How to Install Hardwood Flooring?

Wood floors are available in various grades and widths, so this is one of the first decisions that installed when you are ready, parquet floor will be. Such a decision is made between Planks, which usually comes into thin slices and plank floors, which is a bit thicker to choose.

There are also systems developed to the wood in the quality rank. For example, the most common type of wood for flooring oak, is classified as follows:

• Clear - very few spots, andCharacter marks.

• Select - has a slight grain, has a few blemishes, and is easy to meet.

• Number 1 Common - will have a variety of colors and some brands also.

• Number 2 Common - has some character marks such as knots, stains and discoloration.

The next step in the floor installation is to choose between pre-finished and unfinished wood. In most cases you will prefer the former as it is already sanded,finished, and otherwise prepare for the installation. The only time that you choose is for your own unfinished projects or if you are fit already installed a wood floor and you have it. If you do to buy unfinished floor, be careful, if the transport but as always it gets wet cause waves.

When you are ready, hardwood floors, one of the first steps in this process to install the equipment and nailing the boards. Before the implementation of the projectaware that you need intermediate carpentry experience and the right tools. First, you must remove the plinths to, being careful not to break it. Then place the edges dominate each other, except perhaps 4 to 6 inches, and tape the seams down. The floor is usually designed in parallel to the longest wall of the room. Now, the longest piece was to the doors and use the shortest piece on the whole space, being careful not to have it all together.

Now, in order to get the boardslarge and small, of course, you want to use the spacers between the boards. Now, gently insert the first row of boards into position, fasten with particular attention to the groove side next to the wall. You want to nail through the face of the planks in this way it will be hidden under the base board. You should also angle a nail over the tongue every 10 to 12 inches in strips and 5 to 8 inches for planks.

The final step in floor installation is with the following tapPlanks into place. You can use a floor stapler for the binding piece of the nail, but the margin of the tongue. Now install the last line taut with a crowbar if necessary. The entire process can be long and difficult if you do not have much experience, but it can save you a lot of money to do it myself.

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