10 Ideas For Basement Renovation

Although many people have traditionally remodeled their basement for an extra bedroom, there are many other uses that can be incorporated into finishing a basement for the purpose of having an extra activity-based room. Listed below are 10 ideas for basement renovation and the associated professionals you will need to employ to get the job done.

Children's Playroom

Many basements make for wonderful children's playroom, when it comes to basement renovation. The only real materials required are particle or wall board, insulation if you are planning to heat and/or air condition the area, a rug or floor built-into it, and of course paint, whether it be merely a solid color or a theme you wish to run for your children. A general building contractor will be needed here, and possibly a painter. If you intend to put a second bathroom within this playroom, which some people have done, a plumbing contractor will be needed.

Game Room

Nearly having one's own pub at home, this room design is similar to that of what you would build for a children's playroom, only you'll be filling it with a billiards table, dart board/machine and perhaps even a wet bar. You'll need a general contractor and plumber to take care of the basics, with possibly a painter for the color scheme.

Wine Cellar

For those who appreciate fine wine, the basement area is perfect for wine storage, not only because it is generally cooler especially if it is made of stone, but also because it is an area that will usually be undisturbed, making it ease for years of wine fermentation. In order to install large wine racks, you will need to consult with a general contractor, who can additionally help you put in any walls you would like for your wine cellar.

Home Gym with Sauna

Of course the gym equipment will be costly, especially if you will keep it in a fairly good-sized area. As for the sauna, there are sauna kits you can purchase, but to have them built properly one must employ a good carpenter or general contractor.

Library or Den

Basements are typically good for this, since they are so quiet by nature. Adding walls, carpeting and painting are all contractor-specific responsibilities, but obtaining library shelving can be done by one's self or can be built by a carpenter on a "custom made" request basis. Most carpenters who design book shelving have very good ideas in order to maintain the best use of the space available.

Basement Bathroom w/Jacuzzi Tub

Some homes, especially if they are older, will only have one bathroom to start with, so the basement is a really good area for a second bathroom. Add to the fun a Jacuzzi tub, and you'll have family members using that bathroom more than the other one in the house. You'll need either a general contractor or plumber, if not both for this endeavor.

Home Office

Many people are becoming home executives and are finding the need for a home office. With expanding families, it is difficult to maintain one in one's household; here is where a basement home office comes into play. A general contractor and painter are the basic people needed, but if you are to install flooring of any kind, additionally a flooring contractor should be consulted.

Home Theater

The idea of a home theater as a basement renovation takes top priority with those who enjoy watching movie or other shows at home. If you want to additionally install a second kitchen that you and your family can utilize during shows, the addition of a plumbing contractor to that of a general contractor and painting contractor will be necessary.

Computer Room

You can create this kind of room as a replica of a college workstation computer room, so that everyone using the computers gets a chance too, especially if you have at least 4 or more available computers. This not only requires a general contractor and painter, but a flooring contractor as well.

Safe Room

Having a safe place to go, especially where there are tornadoes and other such activity, can bring peace of mind to a family. If you consider making a safe room, think about whether or not you will want a concrete or other type of enclosure. This beckons to the days of the bomb shelter, and can cost thousands of dollars to create, but with a general contractor, it can be done. Look into quotes for this type of basement renovation.

Find the right remodeling contractors for your next renovation project by posting your next job on http://handyamerican.com.

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How to Apply Garage Floor Epoxy on Your Garage

Most residential garages house the car, lawnmower, the workbench, and boxes full of Christmas decoration, Halloween decoration, or any items that couldn't fit anywhere else. Garage floor epoxy offered great protection for these functions. Today, the garage is used for more reasons than that. It is being converted into "man caves", workshops for crafting activities, and even family room. The floor definitely needs consistent protection and the garage floor epoxy is still perfect for this purpose.

Before you start with the garage floor epoxy application, always remember to wear safety glasses for your eyes and gloves for your skin. Using these types of body protection can help you work better while ensuring that your health isn't compromised. Try to put as much ventilation into the work area as well.

The Process of Applying Garage Floor Epoxy

The garage floor epoxy finish is popular for a reason. It is resistant to oil stains, it is very easy to clean, and it beads water just like a detailed automobile does. You don't need to be a professional to apply the garage floor epoxy either. It can be a great do-it-yourself project for any home owner who wants to improve his house. Here are the basic steps in garage floor epoxy application:

  • Prepare area by washing. It will ensure that you can start with a clean slate.

  • Acid etch the surface of the concrete floor. Be sure to do this process properly because it gives deep cleaning that will give the garage floor epoxy a good structure to bond on to.

  • Any cracks on the floor should be repaired. A mortar or concrete repair product can be sufficient for this purpose.

  • Prepare the paint. There are two things you need: the garage floor epoxy paint itself and the catalyst (hardener). Mix it well as set aside for about half an hour. The chemical process will work on its own.

  • Apply the garage floor epoxy. Imagine painting sheetrock wall, this is just like it. You need to cut at the edges and roll the open field.

  • Put on the color flakes. Distribute it evenly manually.

  • Apply the garage floor epoxy top coat. Mix it well and let it rest before putting it on the surface. You can apply anti-skid granules at this point if you want.

  • Follow the manufacturer's curing time for the garage floor epoxy before using the garage for any purpose.

With a little time and a little elbow grease, you'll have an impressive garage that may be too good for the car.  Don't be surprise to find more people wanting to hang out at the "man cave".

If you are looking for garage floor epoxy, Wolverine floor epoxy may be the best there is. Please visit http://www.alphagarage.com for more information

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Buildipedia DIY - How to Install a Tile Floor

Read the full How-To: www.buildipedia.com Ceramic tile is a common choice among flooring materials, especially for kitchen and bathrooms. It is available in so many types, colors, textures and sizes that the design possibilities are literally unlimited. Despite this wide variety of design options, installing a ceramic tile floor typically follows a series of basic steps and can be installed over just about any type of subfloor. It is a project that many do-it-yourselfers, with a few tips and a little patience, can accomplish with success. Join the At Home channel's host, Jeff Wilson, as he demonstrates the basics of installing a ceramic tile floor. Visit Buildipedia.com for more DIY videos, design ideas, and home improvement tips: buildipedia.com

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Sunshine Skyway Bridge

www.fpcaweb.org... The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, spanning Florida's Tampa Bay, is the world's fifth largest cable-stay bridge with longest cable-stayed main span, with a length of 29040 feet (exactly 5.5 miles or approximately 8.85 km). It is part of I-275 (SR 93) and US 19 (SR 55), connecting St. Petersburg in Pinellas County and Terra Ceia in Manatee County, Florida, passing through Hillsborough County waters. Construction of the current bridge began in 1982, and the completed bridge was dedicated on February 7, 1987. The new bridge cost $244 million to build, and was opened to traffic on April 20, 1987. It is constructed of steel and concrete. Twenty-one steel cables clad in nine-inch steel tubes along the center line of the bridge support the structure. It was designed by the Figg & Muller Engineering Group, and built by the American Bridge Company. In November 2005, an act of Florida Legislature officially named the current bridge the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge, after the Governor of Florida who presided over its design and most of its construction. According to sources, he was inspired to suggest the current design by a visit to France, where he saw a similar cable-stayed bridge. The original bridge was dedicated to state engineer William E Dean, as noted on a plaque displayed at the south rest area of the bridge. The Travel Channel rated the Sunshine Skyway #3 in its special on the "Top 10 Bridges" in the World. The bridge is considered the "flag bridge" of ...

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Garage Rubber Mats - Why You Must Have Them

Get more use out of your garage by transforming it into a more comfortable, livable space. Whether you use the garage as a workspace for home improvement projects, a storage area for your outdoor tools and accessories, or simply as a covered parking space for your vehicles, the proper flooring will give the area a total facelift. Garage rubber mats are inexpensive, durable, and easy to maintain. They are more attractive and professional looking than the concrete foundation most garages are poured with, so they will add value to your home while giving the garage a more modern appearance.

A garage rubber mat will protect the concrete from permanent stains that oil and grease from your vehicles can leave. If you've ever tried to clean up oil spills or drips, you know that the cleaning can take several steps with strong detergents and abrasive materials. A simple rubber mat will prevent these stains and help retain the resale value of your property.

You'll also notice that a commercial rubber matt will add to the insulation of your home. If the garage is connected to your home, the mat will act as an extra barrier or seal to keep drafts away from the thresholds of your house. This will reduce the cost of heating and cooling, saving you money year-round.

We normally associate garages with lots of dirt, messy storage, and loud noises; however, a garage rubber mat will make the space more user-friendly while muffling much of the noise. The thick rubber actually dampens vibrations from cars, tools, and band instruments to make garage activities less invasive to the rest of the family or guests in your home.

Finally, if you find yourself having to pull the car in two or three times to get it parked in just the right spot of the garage, you may find that a garage rubber mat helps get your vehicle lined up. For tight spaces, this is a great method for efficient parking, and will prevent any scratches or dents caused from opening doors into posts, walls, or tool benches that share the garage space.

Want the best Garage Rubber Mats For Your Home? Click here.

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Leaky shower. How to find leaks. How to remove a broken shower arm in a wall.


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Mirage Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation Guide | McCurley's Floor Center Inc

Mirage Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation from McCurley's Floor Center Inc. San Ramon CA | Concord CA More Info Visit: www.MacFloor.com

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Gaber e la partecipazione - Guido Harari

Gaber è vivo come desiderio di resistenza e di indignazione e di provocazione, è un cane sciolto, e come tale lui diceva che era il terzo partito, come tale non si allinea alla religione della politica, conseguentemente non lo vedo molto presente né nella vita politica, né nella coscienza civile, ma varrebbe la pena che venisse riscoperto e soprattutto meditato.

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Garage Floor Covering - Give Your Old Garage Floor a Face Lift

While working in the garage, a person can come to appreciate the beauty and benefits of covering the surface of the garage floor. Whether a person uses simple floor mats to renovate the entire floor, installing some form of covering for the garage flooring is important. Not only does it provide a nicer surface to look at, the garage floor covering can also help protect the floor. Having a healthier floor in your garage will provide many benefits, ranging from less money being spent to repair it to being used as a selling point. There are multiple types of garage floor coverings available and they all provide their own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the easiest ways to cover the garage surface is to put down carpeting or floor mats. Generally, a person does not want to cover the entire floor with carpeting if he or she uses it for parking a car often, as the car can tear up the carpet. However, putting down carpeting is enough to cover up any nasty-looking spots. One type of matting is rubber matting, which is easy to clean (just use a hose) as well as looking colorful and attractive. Carpeting or mats are easy to install, but generally they do not provide enough protection if a person uses the garage often as a work area.

If a person uses his or her garage as a workshop often, then he or she may want to install industrial-grade material as the garage floor covering. For example, there are some types of interlocking garage floor tiles that are able to withstand quite a bit of punishment. A benefit to these tiles is that they can be installed in patterns, which can help spruce up the garage and make it more attractive. Even the concrete can be improved upon with epoxy concrete paint, which will be able to fill in any holes and provide a waterproof and shiny surface.

Because there are so many types of coverings for the floor a person can spend quite a while trying to decide on one. Ranging from PVC tiles to classic floor mats, there are many options. Generally a person should look at what he or she uses the garage for before choosing a garage floor covering type. Heavy-duty material like epoxy concrete paint or industrial tiles are better when the garage is used often as a workshop-type area whereas simple floor matting and covering paint will suffice if the garage is used only for parking cars. On the other hand concrete acid stain will provide more decorative effect for someone looking for extra esthetically pleasing result.

Chris Tolski writes about Garage Floor Covering at http://www.garagefloorcoveringinfo.com

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Interior do interior

Interior do interior

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Do It Yourself Concrete Staining: Things to Know Before You Begin

Do it yourself concrete staining is the cheapest and easiest way to enhance the appearance of your concrete surfaces. The alternatives, tearing out existing concrete and replacing with new or decorative overlays, are not recommended for do-it-yourselfers and can be very expensive. But before you begin your staining project there are a few things you need to know.

There are two types of concrete stains to choose from, acid stains and acrylic stains. Acid stains work by chemically reacting with free lime in the surface to produce a natural looking, translucent color. They create a mottled, variegated, multi-hued coloring. Every concrete surface reacts differently to acids stains making each job unique. Acrylic stains are waterborne and have pigments that seep into the pores and adhere to the concrete, therefore creating a more consistent, semi translucent color like that of a dye. Acrylic stains will help mask imperfections and discolorations whereas acid stains actually accentuate them.

For many surfaces, acid and acrylic stains will work equally as well, but which one you choose depends on the look you want. However, there are situations where one type will work better than the other. For older, exterior concrete (more than 15-20 yrs old) acid stains may not work because much of the free lime has leeched away. Acrylic stains are great for old concrete because of its increased porosity over time. Acid stains work well with newer concrete because of the availability of free lime. If repairs need to be made such as patching pop outs or scaling, then acrylics may be the better choice to help disguise the repairs. Any patching materials will stand out with acid stains. For smooth trowelled interior surfaces with less porosity, acid stains are usually better because they don't require as much penetration to color the concrete.

Before beginning it's also important to have realistic expectations. Staining can turn dull, gray concrete into a beautiful and colorful finish, but it's impossible to know exactly how the finished product will look, especially with acid stains. Every concrete surface is different and so will accept stains differently. The exact same stain will have two different appearances with two different slabs. Even seasoned pros can't predict the exact outcome of a staining job. For this reason, it's not a good idea to try to exactly match the color of concrete to anything else such as brick or siding. There's a very good chance you won't be successful. Instead, choose a complimentary color or shade for your concrete. For instance, if you have light brown siding, then choose a dark brown stain.

The most critical part of staining is preparation. Take time in deciding how you want your concrete to look and getting the surface ready to apply the stain. You get one shot at getting it right unless you want to do a major overhaul to the surface. Do it yourself concrete staining is not a difficult process but does require an honest effort to be satisfied your finished product.

Kirk Muhlhauser offers ideas and instructions for enhancing your home's concrete surfaces. Find information on concrete stains, paints, and sealers at http://www.all-things-concrete.com

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THE CHRONICLES OF GNARNIA (evolutions 2010) - Motionboardshop.com

motionboardshop.com A sneak peak at the new Evolutions video from Concrete Wave magazine. This video is made for the cd that showcases all the relevant brands in longboarding. We are a small click and mortar in Seattle and this video gives you an idea of what longboarding in the NW is all about. Enjoy! Don't forget...Motionboardshop carries all the brands you need! Jason @ motion...

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Decorative Concrete Fireplace Makeover

tajmawall.com See how a unique process in decorative concrete and quickly transform a dated fireplace into a beautiful stone fireplace.

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Why You Should Consider Staining Your Concrete Floor

Acid staining can make a common concrete floor into look like expensive natural stone flooring. Not only is it a fraction of the price, but for people allergic to carpeting materials it's a godsend. Another great application is in houses with radiant floor heating. Radiant heating is at its most efficient when insulating floor coverings like tile or carpet are minimized.

The process of staining a concrete floor, while not overly complex, can be tough to get the results you want from. Most folks are probably better off hiring a professional contractor. It's a risky project for the do-it-yourselfer.

If you're not familiar with it, concrete stain isn't a paint or finish coat. It involves a chemical reaction on cement materials. Typically a water-based solution of hydrochloric acid and inorganic salts, the stain reacts with minerals and lime in the concrete aggregate, and the result of the reaction is coloring. It works on new or old concrete, and is fairly durable if you maintain it with sealer or wax, since it won't stain or chip. It can also be applied to both interiors and exterior floors. Walkways, bathrooms, entrances, driveways, living rooms and patios are all fair game.

When it's finished, stained concrete looks a little like marble, but more dappled and less uniform. The concrete will mostly be earthy brown tones, with hints of red and green. It's possible to make your own tint stain by mixing colors, or applying at dissimilar rates. When you stain a concrete floor, though, don't expect the stain to be uniform or have an even tone. Plan your room décor and color scheme accordingly, because you'll get dissimilar reactions from different areas of the concrete, and even a seasoned pro will be hard pressed to predict what the final result will be.

Surface prep for acid staining concrete depends on what condition your slab is in. Newly poured concrete only needs is be allowed time for curing- three weeks after pouring- then some rinsing and scrubbing. Older concrete is a different story. Thorough cleaning is required because any dirt, grease, paint, sealer or even curing agent will keep the stain from penetrating and reacting as it should. Do a little test area to make sure it's ready.

Newer poured concrete will require less stain than older floors, but in general, a gallon of water added to one gallon of stain will cover around 400 square feet. Apply the stain with a non-metallic brush or broom, working in the cooler morning or evening hours, rather than in the heat of the day. Be careful to protect yourself from spillage, drips and fumes from the acid stain, and follow the manufacturer's precautions.

After application, you need to cleanup by sweeping away any leftover stain and residue with a broom. When the floor is thoroughly dry, it is a good idea to apply a sealer agent and then wax it.

If you are in the market for natural stone flooring, a new look for your basement or patio, or just looking for new remodeling ideas, stained concrete is certainly something you should look into.

Carlo Morelli is an author and contributor to OnlineTips.Org, where you can read tips about installing fiberglass insulation and home security video equipment

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Stone Paver Patio-DIY

An old wooden deck is replaced with a sleek new concrete-paver version. This video is part of Grounds for Improvement show hosted by Jackie Taylor . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Grounds for Improvement presents useful landscaping ideas that any homeowner can do. Experts Jackie Taylor and Dean Hill demonstrate the essentials every budding landscaper should know - how to lay sod, install water features, build fences, create pathways and much more. While homeowners learn these basic skills, Jackie and Dean find creative and exciting ways to bring it all together and create that fabulous outdoor space!

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5 Simple Home Improvement Projects You Can Start Today

There are hundreds of simple, inexpensive, and quick home improvement projects you can do that will increase the value of your home as you get ready to sell. Let's look at 5 projects you can start today.

Redecorate With Paint

There is no easier or cheaper way to redecorate than to paint! Not only can painting a room dramatically change its appearance, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do a good job. All you have to do is follow three simple rules:

1. Clean Those Walls: All artists understand the need for a good surface, and painting a room, though not necessarily an artistic endeavor, is no different. It is best to clean the walls with soap and water and then rinse with clear water. Once the wall is dried completely, you are ready to start!

2. Good Paint is the Best Paint: Although you don't have to buy the most expensive brand out there, good paint is worth the price. It won't show brush strokes and you can often get by with a single coat.

3. Start From the Top Down: Start with your ceilings, move to your walls, then to your windows and doors, and last but not least, paint those baseboards. It's the way the professionals do it!

Once you are done, you will hardly recognize the place!

Just Add Fabric

This idea is a bit more expensive than paint, but far cheaper than wallpaper - not to mention it can be removed easily when you decide you want a new look. What am I talking about? Covering your walls with fabric!

All you will need is enough fabric to cover the walls, liquid fabric starch, a sponge paint roller and paint pan, and a large sponge! Prepare your walls as if you were going to paint. Now, pour the liquid starch into the paint pan, and roll it onto the wall. Put the fabric up on the wall, using the sponge to apply starch and get rid of any bubbles. Once it is dry, you can trim off the ends at the ceiling, floor, doors, and windows.

Talk about a dramatic change! And when you want to change the look, just peel the fabric off and wash the walls!

Add Lighting For Beauty

Nothing transforms a house like light. Choosing the right lighting for you home is a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Although adding lighting to a room is not difficult to do, you will need a plan that considers the variety of activities that will occur there.

1. "Task lighting" allows you to complete a task, such as reading, without getting blinded, but also without needing to strain your eyes to get the job done! Reading requires task lighting that comes from behind the reader's shoulder or reflects off the ceiling or wall.

2. "Accent lighting" highlights or features certain areas. When you look around your home, what do you see? More importantly, what do you WANT to see? It may be a particular piece of artwork, an unusual plant, or an interesting architectural feature. No matter what you choose to emphasize, accent lighting will help it stand out and add a dramatic touch.

3. "Ambient lighting" is the general lighting that provides overall illumination to the areas in use.

Knowing the way you use the room will guide you to choices that change your home from drab to dynamic.

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

The kitchen is not only the heart of the home but one of the most important rooms when it comes to resale value. If your kitchen is humdrum but you simply don't have enough money for a total remodel, consider giving it a facelift - a cabinet re-facing, that is!

Just what is cabinet re-facing? It is simply changing the appearance of the cabinet doors while leaving the cabinets and the layout the same.

Cabinet re-facing can be accomplished in a number of ways:

1. You can sand and repaint your cabinet doors using any color or texture you choose

2. You can strip your cabinet doors and re-stain in a variety of finishes.

3. Simply changing the hinges and knobs can make a world of difference.

Just a little bit of time, a quick trip to the home supply store, and some elbow grease, and you will have the look and feel of a brand new kitchen.

Replace Your Old Flooring The Easy Way

Floors are often overlooked when it comes time to remodel, but new flooring is a great way to add just the right touch to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or dining room. And now, with glueless laminate flooring, the job can be done in one weekend!

The most popular laminate designs are made to resemble hard wood flooring, however, you can also find those that look like stone or marble. Whatever your choice, you will be able to put the new floor down over your old floor - no need for scraping off old vinyl flooring, removing hardwood flooring, or covering concrete. Just about any flat hard surface can be the base for laminate!

No matter what your décor or your lifestyle, you can find a laminate floor to fit your needs.

Choosing the best modeling and redecorating projects will help your home sell faster and for more money NOW!

Teri B Clark is a professional writer and published author. Her most recent book, 301 Simple Things You Can Do To Sell Your Home NOW and For More Money Than You Thought, explains these tips in more detail and offers many, many others. To learn more about Teri's latest book, visit http://staging-your-home.blogspot.com or sign up for a free newsletter

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Otto von Habsburg vs Yugoslavia

First of all, Id like to thank a fellow Y-tuber, Slovenian guy Aljosa who was so kind to make a transcript of this TV report which made the translation far easier. For all those who at some point wondered about who killed Yugoslavia... The video is just a hint of the full and true background story on how European aristos and fat cats covertly worked on undermining and toppling European communist regimes and even dismembering countries in order to push forward their project of united Europe and more importantly, the idea of laissez faire, the state of economic anarchy which shifts the power from governments into the hands of tycoons. The links at the bottom as well as the video at hand are specifically related to the case of Yugoslavia. I recommend doing your own research on the Pinay Cercle/Le Cercle, Mont Pelerin Society, Paneuropean Union and Sovereign Military Order of Malta. This is an excerpt from the history page of the official Paneuropa website www.paneuropa.org: At the same time, under the leadership of Bernd Posselt and Walburga von Habsburg, the Pan-Europa Union strengthened its work as a special representative of the international office beyond the Iron Curtain and established contacts with civil rights organizations in Poland such as the trade union "Solidarnosc", "Charter 77" and church institutions as well as in Hungary, in former Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia as well as in the Baltic states. The pan-European underground work received a boost through the ...

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How to repair a leaky faucet... basin,kitchen sink,set tub and bath faucet

32 years in the trade. When repairing a faucet make sure the drain in the sink is plugged to prevent anything from falling into it. Repairing a set of waltec faucets is a simple procedure with the correct tools and patients...Please subscribe and have a great day.

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Euler's Method for Differential Equations - The Basic Idea

Euler's Method for Differential Equations - The Basic Idea. In this video, I do one simple example to illustrate the process and idea behind Euler's Method and also derive the general recursive formula needed. For more free math videos, visit PatrickJMT.com

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Joan Baez ~ Donna Donna

★☭ KGB OFFICIAL REPORTS (INTERNATIONAL&IMPARTIAL) PARTISAN WORLD NEWS ★☭ Breakthroughs in Socialist Economics When the revolution came to power, it immediately faced the question of how to transform society. Some party leaders—people who had marched right alongside Mao in the revolution against feudal landlords, capitalists tied to imperialist interests and foreign domination—now insisted that capitalism should be promoted without restriction. They said agriculture could not move forward until heavy industry was developed. They argued for relying on foreign technology and foreign loans, and maintaining private farming in the countryside. They went along with the dominant view of socialist economic development in the international communist movement, especially with regard to formerly dependent and backward countries, which was that you had to first build up modern productive forces—large factories, heavy machinery, new technology, etc.—and only then could you transform the relationships between people. But Mao argued they should focus on revolutionizing forms of ownership and distribution and all the ways in which people work with each other to produce things—and on that basis spur the development of more advanced productive forces. In this way, carrying forward revolutionary changes and transformations among the people—starting with redistribution of land, but also efforts to promote collective ways of working together, as well as breaking down backward ideas from ...

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Wheatgrass - The Virgin Gardener p133 - Laetitia Maklouf

laetitiamaklouf.com http Inspiration for the first time gardener! Eighty per cent of young people live in concrete cities where space is at a premium. Fewer and fewer of us get the chance to flex our green fingers, but gardening is not just for the Titchmarshes and the Dimmocks. If you fancy a flat full of greenery, homegrown fruit and veg, a window box that's the envy of the street, or you've just acquired your first, much coveted Outside Space but don't have a clue what to grow, this is the book for you. THE VIRGIN GARDENER is a jargon-free plant recipe book divided into five sections: Grow, Decorate, Eat, Drink and Luxuriate. Would you like to sip homemade elderflower bubbly, grow your own garlic, or distil your own rosewater? With simple, step-by-step advice, Laetitia explains how. For the busy and stressed, find quick ideas for turning garage flowers into the perfect posy and tips on which herbs to harvest all year from your windowsill. For the more adventurous, learn how to grow chillies, pineapples and jungle greens. For the perfectionist, discover the secrets to ageing terracotta pots and having bulbs in flower on Christmas Day. And whose flat wouldn't be transformed by mossy pots, a mini alpine meadow or a chocolate bower? Irresistibly sassy, stylish and beautifully illustrated throughout with full-colour photography, THE VIRGIN GARDENER will seduce you into a life of roots and shoots. As Laetitia says, 'Go forth and grow!'

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Interior Color Ideas Using Concrete—ConcreteNetwork.com

www.concretenetwork.com How to design with color. Learn how award-winning kitchen designer uses color to unify a space and create an interesting environment. The Concrete Network presents Design Tips with Fu-Tung Cheng.

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Installation of SPA DOME ORLANDO, Hot Tub Enclosure

www.poolandspaenclosuresusa.com The SPA DOME ORLANDO's panels are made of a transparent compact polycarbonate or relief transparent bronze polycarbonate which conveys a discrete look. The SPA DOME ORLANDO has an easily assembled base, and must be anchored on a level foundation material such as concrete, composite decking, ceramic block, or pavers. This video demonstrates how simple it is to install.

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Concrete Acid Stain is Not a Coloring Agent Or Paint

Concrete is a composite material used commonly in building construction. It consists of a combination of an aggregate and a cement binder. The most common type of cement comprises Portland cement, mineral aggregates and water. Concrete is the most widely used man-made material on earth.

Stained Concrete

Acid stain is not a coloring agent or paint. It is basically, a coloring procedure that involves certain chemical reactions on cementitious material. Water, acid and inorganic salts react with the minerals present in the concrete to form a solution that imparts it the color. Acid stains are made from hydrochloric acid, metallic ions and wetting agents. Acid stain provides a mottled, marble like look. It can create various beautiful colors on the concrete such as earthy tones of red, green and reddish brown. Acid staining produces better effects on old concrete. There are different kinds of acid stains available such as ChemTone. This stain does not contain hydrochloric acid and is safer for transporting and handling. Acid staining is permanent, it does not fade or chip.

Where and How to Do It?

Acid staining of concrete can be done in walks, entrances, patios, driveways, living rooms and bathrooms. A smooth concrete surface is better for acid staining. Application of acid stain requires few tools such as paintbrushes, sprayers and a saw with a diamond blade for scoring the surface. One gallon of stain with one gallon of water can color approximately 400 square feet. A new concrete slab needs time for curing (at least three weeks after pouring the mixture). It also has to be rinsed and scrubbed. Old concrete needs to be thoroughly cleaned as any dust, dirt or grease will prevent the acid stain from penetrating properly. It is recommended to test the acid stain on a small area first. Acid stains are transparent and any scratches or cuts on the concrete add to the charm. It is recommended to apply the stain with non-metallic equipments. When the floor is dry, sealing is advised to enhance the color and shield the concrete. The sealer can be applied with a phenolic core roller or sprayers.

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A Good Concrete Flooring Treatment

Are you located in an areas where the climate is usually wet? Then you have an idea of how your garage floor can become very slick when you bring in some water on your car because of rain or snow and it drips onto a small oil stain on the flooring. The situation is like trying to remain standing on a surface of ice. You may not know this, but the garage is actually one of the most common areas of the house where slips and falls usually happen. Since the floor is made of concrete usually, it can result in serious brain injuries if you hit your head on the hard concrete surface.

The best way to deal with this problem is to apply an epoxy garage floor treatment. This two-part polymer can offer you safety for years to come.

When you apply a garage floor treatment together with its non-slip additive, you are actually using the best technique to have a safer garage. You can roll out a traditional floor paint or the new floor treatments that are enamel based, but make sure that you also apply an anti-slip material such as industrial sand. Never use sea sand since it contains salt and can actually increase the rate of degradation of the surface. If you don't like sand, you can also use paint chips and these are great because they also add color to the flooring. Actually, color chips are a great cover up of any dirt and grime present on the surface since it makes the dirt less visible.

If you have chosen to try out this treatment which I highly recommend, you should keep in mind that this type of floor coating is only useful for small oil slicks. Do not expect to not have a problem if you spill an entire quart of oil on the floor. There is nothing that will help this situation other than to mop up the spill.

Once you have the epoxy coating applied you still need to maintain the cleanliness of the floor and this can be done best by using soap and water or a good degreaser from time to time if automotive fluids are building up. Also, having the non-slip function should not give you the false belief that you are 100% secure because, even if they work great, no coating can create miracles.

The application of an epoxy coating for your concrete flooring can give you a floor that is much easier to walk when it is wet. This is very important as we become older and begin to realize that we have balancing problems. This is a great do-it-yourself project or you can also ask for a quote from a couple of contractors.

Whether you apply the treatment to your concrete flooring yourself or you have it done professionally, you will end up with a project that offers more safety and looks great.

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Painting Your Patio

Painting your patio can be fun, you first need to determine what colors you are going to use. When choosing the colors for your area you will want them to match the color of your house. In addition, you will want a stain finish for the deck itself to bring out the color of the wood.

Therefore, you will need to measure your deck before buying these colors. In addition, you will need some items to paint your patio, for instance you will need a, paint pan, a roller, paintbrush and the paint. Before you even start to paint, you need to make sure your surface is, swept off thoroughly. Also clean the patio with a soap and water to clean off any spills or stuck on matter. This way there is nothing that will keep the sealant from being, applied to your patio properly.

If your patio is made of concrete then you should be ready to paint it. If it is made of wood then you may also need to use a sander to smooth out any rough spots. Once the patio is ready, you can use the roller to apply the paint to the larger portion of the surface. Then you can use the brush to touch up the hard to reach places and the ends or edges of the surfaces.

If you have posts, standing in the middle or at the ends of the patio these can be different colors. You may choose to paint these a lighter or a darker color to make them stand out and look more attractive. However, you can still make these colors match your home or even your patio furniture if you like. This is really up to the individual as to what colors he or she prefers.

You may need to completely, cover the entire patio two or three times to ensure that the job is, done properly. You do not want any blank or lighter colored spots on your patio. The reason is this is where you and your family and friends will spend a great deal of time during the summer. You want your patio to look great, you also what it to be a pleasant place to just hang out and relax.

You will want to paint the patio when you will not be using it for a few days so there will be no traffic on it, and the paint will dry completely before you do use the patio again.

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Basement Redecorating Ideas on a Budget

Basements used to be the most ignored part of the house. However, since more and more people are realizing the need for more space, redecorating and remodeling basement ideas are now in demand. With the right basement idea, even the dampest, darkest basement can become a comfy, cozy livable space for the entire family.

If you are on a tight budget, you can still remodel your basement. The key is to know what to do and how to do it. All it needs are inventive ideas and careful planning to transform the dull area into an interesting place. Here are some basement ideas to remodel the area without spending too much.

If you are the type of person who loves art, it is appropriate to put your talent into use. You can use your artistic side in creating pieces to design the basement. Like if you are into sewing, then you can create your own sofa sheets and pillows from old blankets or clothing. Or if you are into painting, then the basement is the perfect place for your art collections.

You do not need to buy new pieces of furniture for the basement. Instead of investing on a new set of decors you can refurnish your old and idle furniture. Basically painting your old furniture to give it a new look and you can even harmonize it to the room's color scheme. Or if you insist in purchasing a new decor, you can shop at yard sales or consignment store so that you can acquire the materials at a lesser price.

Paints, lights and carpets are the three basic tools you need to consider. With these three, you do not need to spend a fortune to improve the ambiance of your basement. Paint is the cheapest of all the decorating materials and provides endless possibilities. To lighten up the dull area, paint the walls with bright color hues thus making basement more appealing and cheerful. Get rid of large structured walls to create an ambiance of a much spacious area thus too many interior walls create a cluttered environment.

Good lighting is one of the best ways to light up an old dark basement. Proper lighting improves space since it basically accommodates the thickness of the wall. A soft or a light colored incandescent bulb should be used instead of the basic bulbs.

In keeping the basement area clean, neat and warm, use floor coverings. Not only it protects you from feeling cold due to the basement concrete floors it is also helpful in redecorating your basement when you are on a budget. Be cautious that a basement floors should have double padding thus it is made up of concrete floor, standing on the floor for a period of time can cause your pain in your legs and back.

Plan well and determine how much you are willing to spend before remodeling your basement. The best basement ideas usually come from your own personal design. It is wise to do the job by yourself than hiring a professional team to do the work thus it saves you from high labor cost.

Find out how simple basement remodeling ideas can turn your old basement into lovely living spaces. Check out the latest basement remodeling ideas online.

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Painting Floors - Several Designs and Styles to Create the Best Atmosphere

When looking to transform your restaurant atmosphere, there is a lot you can do about! You should try to go for a brainstorming session so you can go further. You may be able to reach a higher level. For instance, many people fail when it comes to enhancing or improving their business space. A good idea is to decorate or paint your flooring system. You can go for a simple skated to an imitation of another material to produce a fascinating effect.

Many effects

Several artists' can produce an interesting painting floor effect in the decor. To perform this technique you should use many paints for the specific floor, for greater variety of colors consider asking for help! For a good finish it is always important to cover the work with a coat of polyurethane sealer or water-based varnish (the varnish layer to form yellow oil that turns the colors of the design and give an aged appearance.)

Creative ideas

The creative possibilities are many and it always depends on the size of the floor area that will be painted, the colors of the walls, the fabrics, the furniture, and the space decoration in general. Keep reading, so you get to know about the many painting floors ideas. Below you will find a review of the different options:

Spongy styles

Decorative Finishing for your epoxy floor is the way to go! It is about painting with a special sponge, when light hits a certain object or surface. You will be able to create a mottled texture.


A patina is usually a special coating that it is directly applied to a specific painting. You can play with shadows and volumes. You should go for abstract styles, too. This is great to enhance specific spots. If your restaurant has an extensive outdoor space, you can consider painting the deck or some epoxy items


One great technique is to print pictures from a brush or roller from a template or stencil that has the chosen design. It can be printed on the surface that is about to be treated. It can be performed around the perimeter of the floor or only at the edges, forming designs or decorative borders. It is always a fancy option!


You can go for any kind of image you desire, whether, simple or complex, realistic or decorative it will be fascinating. However, you might want to consider the theme of your business. If your restaurant is tropical or if you serve Cuban food, you might want to find matching patterns.

Guards or arabesques

Symbols, guards lined the wall, Indian drawings, oriental, animals and arabesques, are some of the design possibilities on the ground. This would be great for an Arabic restaurant!

You can even go for imitations. If your budget is somehow low, that shouldn't stop you at all. You can create false styles in no time!

Carpet ideas

If your restaurant has an epoxy floor, you can always leave it neutral and simply buy nice and appealing carpets.

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Grabbing Walter Scene - Tremors Movie (1990) - HD

The creature rams through the floorboards of Walter's (Victor Wong) store, wreaking havoc. TM & © Universal (2011) Buy Movie: www.amazon.com Scene: Grabbing Walter - movieclips.com Movie Details: Tremors (1990) - movieclips.com Cast: Kevin Bacon, Tony Genaro, Fred Ward, Victor Wong, Tom Woodruff Jr., Finn Carter Director: Ron Underwood Producer: Brent Maddock, Ellen Collett, Gale Anne Hurd, Ginny Nugent, SS Wilson Screenwriter: Brent Maddock, Ron Underwood, SS Wilson Film Description: Tremors is a 1990 American science fiction horror comedy film directed by Ron Underwood, based on a screenplay by Brent Maddock and SS Wilson, and starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Michael Gross and Reba McEntire. It was distributed by Universal Studios. The film was received well by critics and holds an 88% favorable rating at the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. The film emerged as a cult classic and was followed by two direct-to-video sequels Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996), Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001), one prequel Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004) and the television show Tremors: The Series (2003). Plot: Valentine McKee (Kevin Bacon) and Earl Basset (Fred Ward) work as handymen in Perfection, Nevada, an isolated ex-mining settlement that contains only fourteen residents, among them survivalist couple Burt (Michael Gross) and Heather (Reba McEntire) Gummer, and Walter Chang (Victor Wong), owner of the general store. A new arrival is Rhonda LeBeck (Finn ...

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Should You Invest in Garage Floor Paint?

Garage floors are usually overlooked when remodeling the home. Some houses look beautiful from the outside but inside, the floor looks neglected for years. Keep in mind that garages suffer the worst conditions because they are the most exposed to the weather. The tires of your car even add up to the torture it face everyday. This is where floor paint comes in. It is not merely used for decorative purposes. It also works to protect your surface from normal wear and tear.

Garage floor paints are composed of epoxy resin-based solutions. Armor Proxy and Original Color Chips are popular examples. These paints can resist oils and other chemicals that can damage concrete floors. But more than that, it adds a whole new look to your garage. It can make the extra room look twice as attractive than before.

Epoxy floor paints comes in a range of colors. It is easily available from hardware shops and do-it-yourself stores. Other solutions can be added to it too, to add more luster, grip, or durability to the paint. You need to apply it on the floor of your garage for the simple reason that bare concrete doesn't last long enough. In time, it would crack, get stained, and become very hard to clean. Use floor paint to lengthen its lifespan.

However, epoxy resin-based floor paints can't be used on floors that were sealed. You have to determine first if there's some sort of a sealant applied on your garage floor. A good test will be to use some water. Pour a glass of water on one part of the concrete floor and see if it will be absorbed by the concrete after a few minutes. If the water stays on top, then it probably is treated with a sealant and epoxy paints can't be used to cover it.

If you want to preserve the beauty of your garage and keep your home's worth at maximum, simple add-ons such as floor paint is definitely worth the investment. Your garage floor needs protection too. Whenever you remodel your house, don't overlook the extra room in the house. It is part of your house too. And if it isn't maintained as much as the rest of the parts of your house are, it can pull down the market value of your house unnecessarily.

Sal provides useful information about quick and easy garage floor painting through his website: Garage Floor Paint.

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