Outdoor Floor Epoxy

Outdoor floor surfaces such as patios, pool decks and stone steps need solid protection from a number of outdoor hazards to ensure reliability. Rain, snow, intense heat, UV sun rays, outdoor debris and time can all combine to wear down stone, granite, concrete and other common outdoor surfaces. Using a high quality commercial -grade pool paint or outdoor floor epoxy kit will not only protect your pool, deck or walkway but also keep it looking great year round.

Outdoor surfaces come in many materials including stone, brick, asphalt, concrete and granite. Over time water, heat and natural erosion will wear down the tough exteriors of brick and stone and cause cracks that if left untreated can split eventually. When this happens you are beyond repair and will have to start thinking about a costly replacement project.

However, if you take care of your outdoor surfaces, such as decks, pool patios and stone steps you can add years to the lifespan of the surface and save money by not having to replace the entire surface. There are several commercial grade finishing epoxy kits on the market that are specially made for common outdoor surfaces. All you need to do is match up the finish with your specific outdoor surface and you can begin.

When shopping for outdoor floor paints make sure you purchase kits that are fast drying, non-skid and waterproof. Many lesser quality kits and paints are readily available but do not measure up to the top manufacturers and the lack of quality is quite evident. Don't do a job twice if it only needs to be done once. Invest in a commercial grade outdoor surface epoxy and take care of your steps, patio or deck the right way.

You will find specific epoxy kits that are specially made to mix with stone, granite and pool concrete. These clever epoxy mixtures feature actual stone and granite embedded into a special application liquid. This gives the sealant added strength and also makes it more appealing to the eye since it matches most stone and granite surface colors. With a single application you can protect your outdoor surfaces from many outdoor hazards and keep your backyard or front porch looking great.


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Choosing the Best Garage Floor Paint

When it comes to painting a garage floor, you want to choose the best garage floor paint possible. The reason why people paint their concrete floors is that they want to keep the dust down and to keep it looking showroom clean. Most garage floors are stained with grease, oil and tire marks. However, applying any type of coating to a garage floor is a lot of work and it does not always work. Some professionals do not recommend applying any sort of paint to your concrete floor at all.

One way to choose the best garage floor paint is to speak to your local hardware store proprietor. Another good contact would be a local contractor that specializes in laying concrete flooring. Keep in mind, that some people prefer not to apply any paint at all. A garage floor takes plenty of abuse from the weather, road salt from the winter, vehicle tires and oil and chemical spills. Also, your automobile could be leaking some sort of fluid onto the floor as well. All of these things can cause the concrete to deteriorate.

Regardless of the chances that your floor may peel, people still want to try to have the best garage floor paint applied. A lot of people work on their cars in their garage and they want their floor looking like a showroom floor. In this case, they will want to apply the best possible coating so that it looks great and protects their floor from the grease and oil spills that occasionally occur.

One way to protect your concrete floor after applying the best garage floor paint possible is to wash it thoroughly whenever you have a spill of any kind. Epoxy finishes are easy to maintain and keep clean. Concrete flooring professionals will tell you that applying the paint or epoxy is the easy part. To give your floor a unique look, you can sprinkle paint chips that are supplied with some epoxies onto the floor as it dries. The hard part is preparing the floor. After the floor has been painted and dried, you must wait several days before driving on it.


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Concrete Garage Floor Paint

Not many homeowners pay much attention to the state of their garage floor. However, with the influx of do it yourself and home makeover television shows this is changing. Concrete garage floor paint sales are increasing much more rapidly in the last several years. Some people have used an oil-based paint on their floor; however, they eventually find that it peels off relatively easily. This frustrates people because of all the work have done to reach space on the first floor of the painting. The problem is that the wrong color is used, or the ground was not properly cleaned before painting.

Before painting concrete garage floor is applied, the soil must be cleaned thoroughly. Go to your local hardware store and find out what they have in stock around the country that is of dirt, oil and grease from your garage. Be sure to follow the instructionsproperly on the can. In addition, the proper protective clothing and eye protection needs to be worn. A facemask may be necessary as well.

Another tool to consider using before applying any concrete garage floor paint is a pressure washer. If you do not have one then consider renting one that has at least twelve hundred to two thousand psi. Your hardware store should provide you with a good grease-removing cleaner to use with the pressure washer. Another reason that your coating may not stick is that there is too much moisture in the floor. Moisture from the ground can work up into the floor and loosen the paint.

If your garage floor has heavy water leakage or is damp and slimy throughout the summer then do not apply concrete garage floor paint. Your best option is to keep it as clean as possible. There are new products available that contain epoxy coatings that protect your garage floor from the heat from your tires, from moisture vapor and chemical and oil spills. The standard procedures for the cleaning the floor before the application remain the same, which means the cleaning aspect is still very important to the coating adhering properly. You can find these products at your local hardware store or big box do it yourself center.


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Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating - A Must For All House

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating is a fixing agent, which helps to remove or do away with any part of the floor that is wearing off. The types of epoxy coating are the usual tar and paint.

In order to apply the coating, one needs to clean the floor with a certain specific chemical substance. While doing this one can actually erase grease, oil, dirt and other foreign materials that refuses to go away. There is a piece of equipment called the rotary scrubbing machine, which helps one get rid of dirt and the grime. Often people resort to using heavy vacuum cleaners to clean the mixture of dirt and grime. They are indispensable for our homes as they come really handy to remove the grime and dirt, stuck in the fractures of the ground.

One needs to apply the epoxy-coating agent again in order to eradicate the stubborn materials and provide a different feel to the concrete. The rotary scrubber mentioned earlier comes really handy to remove or do away with any kind of mineral stains on the cement. The combination is used only to ensure complete removal of all the stains from the gaps in the floor.

In the epoxy flooring substance project a very important step would include washing the floor with fresh water and making sure that the remnants remain at the edge and in the region of the materials, which remain attached to the ground. Do not forget to polish the floor with the rotary scrubber, till very little foam is left in the depths of the floor. The solution is poured along the holes in the floor and the process must be repeated.

The first layer of the coating is applied with things like rollers and paintbrush in order to give the final finishing touches. Sealers usually have an inherent strong odour therefore, it is always advisable to arrange for suitable ventilation. The conditions should be conducive and preferably below fifty-five degrees for this kind of hardening of coating. There should be a gap for some hours, before applying another coat of epoxy concrete floor coating.

One may use this coating in order to cover or conceal the cracks in the floor. This method should also be ideally applied before the first coating. It is always advisable to read the guidelines before starting to apply these coatings on the floor. There are possibilities of adverse chemical reactions if the instructions are not followed properly.

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"BASE IN A BOX" Kit for your Engineered Concrete Slab Form

No more wooden forms and hard labour to assemble the forms. This is an easy time saving, labour saving new product to forming up your concrete slab. Can be done in a day. Pre engineered to your specific size. All in one kit. Steel frames, rebar, bolts and hardware for your concrete floor. Once done and cement is poured, you are ready to build. Email me for more information at ardcominc@hotmail.com


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The Anderson Basement Project

We took an unfinished room in the basement and turned it from a cold concrete floor into an awesome and totally rockin' party/entertainment room. Check it out!



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Epoxy Garage Floor Etching

Etching is a step that sometimes gets overlooked when it comes to applying garage floor paint. However, for an epoxy coating to be able to properly do most of its job, etching is absolutely necessary. Most garage floor coatings can be applied, and will probably last for a while without etching first, but there are quite a few benefits to etching that make it worth doing, in most people's opinions.

When It Comes To A Concrete Floor, What The Heck Is Etching?

Etching, which is just a spiffy term for cutting into the the surface of something, is more widely known outside of flooring. Glass etching is a very good example. Although the end result will give the user a slightly better grip if we're talking about a drinking glass, etching is generally done on glass for decoration. With garage floors, decoration is generally not the primary goal, although the results do look better than the alternative, which is a liquid smooth mirror finish, to some eyes.

Is There Any Reason That I Should Etch Before Applying Epoxy Garage Floor Paint?

You don't have to etch your concrete garage floor when applying epoxy, but there are some very good reasons why you will probably want to. For one, the increased traction that epoxy can provide comes from etching, and it will be absent if the floor is not etched. This can cause slips, falls, and other assorted chaos, and driving on such a slick surface can also be irritating. If the intention is to do a lot of work in your garage, etching is definitely the way to go.

What If My Epoxy Garage Floor Paint Kit Says Etching Is Not Required On The Label?

In reality, etching is never required in order to apply a garage floor coating. However, if the instructions for your kit say to etch the concrete, then that is what you will have to do to get the maximum stated life out of your new epoxy coating. Without etching, epoxy paint cannot create a complete seal, and will peel far earlier. There are no hard and fast rules on how long epoxy floor paint can last, either with or without etching, but it will certainly last longer with etching than without. Some kits do not include etching in their instructions, which enables them to make the claim "No Etching Necessary!" or something similar. This is generally a marketing ploy, and the directions for those kits either do not mention how long the coating will last, or may say that although it not necessary, etching is recommended to get the maximum life out of your epoxy garage floor paint.

At What Point In The Painting Process Should I Etch My Floor?

Many of the more expensive epoxy floor coating kits will come with some sort of "etch and clean" chemical, and will come with explicit directions. When purchasing your epoxy floor paint, you will get the best value from the ones that include everything you need, as opposed to buying the chemicals separately. Whether in a kit, or purchased separately, etching should generally be applied to the garage flooring as the first step. If the etching product does not also clean, then cleaning your concrete garage floor will be what comes next.

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Blast Floors

Amazing High Pressure Steam Blaster! With excess water vacuum extraction! Sydney Marble & Hard Floor Restoration - Carpet Cleaning - Franchise available! www.blastfloors.com.au


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How Etching Concrete With a Gel Acid Increases Performance of Garage Floor Epoxies

The leading cause of garage floor epoxy failure is due to improper surface preparation. By etching concrete with a gel acid risk of coating failure is minimized.

What is Coating Failure

Concrete has unique characteristics that are very different from other building materials. As a result you can not just paint the floor and expect long term performance.

Concrete is porous and subject to moisture pressure that pushes upwards through your concrete slab. Just because you don't see water on your floor doesn't mean it's not there. If your garage floor is on grade the chances of moisture vapor pushing up through the tiny airholes in your slab is high. You may have even noticed a white dust on your floor. This is the result of moisture vapor pushing salts up through your concrete. If your coating has not properly adhered to the surface your will start to see chips and delamination. Gradually your coating will deteriorate and fail.

The Importance of Etching Your Concrete

The most important step before application of a garage floor epoxy coating is to profile the surface increasing the surface area to adhere to. A properly profiled surface will have the feeling of 100 grit sandpaper and any bond breakers will be removed. Bond breakers are salts, oil, dirt, grease or rust.

Professional industrial epoxy applicators profile a floor with a shotblaster. This is a walk behind tool that shoots thousands of tiny ball bearing at the surface. Muriatic and hydrochloric acid will provide a similar result. Most Do It Yourself floor coating manufacturers recommend a liquid acid solution to profile the surface. This method has been used for years with minimal success.

Why Liquid Acid Etching Doesn't Work

Acid does work for etching concrete but the method of application doesn't. Liquid acid is dangerous in pure form so manufacturers dilute the liquid for safety. Then they suggest diluting even more with water. By the time this diluted solution is applied there is very little left to etch your floor.

There are other issues. When you fill your bucket with acid and water it is heavy. The natural tendency is to pour a lot on the floor at first to lighten the load. That means inconsistent application. The next step is to use a broom to agitate the surface.

Using a broom will push some of the small acid particles into the pores of the concrete. When the floor dries and a coating is applied the tiny acid particles stuck in the concrete air holes are reactivated. This breaks down the chemical cross linking of your coating. The result is tiny chips peeling off your floor.

The other issue is that concrete is never flat and the water acid solution will flow to the low spots of the floor. That means whatever etching may be happening is minimal on the high spots. At best the profile is inconsistent. You will notice when coatings fail that it begins on the high spots of your floor.

Gel Technology Has Created an Effective Concrete Etching Solution

Acid is highly effective for profiling concrete, it's the method of application that fails. In recent years Gel Technology has advanced enabling acid to be mixed into a gel. The result is a gel acid that has the consistency of a thick shampoo. It comes in defined amounts of acid. For example you can purchase a 20% or 24% solution that does not require dilution.

Application is by rolling on concrete with a 3/8" nap roller which follows the contour of the surface. Edges and tight areas can be etched by applying with a paint brush. The acid effectively etches the surface while simultaneously pulling bond breakers out of the concrete and is contained in the gel. This is significant. Liquid acid will pull bond breakers out of the surface but they settle right back in the pores. A liquid solution only does a partial job.

Consistent Profiling Provides Increased Coating Adhesion

Etching Concrete with a gel acid has been a breakthrough for long term garage floor coating performance. It was the missing ingredient for years. The results have opened up the garage floor market enabling a small contractor or homeowner to achieve the results of a professional applicator. Profiling concrete with a gel increases surface area enabling your coating to stick for the long term and reducing the chances of coating failure.

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Grave Digger does donuts in Lexington, KY

Dennis Anderson does some ridiculously fast donuts on a slick concrete floor, and gets up on two wheels before getting out of the gas. From the Monster Jam event in Rupp Arena


Clothing racks

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Cupolex Aerated Floor - Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Solution.mpg

Cupolex is more effective and more reliable than traditional radon systems. Traditional vapor intrusion mitigation systems, or "radon" systems, have been around for about two decades and haven't changed much in that time. Electric fans need to run continuously to pull enough air through soil below a slab to maintain negative pressures. Because of the resistance of the soil below the slab to air flow, negative pressures decrease rapidly with distance and even modest vacuums are difficult to achieve across the entire slab. Aerated floors are the modern system that use open space rather than soil to vent the slab, resulting in highly efficient transmission of vacuum and air flow. As a result, regulators can be sure that high vacuums are present everywhere below the building and that concentrations below the slab will be far lower than with traditional systems. Cupolex provides a sustainable solution something we all want to support. Cupolex is a "green" building product and can lower future electrical costs, eliminate the need for fans, and contribute to LEED points on sustainable building projects. Something all environmental agencies should support. Cupolex is made of 100% recycled materials, doesn't need an aggregate base coarse layer for support, and uses less concrete and steel than traditional slabs. This means greater protection with less energy, a sustainable solution that is in sync with the growing demand for green technologies. Cupolex is reliable and time-tested ...


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Concrete Counter Tops For the Bathroom

Concrete bathroom counter tops are becoming an evermore popular choice for designers and new home builders. Though not as popular as granite or solid surface counter tops, their versatility, durability and unique styling can add wonders to your bathroom. Concrete counter tops are made by mixing cement, aggregates, color pigments, acrylics & fillers together. This mix is poured over either, steel bars, mesh fiber or fiberglass to help reinforce the concrete when it forms. Concrete counter tops are then cured and polished to form a level piece that is ready to be sealed. Epoxy is the most common sealer used as it is very strong and keeps moisture from entering the concrete counter tops.


Concrete counter tops can vary greatly in price range depending on what your needs are. If you are looking at a straight forward counter top you can expect to start in the $55-$60 a sq ft. Should you desire a custom concrete counter top, fabricated on site, with difficult inlays and pigments, expect to pay upwards of $180 - $200 a sq ft. Not the cheapest option, but worth the money if it can create the desired effect you are looking for.


Since concrete counter tops are mixed with color pigments and/or acrylics, color choices can be endless. Coloring will fade over time and concrete counter tops can begin to mellow with age. This will only add character to your counter tops.

Many concrete counter tops are mixed with aggregates, glass or marble to create a "Terrazzo" effect. This is where small pieces of stone or glass are set into the concrete and highly polished. This technique reflects light beautifully and will give your kitchen counter top a beautiful, reflective design and appearance.

Concrete counter tops are fully customizable and can be made in a variety of shapes and/or forms. They are usually pre-fabricated but can be poured on site to work with your needs and designs.

Concrete counter tops are versatile in that they can be designed to have inlaid sinks, drains and trivets built directly into them. A great choice if you have a unique idea in mind.


As bathroom counter tops go, concrete is a very durable product. Concrete is naturally porous and needs to be sealed with epoxy or a sealer of some sort. This is done during construction so hopefully it is not for you to worry about. Do make sure that you treat your counters every 6 to 9 months with a liquid wax to extend the life of your counter top.

Concrete is affected by heat so use a be careful with hair curlers, blow dryers and curling irons.

Concrete will start to age and crack over time; this is a character builder for the surface but beware of large fissures or movement to prevent further damage to your counters.


Concrete counter tops are manufactured two ways. Either by pre-casting the concrete slabs at the manufacturer or on site by the installer themselves.

If your counter tops are pre-cast, the manufacturer will pour the slab, mix the pigment and aggregates, cure the concrete and polish and seal all in their shop. This technique allows for a more controlled environment for the counters to be built.

On site construction allows for the builder to customize according to the needs of the job. Unusual corners, rounded edges and such are easier to build on site and will lend to the uniqueness of your product.


Concrete counter tops can be a viable ecological choice because its properties can include recycled aggregates such as post consumer glass or stone. Their content can range from 80% to 95% recycled materials. Counter Productions LLC. manufactures a great product called "Vetrazzo"

The Oops Factor

Spills and stains need to be dealt with immediately to prevent long term staining but the use of proper sealers and maintenance will help preserve the life of your unique bathroom counter top.

In conclusion, the look of polished concrete or a beautiful terrazzo designed counter top will create a classy and unique piece to any sexy bathroom. With its array of color, texture, and construction options, concrete is a very sexy alternative for your bathroom counter tops. Give this product a try if you are tired of the ordinary and ready to walk on the wild side.

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Paint Or Refinish Floors To Redecorate And Increase Home Value

Paint or refinish floors? Either is a great way to perk up, modernize, or redecorate any home. Real estate experts state that older, dull, or ugly floors not only offend the eye, they knock thousands off the price of a home. On the other hand, choosing to paint or refinish floors can increase the value of the home by thousands more than they cost.

When deciding whether to paint or refinish floors, you should first picture in your mind how you want the room to present itself. Painting hardwood floors a white or off white color can make a room cheery and sunny. This is great for sunrooms and children's bedrooms. Bathrooms can also be made brighter with a white floor, and they are easy to clean. Also, rooms that have very old, wide planked floors often appear less antiquated when painted. Many times, people will choose to paint these floors a darker color.

Painting a hardwood floor tends to be easier than refinishing. Both require the floor to be thoroughly cleaned and sanded. Normally, the painting only needs two or three coats and can be applied with a paint roller. Also, painted floors do not need a finish. Oil based paints are recommended over latex because they are more durable and easier to clean.

Interior designers choose a refinished floor versus a painted floor because refinished hardwood floors have a more classic look. A dining room can be made more formal with a stained floor. Rooms that need to appear more spacious do well with a finish over natural wood. People sometimes choose a darker finish because it does not show scuff marks as easily as lighter and painted floors.

Refinishing a floor takes a little more work than painting. It is typically applied by brush or sponge, according to the products directions. One coat of stain should be thinly applied and thoroughly dry before beginning a new coat. Once they are stained, they will need to have finish applied. Most products require a very light sanding between coats of finish.

Whether you choose to paint or refinish floors it can be hard work. Once completed, you will be very glad you did it. You will have a beautiful new room accented by the new flooring. Not only will you have increased the value of your home, you will have a room that you will want to spend all your time in.

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Dj Sandoorts or Sandoors Short Films Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation Project Floor Lift and Level with concrete . Later, tile will be put on the concrete.


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Faux Painting - Creative Ideas For Unique Faux Finishes

We've been using paint to transform our worlds for over thirty thousand years. Faux painting uses the magic of paint to create fabulous illusions. Whether you want a stylish new look for walls, floors, doors, columns or cabinets, there's a faux painting technique for the task.

Some well-known finishes that can be achieved with faux painting including brick (or block) effects, wood grain finishes, the appearance of marble and the look of leather. You can also created distressed finishes that are ideal for making rooms match the style and ambiance of an older house or character building. Alternatively, faux painting can revitalize drab and tired spaces, indoors or outdoors.

Brick and Block Finishes

There are many scenarios in which you might want to create a brick effect. You can transform a plain wall into a life-like brick wall. Outdoors, ugly concrete patios, floors and pillars can be made over using brick stencils. Stenciling is a simple method for adding texture, pattern and color to dull surfaces. The 'breakaway' look (bricks showing through exfoliated plaster) is another striking visual effect.

Wood Effects

The plainest and cheapest door, beam or other feature can be transformed with grainy wood finishes. Fireplace surrounds and picture or mirror frames also invite a warm, wood treatment. Oak, country pine, rich mahogany or that clean, bleached driftwood look are just brushstrokes away. It's far cheaper than trying to source old doors to match others in your home, let alone finding one with a grain that matches existing fixtures. You'll just need some practice to master the dragging technique.

Faux Marble

It's hard to beat marble's elegant look. Faux marble has been around for centuries. The secret lies in the sponging method of applying paint, which is then sealed with a high gloss paint to give it that highly polished sheen. Painting surfaces to resemble marble can turn your bathroom from a functional space into a luxury one, or add a touch of class to your kitchen. Other stone finishes are possible. Polished granite is one popular alternative.

More Designer Finishes

Any material can be replicated with paint and some know-how. Faux techniques can provide the finishing touch for a particular style. A leather look makes an unusual finish, ideal for a masculine study or in modern décor schemes. Metallic finishes of chrome or bronze effectively complement contemporary and antique décor respectively.

Warm Tuscan finishes that evoke antiquity are ideal for rough walls. They create a multi-layered, textured effect in glowing, earthy colors. The versatile Tuscan look can set the tone for an elegant living room or provide a cozy, lived-in feel to a kitchen with a terracotta tile floor. A rustic stenciled border of acanthus or vine leaves completes the look.

With faux painting techniques you can endow furniture and features with an antique or distressed appearance to enhance a room's atmosphere and character. Co-ordination is the key in interior design. Faux painting helps achieve that unity. Paint can simulate the deep glow of a patina that may take centuries to develop naturally. Color washes and treatments provide texture, banishing that sharp, 'too new' look, while crackle glazed dry to resemble old varnish.

Faux painting is the answer to a host of home decorating problems. Not only is it economical, but it's a creative and fun way to make your home uniquely your own.

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Garage Floor Painting

Is your garage floor an eye sore? Garage floor painting is a do it yourself job that will protect the concrete for years to come. Not only is your floor protected but it looks great too! There are many colors to choose from as well. However, you must choose a paint that is specifically designed for concrete flooring.

Most garages have oil and grease stains, these spills make the floor unsightly and hard to clean. Garage floor painting with the right type of paint will make cleaning spills much easier because these paints are made to withstand the grease and oils spilled in your garage. Before you apply any paint though, the floor must be completely clean. You will likely have to purchase some type of cleaner that will remove all the stains and dirt from the floor. In addition, the floor must be completely dry before applying any paint.

When cleaning your garage floor, it is very important to wear the proper protective clothing such as gloves and safety glasses. There are concrete floor cleaners available at most hardware stores or do it yourself centers. If you cannot find a commercial concrete cleaner then a mixture of three parts water to one part bleach may work. Apply the cleaner to the stains and after a few minutes, scrub with a stiff bristled brush. Then you must rinse thoroughly and wait for it to dry before doing any garage floor painting. A pressure washer would be a good idea for the rinsing part of the job.

If there are any cracks in the floor then they will need to be repaired with a concrete repair compound. If there are large cracks then a concrete patch is required. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for whatever concrete repair product you use. Before starting any garage floor painting, the repairs must be clean and dry.

The next step before your garage floor painting can begin is to test the floor to determine if it needs to be etched. Sprinkle some water on the floor and if it does not absorb quickly then apply commercial concrete etcher. Again, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Etching will allow the paint to adhere to the floor much better. Once again, let it dry completely before moving on.

Prime the floor and allow it to dry for eight hours at least. Now you are finally ready for the actual garage floor painting. Once the first coat has dried for a day, then determine whether a second coat is required.

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Swisstrax Interlocking Floor Tiles

Quality interlocking floor tiles for your patio, workshop, garage, aircraft hangar, racing pit, motorcycles, show booths and more!


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Attaching Wood To Concrete

A very important tip is to use the right tool for each method. When you're dealing with concrete and masonry, you're obviously dealing with extremely hard material. Woodworking hammers are too light and steel drill bits too soft. The concrete is also brittle. Hard sharp chips are likely to fly out as you work on it, so always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Nails. Nailing wood directly to concrete is probably the simplest, quickest and cheapest method. Unfortunately, once driven, these nails may jar loose from a few hammer blows to the side of the board. So, they are better for temporary fastening.

You'll usually find two types of special nails at the hardware store, cut nails and hardened concrete nails. Drive nails with a 2- to 4-lb. hammer. Actually, it's very hard to drive nails into cured (hardened) concrete, even with a 4-lb. hammer. They work best in concrete that's only cured for a few days.

Nails can be quite effective in mortar joints, however. Mortar is softer than either the concrete block or brick, and it holds nails fairly well. For best results, drive them right along the joint edge. And here's a professional tip: for improved holding power, run a bead of glue along the backside of your wood before nailing it up.

Predrilled Fasteners. There is a family of fasteners that can be driven into a predrilled hole. These not only fasten wood to concrete, but will fasten just about anything else to concrete as well.

They install easily, simply drill through the wood and into the concrete and drive the fastener.

Drilling the hole is the only difficult part. Use a carbide tip bit. Because these holes are relatively small, your standard 1/4-inch or 3/8 inch power drill can do an adequate job, although each hole may take several minutes to bore. A hammer drill, however, will drill your hole in a matter of seconds. A hammer drill is expensive, but they can be rented. If you have a lot of holes to drill, they'll save a lot of time.

It's a good idea to glue your wood to the concrete or masonry with this system as well, especially when using screws. Once screws are jarred loose, they may not retighten.

Expansion Fasteners. These fasteners are simple, effective and can carry a heavy load. They may be retightened should they be jarred loose.

Because they require a larger hole, you really need a hammer drill to bore the concrete. If you can't buy, borrow or rent one, try boring a 1/8 inch hole first with a carbide bit. Then use progressively larger carbide bits until you reach the proper size.

Buy these fasteners long enough to wedge into the concrete as deep as the wood is thick. Drill your hole an extra 1/4 inch deep, since the bolt draws back slightly when tightened.

Power Fasteners. These are extremely fast, powerful and dangerous. They are primarily professional tools which any untrained homeowner should steer clear of until they fully understanding the safety precautions. With power fasteners you can quickly nail into just about any concrete or masonry surface. Both the air and the power-actuated systems drive hardened nails through the wood and solidly into the concrete in one shot. Flying metal, wood or concrete are certain hazards, so eye protection is essential.

Glue. Over the past ten years construction adhesives have improved and become more specialized. You can securely glue just about anything to a wall now. Since glued wood must be held tightly in place until the glue sets, it's handy to use an adhesive with another fastening system for mutual reinforcement; the glue dampens the vibration and jarring that may weaken the fasteners, and the fasteners hold the wood tightly until the glue sets.

Proper preparation ensures a good glue bond. Be sure the wood and the concrete surfaces are clean and dry. Loose paint, surface chalking or moisture will cause the bond to release. When working with a very rough surface, apply a generous bead to bridge the wider gaps between the wood and concrete.

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Bogen Concrete Ready Mix-Concrete Pump- Pics- Stone Slinger

bogenconcrete.com We have the perfect machine for placing material in those tough to reach areas. The Stone Slinger is the most cost effective way to accurately place material on your job site. No more dumping and handling the material a second time. The Stone Slinger virtually eliminates the need for skid steers, excavators and wheelbarrows. It's unique double conveying system "slings" the material right in place off the truck. Now stone, sand, top soil and mulch can be placed right where you want it, the first time! The Stone Slinger can get into the most difficult job sites. You can minimize your work and spend your time in some other demanding aspects of the project saving you time and money! One operator can unload and spread tons of stone, sand top soil and mulch in minutes - up to 100 feet from the truck. Difficult access areas are no challenge for the stone slinger. Our delivery area is southwest michigan and northern indiana including the city of coldwater, quincy, bronson, colon, mendon, sturgis, three rivers, centreville, constantine, white pigeon, kalamazoo, portage, battle creek, marshall, angola, lagrange, elkhart, bristol, goshen, topeka, wolcottville, shipshewana, rome city, union city, union and cassopolis. Bogen Concrete also provides concrete redi mix along with concrete pump http Pumping concrete is a very efficient and reliable means of placing concrete, which makes a very economical method as well. Sometimes a pump is the only way of placing concrete ...


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The Ultimate Basement Concrete Floor - Part 2

Last week I wrote an article about The Ultimate Basement Floor which received a tremendous amount of interest. Based on the feedback I'm going to write a series of articles addressing the issues that property owners have in their basements.

Over the weekend I received an e-mail from a client who installed a decorative concrete overlay himself. I was amazed with the results.

For those who are unsure of whether they can really install an overlay then this article is for you.

First, this individual had never done this before. He did look around on various sites to come up with his design idea. He purchased a decorative concrete kit which included a tutorial video, tools, concrete, color and sealers and followed the instructions step by step.

He mixed a yellowish pigment in the concrete and applied 2 thin coats. Priming the concrete and applying the 2 coats took him 1 day. The floor had a soft yellow color.

The second day he taped off a tile pattern with 6 inch wide border using 3/8 inch masking tape. Then he applied a water based dye in a golden color lightly misting on with a garden style 1 gallon pump sprayer. He was careful to lightly mist the dye onto the concrete surface and roll out with a sponge roller. This way he was able to prevent the dye from weeping under the tape.

He used a small roller and foam brush to color the border and a square around columns. This water based dye was a dark brown.

Once the dyes were completely dry he pulled up the tape revealing almost perfect grout lines. Finally the floor was sealed using water based concrete sealers.

The walls have white wainscoting about 3 feet high and tan painted walls above. The ceiling has recessed ambient lighting and accent lighting is going to be installed to highlight pictures on the walls.

The room looks complete. The way a basement can and should look. The entire floor application took 2 1/2 days and cost about $1.75 per square foot.

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3 Budget-Conscious Flooring Ideas For Your Home

Plush carpeting and natural hardwood flooring look great in almost any home. However, they come at a steep price that is beyond the budgets of many homeowners. This does not mean that you cannot get some beautiful flooring for your home, because you most certainly can. Here are a few flooring ideas that will not only make your home look beautiful, but won't break the bank at the same time.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiling is a great option for those on a tight budget. You can find ceramic tiles for as little as $1 per square foot. Like many other types of flooring, the pricing for tiles can vary tremendously from extremely cheap to quite expensive. Plain colored tiles will usually be cheaper than colorful tiles or tiles with elaborate patterns and designs.

Bamboo Flooring

Many people think bamboo and they assume it to be expensive. However, it is quite affordable with prices starting at around $1.50 per square foot. Bamboo flooring is quite similar to hardwood flooring in appearance even though it is actually made from a grass and not from wood. For close to half the price of most hardwood flooring, you can install bamboo flooring that is equally beautiful in your home.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors have become increasingly popular in recent years. The options for concrete flooring are nearly endless as you can get them painted, stained, or colored in almost every hue imaginable. They add a gorgeous, earthy look to your floor for a very low cost and relatively simple installation. Another benefit of concrete floors is that they are extremely easy to clean and highly resistant to the elements. This makes them a great choice for anyone living in snowy cities or beach towns.

These are just three of the more affordable flooring options that are available today. There is no need to compromise on appearance and aesthetics as each of these options is as visually appealing as their more expensive counterparts. Flooring is one of the most noticeable aspects of any home, so you want to choose something you will be happy with for years to come.

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Burj Dubai 2 / 2 برج دبي

Computter animated.. The Burj Dubai (Arabic: برج دبي for "Dubai Constellation") ..Watch my whole collection ofcomputer animated documentairy"s. Burj Dubai is a skyscraper currently under construction, since April 15, 2005, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at 25°11′58.34″N, 55°16′20.66″E. Its final height is officially being kept a secret due to competition; however, figures released by a contractor on the project have suggested a height of "around 807.7 m. The total number of habitable floors stands at around 162, in spite of numerous unofficial claims to other figures, which are unconfirmed and contradictory to official statements. As of July 30, 2006, the Burj was at 60 stories and about 220 metres high. Upon its completion in 2008 the Burj Dubai will likely become the tallest building in the world. It will beat out the current title holder, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, as well as numerous other proposals including the Freedom Tower at New York City's World Trade Center and the Shanghai World Financial Center. In addition, it will assume the title of the world's tallest structure, surpassing the freestanding Toronto CN Tower and the guyed KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota, the latter setting a minimum height for the tower at almost 630 m.. Though unconfirmed, Burj Dubai has been through several height increases since its inception. Originally proposed as virtually a clone of the 560 m Grollo Tower proposal from Australia, the tower was soon redesigned to an original Skidmore Owings ...


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Ceramic Tile - A Natural Flooring Option

Ceramic tile offers many advantages as a floor choice if you wish to avoid petroleum based flooring in your home. Carpet and vinyl flooring not only are mostly oil based, they also stink, sorry but it's true, when new. Plus those floors continue to off gas for years as the fumes become part of your body.

It isn't that ceramics are a low energy product really. The production of tile uses prodigious amounts of energy actually. All that baking and heating sucks up energy in a big way. But at least after manufacture the tiles should last for decades or in some cases centuries. That durability makes for a much longer lived product than typical vinyl flooring or carpet.

What's more, installation of ceramic materials must be done probably only once in the lifetime of most users. Whereas most competing products must be removed and replaced, with all the attendant hassles and cost, multiple times within a lifetime.

Tile installation works so well in so many different circumstances too. Perfect for bathrooms, it there works well on just about every surface from counter tops to shower pans as well as walls and floors.

It really functions well in any room. Even in kitchens, where tile counter tops have been seen as a luxury choice for years, ceramic makes for a great floor. Though dropped dishes and pots and pans often end up cracked when dropped. But besides that problem, the tile makes for a great kitchen floor covering. But then it works outdoors too.

In additions tile is more than practical since it can be an art form too. The installation of the tile involves art, but each individual piece represents art too. That can be in the form of textures or designs or painting on tiles.

Not only is the material environmentally friendly, it also stands up to hard use and is relatively easy to keep clean and easy to maintain. Repair really presents few problems too. A cracked tile can be easily removed and replaced. If no pieces are available to match, a totally contrasting art piece can be used as a replacement for a bit of an artistic touch.

Note that part of a floor is not just the tile pieces but also the grout as well. That's why careful planning of grout can be a large part of the success of a floor. Different types of grout work best in different applications. Some modern grout materials are all but waterproof and make for easy maintenance and cleaning as well.

Other more natural flooring choices like cork, real linoleum and even wood all have limitations. Especially when looking at cost to install and maintain, ceramic tile represents one of the best materials to use in place of vinyl or carpet in flooring.

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Solid wood flooring versus engineered multiply hardwood flooring with heavy wear layer and why engineered multiply hard wood is a superior flooring product. www.abawoodflooring.ie


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The Appeal of Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is growing in popularity for its ability to supercede previous "curb appeal" applications. If the goal is to define the exterior so that you can entice prospective buyers to remember and want to inspect the rest of the property, a stamped and stained concrete driveway or entry will certainly help your property to stand out.

The stamping refers to the finish application where a selected texture is imprinted into the concrete during the final phases of the concrete finishing process. With a host of texture options, stamped concrete can add the effects of natural stone, patterns and unique details to any concrete project.

Additional features include:

Integral Color: Color added to the concrete while it is still in the mixing phase (in the truck).

Borders: Combining multiple textures (i.e. Broom/smooth edges with a particular stamp in the field, giving the effect of framing the stamped detail)

Vertical Stamping: Whether applying the same texture to the risers on concrete steps or stamping vertical walls

Accent Coloring: Colors applied during stamping or after concrete has cured in order to highlight texture details

Staining: Whether bringing life to old concrete or adding color/detail to a fresh pour

Sealing: With a variety of sheens, the sealer you select will determine whether your final finish is high gloss (wet look) or muted

As with most construction processes, different contractors may approach the same process differently. Not all variations are wrong but you will want to find out how experienced your contractor is with the stamping process. Find out what textures your contractor has available and ask to see some recent projects. While most contractors will have pictures and samples of textures and colors, seeing an actual finished product will really help you determine if stamped concrete is right for you.

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Find Out How to Step Up Your Flooring

We really are funny creatures by nature. We don't seem to be happy with what we have. We are always looking for something we don't have, or something better than what we do have. Flooring is no different than anything else. We are always looking for changes. We may want to upgrade what we have, or someone else had something you like better than what you do have. At any rate, new flooring can only add more value to what you have existing in your home already. There are many choices available to select from. You can do just about anything the mind can dream up for flooring these days. This article will talk about some wonderful options in flooring that are available to choose from.

We live in such a wonderful world of choices. We have so many freedoms available to us and flooring is one of them. If you own your own home, you can choose what ever your heart desires and can afford. Flooring choices can vary in price depending on your selection. You can change the flooring in each room and make each one a different choice or you can make the whole house the same. You can do a variety of choice with carpeting in some of the areas and linoleum or tile in others. You can choose many different varieties in the wood department if you are looking for hardwood flooring. Some of those types of flooring are either a real wood or simulated wood look. They are easy to take care of and many of them already have a built in shine to them. All you have to do is sweep or dust and mop. They do not require a coating of wax because they already have a permanent shine to them.

If you are looking for carpet flooring, you will just be amazed at the different choices available. You can get carpeting that has a high pile to it, or a low pile. You can get carpeting that is made for indoor and outdoor use. You will be able to find carpet flooring that is treated to resist stains and spills. There are many colors and textures to choose from and depending on the amount of padding you use underneath, it can feel like you are walking on air. Flooring of this magnitude can feel luxurious to your feet.
You can also just buy carpet rugs as throw rugs to be placed on either tile, linoleum or hardwood flooring.

There are many other options on flooring to choose from. Maybe you want concrete flooring for your garage. They have many choices of concrete to choose from. You can put designs in the cement or you may opt to even paint the concrete. Painted flooring can be very beautiful. They have paints out now, that are made for hard usage, but can be colored and even have specks in the color. Since there are so many flooring choices available, you may want to do some research to find which kind of flooring best suits your decor and needs.

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Creating an Impact With Laminate Flooring

Making an impact with laminate flooring from Builders Depot Direct

One of the most demanded floors in this current economic time is laminate flooring. Laminate floors have achieved unprecedented growth over the past decade the premium end of the laminate flooring has improved it's appearance to be almost indistinguishable from real hardwood and offered in a variety of designs and species. It combines the rich appearance of wood with a relatively easy installation and glueless installation.

Laminate over the last ten years has quickly became the choice floor for millions and the key is the construction. Laminate flooring manufacturers today are creating durable products which can last decades or even a lifetime. Laminate flooring these days is carefully constructed and lock together seamlessly for a quick and glueless installation. Carpets especially in high traffic areas such as doorways quickly show signs of distress (as everyone who has a carpet can testify to). Your house floor will look much better choosing the correct type of floor - it is the first thing any guest or potential buyer notices when they come into your home and we all know first impressions count. Laminate flooring offers home owners the option of being installed in just a day and can be used and walked on that very same day.

There is no escaping the harsh reality of the employment and housing market, in this tough economic climate people look for cheaper solutions to their decorating solutions. Laminate helps a lot to achieve a final decoration for your home and one of the most noticeable, it is what people see when they first enter your home. Laminate flooring is also remarkably robust and resilient which is another huge consideration for most people, this makes it one of the most important features to a lot of consumers

Laminate floors are very tough but like all woods you must stay away from soaking it with water, it is very important if you want your new laminate flooring last longer; the reason is that too much moisture warps the laminates. As with any wood - water is it's natural enemy.

Laminated floors are specially treated, so they don't attract dust, and a quick brush will do. Once a month, use a slightly damp cloth (One of the new micro fiber mops can be used too). Watch out with sprays; never spray anything directly onto the floor.

Stain removal can be more of a challenge but again simple techniques can help your floor last for decades, for rubber marks, rub with a dry cloth or white pad. Sometimes will be necessary to use a drop of acetone. For nail varnish, shoe polish, paint, lipstick, tar or ink, the best choice is a polish remover or paint thinner applied with a cloth. With more stubborn stains it is very important to read the guidelines of the laminate flooring manufacturer. Most companies make their own products for stubborn stains but all will offer specific advice inside the boxes or on their own websites. Once you have mopped up the stain, rub with a slightly damp cloth to remove all residues.

Probably one of the main reasons about consumers choose laminate is that it can be installed almost anywhere. However, one big problem comes in the form of moisture in a basement. It is important particularly to establish if there are any moisture issues in the basement. There are a few ways to establish this a moisture reader is the most accurate another quick way to know is to get a 12x12 sheet of aluminum taped on all four corners leave it in place for 48 hours then lift up, if there is moisture on the back then there is a moisture issue.

It is suggested by almost all laminate flooring manufacturers when laying laminate flooring on concrete to make sure you use a laminate flooring underlayment with a moisture barrier attached.

Correctly installed a premium laminate floor that is 8-12mm thick, with the correct acoustical underlayment, embossed and with four sided micro-bevel technology is indistinguishable from real hardwood at a fraction of the cost.

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High speed floor buffing, floor care, floor polishing machine and for metal wax glazed effect on linoleum, pvc, rubber, cork etc. Ideal accessories: DISCOLUX 20 for HIGH-SPEED machine. Specially for use with polishing powder


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Dogs and Cats - What You Need to Know Before You Lease an Apartment

Locating an apartment that accepts dogs in Houston is not difficult at all. It really is more difficult to find an apartment community that will not accept dogs and cats. Cats are in fact accepted at almost all apartment communities. Apartments will not even discusses rules regarding cats. Cats don't weight much and are usually clean animals.

However, apartments do treat dogs a little differently. Dog's weights can fluctuate from ten pounds to over one hundred. Also dogs can also bite and injure fellow tenants. Actually when it comes down to deciding whether a community will accept your dog, there are two specific criteria your pet must meet.

Pet Weight

Each and every apartment community will set a pet maximum. Every now and then renters can find an community that will have an unlimited weight. But for the most part weight limits are set. For example, Camden properties usually have a pet maximum of 99 pounds. They are able to lease many apartment units as individuals who have pets weighing 80 and 90 pounds may have nowhere else to turn.

Many renters don't understand that large dogs can scratch hardwood flooring and damage apartment homes in other ways. Stained concrete flooring is actually a plus for your large dog as the flooring is not easily scratched and makes easy for clean ups. One may also encounter a situation where the pet weighs a few pounds over the maximum. Don't worry too much as apartment communities will not weight your dog. However if the pet is 10 or 15 pounds over the limit, this may be of a concern.

Breed Type

If the pet falls under an aggressive breed, it will be declined immediately. Aggressive breeds include Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Pet Bulls etc. And don't try and sneak your pet in. The apartment community may evict you. And this is the last item one needs on their credit report.

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Global Brigades Concrete Floor, PART 2

Video outlining the steps of how to lay a concrete floor as part of Global Public Health Brigades


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Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

Epoxy garage floor paint is an excellent project to undertake because it will help protect your floor from stains and deteriorating. It will also give your garage a fresh new look like that of a showroom. Another benefit is that it could save you money over the long term because it could reduce the need for major floor repairs later. You may notice that auto shops paint their floors for this very reason.

Epoxy garage floor paint is a tough protective coating that you paint onto concrete. It is meant to resist grease, oil and chemicals that would damage or ruin regular paint. It is quite easy to clean and is available in several different colors. People are very happy with the look of the floor once it has dried after application. It will keep the floor looking good for years to come.

Not all concrete floors will keep a coating of epoxy garage floor paint. A concrete floor must be prepared properly and it is not an easy job. One way to test whether your floor is suitable for this job is to tape a plastic bag to the floor for approximately twenty-four hours. If moisture appears under the plastic then you cannot coat the floor with epoxy.

If there is no moisture then you can begin the prep work before applying epoxy garage floor paint. Remove all the oil spots and degrease the floor. You will have to etch it with a mild acid and scrub it thoroughly. It will require a lot of rinsing as well. This portion of the job will take you an entire day depending on how many spills are on the floor. The next day you are going to fill in the cracks and apply the first coat of epoxy. If all goes well then the second coat can be applied the next day.

Epoxy garage floor paint should be applied when the weather is good too. The temperature should be between sixty and ninety for peak epoxy drying and curing. Before heading out and purchasing the first epoxy you find, speak to a professional at the local home renovation center or hardware store. The more information you get on this project the better.

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Levighetor 600 Marble Floors by Klindex

LEVIGHETOR 600 is a break-through floor grinding and polishing machine that has changed the way concrete, marble, granite and any other natural stone floor is ground, honed and polished! Thanks to the klindex patented 360° directionable wheels that allow the floor grinding machine to move in any direction, the levighetor 600 can work in both large and narrow areas. Thanks to its powerful 4hp motor, the levighetor 600 is the only mono-phase floor machine in the world that is able to work with additional weights for a total of up to 160kg (350lbs). The levighetor can fit various planetario systems. The planetario is geared, therefore it allows you to run the diamond discs at 200, 800, 1000, 1200 or 2000 rpm depending on your application. The productivity rate is dramatically increased and the result is a more uniform finish with any grit.


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Selecting the Right Epoxy Paint

It all lies in the right selection of paint. People often make great mistakes in selecting paint as they do not consider the requirements and surface conditions on which they are going to apply this paint. It is therefore necessary to carefully examine the surface and take into account other factors before buying the paint. There is however another paint that can be applied on all types of surfaces. People can use epoxy paint on their garage floors, kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, storage areas and almost any other place. The paint is perfect for all types of surfaces and lasts longer.

If you are planning to buy epoxy paint then you need to take certain things into consideration. You should do a basic evaluation of the surface on which you are going to apply this paint. If you are considering giving your garage a new look then you will need a basic paint that is water soluble and is available at affordable rates. In case of an average garage, you will not need more than a few tins of this paint. You can do the job by yourself by simply applying the paint with rulers and other equipment. Let it dry and you will have a totally new garage floor with great finish and shine.

There is another variety available in the market that is solvent based. It is however quite expensive and is only suitable for factories and industrial units where extensive paint jobs are required and they can easily afford doling out extra cash for solvent based paints. For the home, water-based paint is equally good and offer great finish; it can also last for years in case of proper maintenance.

There is not much in the color diversity as the paint is generally available in a single hue. This grayish tone is perfect for concrete floors and other surfaces that are regularly exposed to weather patterns and chemicals and need a strong protection cover. People can use this paint for their garages, storage spaces, balconies and terraces and other places.

Given the great usability of this paint, it has become easier for people to go for complete paint jobs without spending much. They are also able to get rid of yearly expenditures as this type of paint does not require frequent repainting; it lasts for years.

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