, I recommend an extension bar and a roller with a nap is not greater than 8.3 to meet. "Thestandard size for a roller 9 ", but if you have a large surface, you may consider a 18" knock out to make it faster.

That's it! A final recommendation - special attention to the label when you go to the surface. You do not want to have all your efforts in vain.

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How to apply epoxy paint

Epoxy is one of the strongest paints on concrete or basement floors, garage floors, workshop floors, showroom floors, laundry room floors and also in bars among other projects. The main reason these colors are used, their ability to resist the accumulation of pollutants, oil, grease and dirt, among many others. It also protects the soil from erosion and wear.

The process of applying epoxy > Painting begins with the preparation of your garage floor. Most failures epoxy coating that I experienced as a result of little surface preparation or wrong. First you need to clean the floor result in a stiff brush and then realized that the garbage is all. You also need to clean some mild acid used, and then scrub thoroughly. These are usually referred to as etching.

This is followed by washing of the concrete > Floor with hot soapy water and also clearing them away. But you can with some water soluble impurities, which is necessary with the help of a de-greaser by scrubbing it can be removed at the surface, then rinse with water. The mild acid is not removed fats and oils from garage floors. Ensure that the rinse water does not remain in the soil surface, if it sticks, then repeat the process all over greasing.

After these, in the garage> Plan should then be allowed to dry overnight. While the application of epoxy paint, it is important to ensure uniform application. You should also ensure that moisture will be accepted at the coating to prevent blistering and discoloration. Two to three coats are usually sufficient. If you have a successful installation of epoxy paints you a guarantee of years of service and if you regularly maintain the surface can see their life further.


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Garage Flooring - Give your garage a facelift Old Floor

While working in the garage, a person may say they take the beauty and cover the surface of the garage. If a person uses simple mats to restructure the entire floor, the installation of some form of cover for garage floors is important. Not only to see a more beautiful surface, the garage floor can also help protect the floor. Healthy soil is in your garage aftermany benefits, ranging from less money will be spent to repair, to use as a selling point. There are several types of garage flooring, and all have their advantages and disadvantages.

One of the easiest ways to cover the garage area to lay carpets or rugs. Basically, a person does not want carpet to cover the entire floor, if he or she uses it for parking a car often, as cars can break the carpet.However, laying carpet is to cover enough, no bad areas. A kind of carpet and rubber mat is easy to clean (just use a pipe), as well as colorful and attractive look. Carpets or materials are easy to install, but usually do not have adequate protection if a person uses the garage, often as a workspace.

If a person uses his garage as a workshop often, then he or she wishes to install industrial-grade archival material such as a garagecoverage. For example, there are different types of interlocking tiles that garages are able to withstand the punishment of a good deal. An advantage is that these tiles can be installed in models that help spruce up the garage and can make them more attractive. Even the shiny surface of the concrete can be improved in concrete with epoxy paint and deal with the situation, fill all holes and a raincoat.

Why are so many types of roofsEarth a person can spend a bit 'trying to make a decision. Since PVC tile mat classic, there are many options. In general, a person looks at what he uses the garage before choosing a garage floor covering. Heavy duty material like epoxy or concrete tiles for industrial garages are better if the mat is often used type of shop area during a simple soil and the paint isSatisfactory if the garage is used only for parking. On the other hand, the concrete acid stain is due to bid more for decorative effect for a few more aesthetically pleasing.

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Your new look new concrete steps

You can save up to rethink if the concrete were made first steps, and you may be able to remember how great they looked. You probably can only remember how she knows to be clean and bright. Well, if outside all your ways, you see, is gone, it seems that the dirt and cement consumption. This can be very annoying and can make home look older than it really is.

Try this for the concrete measures are much moreExpanded:

• Buy a nylon brush or broom and scrub the steps. You want them really clean and get all the stains. Using ecological soap and water scrub the steps with a nylon brush or broom. You can find the nylon brush easier to manage then a broom.

• If you are still places That they are not in a position and can be removed by washing, then you'll want to use a pressure washer to help remove the satin.

• Take steps to dryabout a whole day.

• Do not cover sealed with concrete steps. Make only enough to seal the passages. Do not add some very concrete steps that will make your seal more often with sealant. You want a level of thinking on the steps.

• Let the sealer dry for 24 hours. Make sure they are a sort of note or a message on the steps, so that people do them on, while you are brought to the dry foot. Not just a person that may affect the appearance of the stairs by the greaterWet Sealer, this could also be dangerous for anyone to walk on the steps.

• Once the primer has dried you will want to buy an epoxy paint and paint the stairs.

You will notice that your steps look wonderful. Just do not forget to take care of the handrail e.

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