Four Ways to Waterproof Your Basement Without Using Waterproof Paint

People who have moisture problems in their basements often think that using waterproofing paint will solve all of their dilemmas. However, this paint is expensive, and if you don't really take care of the source of your water, all the paint in the world isn't going to do you any good. While there are numerous methods you can use to help dry out your lower level, this article is going to focus on four of the ones you can do without going to the work and expense of waterproof paint.

For starters, take a look at your gutters. If they are clogged, clean them out so that they run freely. This system is designed to drain excess water away from your home. If you watch your gutters during a rainstorm and see water running out over the top of them, you'll know that even though your drainage system might be working correctly, it isn't large enough to take care of all the water that runs off of your roof. You can purchase new gutters that are both wider and deeper in order to hold more drainage until it can run down the downspouts and out away from your house.

A basement is underground, and often the moisture problems are a result of damp soil surrounding the walls which absorbs into the concrete and seeps through. Buying a dehumidifier may be the answer to this. Make sure that you either drain the dehumidifier directly into a drain, or try and remember to empty the water tank frequently during wet weather. Models are available to remove varying amounts of water from both small and large basements, and they do an excellent job.

Take a look at how the ground around your foundation slopes. If it runs downhill toward your house, then water will pool there and end up in your basement. If this is the case, you will need to add more dirt to bank up the sides of your foundation. You won't want to go higher than the windows, obviously, but keep in mind that the dirt you add is going to sink down over time, so be sure not to skimp on the banks you build. Another great idea is to caulk the area where your basement walls meet the floor. You may be able to stop a lot of seepage just by using a tube of caulking.

Nothing is more miserable than having a wet basement. The musty air can infiltrate your whole house, mold may form, and the dampness can keep you from expanding your living space into all that extra space under your house. By trying some of these easy fixes, you may just be able to stop your water problems without having to call in a professional and without buying gallons of waterproofing paint.

There is more to learn about waterproofing. Visit for more tips on under deck waterproofing and foundation waterproofing membrane and learn how you can do more.

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Huntsville State Park, Texas [Official]

Just north of Houston, Huntsville State Park adjoins the Sam Houston National Forest and encloses the 210-acre Lake Raven. Visitors enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and relaxing in the peace of the east Texas forest. For more information, visit

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Outdoor Room Renovations in Jacksonville-HGTV

Three $85000 outdoor renovations in Jacksonville, Fla., are toured. Thisvideo is part of Bang For Your Buck show hosted by Jamie Durie . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Granite countertops or a custom, mosaic backsplash? Hardwood floors or stone tiles? We are bombarded with so many beautiful home renovation ideas, not only is it difficult to decide what we want, but it's hard to determine which choices provide the greatest return on investment. Bang For Your Buck has the concrete answers on remodeling value and how to get the most out of any renovation budget. In each episode, three homeowners from the same city renovate the same room of the house with the same budget. After the renovation, experts determine the value of each home, dramatically revealing whose remodeling choices were good investment decisions.

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353. Help building a concrete pond. How to build a cinderblock aquarium pond? HELP!

So I am all about running the rain water off of the roof of my garage down into a pond up against the side of my house, this will be baller. What I want to create is a simple above ground pond for my plants and different species of goldfish that I am trying to breed. I think keeping them behind the house in 24 inch tall cinderblock ponds is going to be the way to go. I have to give my man Kevin props for this idea. As you know, I am big on having a plan, so any advice or ideas you have I am all for. I have never worked with concrete before but I am thinking I am going to have to use it to make it level, this shouldn't be too bad, but traveling to the unknown is kind nervous, but hell, I put up two garden ponds and the wife didn't know, so how tough can it be? Ideally i want them to be easy to get into and also be able to sit in between them or on the side of them. if anyone has any advice on how to build a concrete garden pond or just working with concrete, let me know!. Check out my personal pond and fishtank keeping adventures on and the wild chat and custom profiles of Set up your own profile and show off your tanks/pond fish, plants...whatever. If you like this video subscribe or rate me up! thanks D

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How to Stain a Concrete Floor

If you want a beautiful and trendy coffeehouse look in your kitchen, living room, or even a bedroom, staining your concrete floor is a bold way to achieve it. The problem is that it is a specialized process that few people have done themselves, so it's tough to get good advice on how to stain a concrete floor correctly.

If you've seen a stained concrete floor you like, take a picture of it and take it to your local home improvement store or paint store. This will provide a good start. There are different types of staining processes, but this article will cover the acid stain and sealing process.

The first step is to remove any old carpet and make sure you're happy with the shape the concrete is in. Builders often make marks on concrete slabs knowing they will be covered up, and carpet installers often nail down tack strips or glue down padding that can leave permanent marks on the concrete. It is possible to remove most of these markings, but there will likely be imperfections showing through the finished floor. The beauty of stained concrete is that the variegated finish blends well with imperfections, so don't think that just because your floor has issues, you can't stain it.

Next, remove markings and glue by scraping or with lacquer thinner or a commercial graffiti remover. This can take time, but is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that any solvent-based products will have to be washed off using a degreasing solution (like TSP) that you can purchase at a home improvement store. Acid stains must be applied to oil- and solvent-free surfaces, or they won't react with the concrete.

Now fill any cracks or pits in the concrete with a quick-setting concrete patch. Level it out with a trowel or putty knife and smooth it with a wet sponge. If necessary, sand the patched area lightly after it sets to remove any residue and blend the patched surface with the surrounding area.

You may want to mask walls from overspray at this point. If you've used any solvent-based cleaning products, wash the surface with a degreasing solution and rinse thoroughly. Use a wet-vac or sponge mop to remove extra water if necessary.

You're finally ready for your acid stain treatment. Follow the directions of the manufacturer, but usually this entails pouring the acid into a plastic pressure sprayer. Dampen the concrete floor lightly and start spraying the stain over the concrete, working your way from the far corner of the room to the door so you don't have to step on completed areas. It's okay to let the stain pool into the low spots of the concrete; this will give the finish a beautiful leather-like look.

The acid in the stain will react with the concrete and you should see some bubbling as you apply the stain. You can typically let the stain dry for 8 to 24 hours to let it have the greatest affect, then scrub it off with a solution of baking soda and water to neutralize the acid. Rinse the floor thoroughly, removing the water with a wet-vac or sponge mop as required.

You'll notice that the floor looked a lot better wet. Once the floor is complete dry, which may take a day or two with fans on it, you need to apply a sealer to bring back the "wet-look" of the floor. Water based sealer is cheaper and works great if you don't want a high-gloss finish. If you want gloss, pay the extra money for a solvent-based concrete floor sealer. Do not, under any circumstance, apply the water-based sealer first, then change your mind and switch to a solvent-based product. Even if the water-based product is completely dry, the solvent-based sealer won't adhere as well and you'll have problems with it pealing up.

In our opinion, the solvent-based glossy sealer looks dramatically better and is worth the extra money to do it right. The sealer gets applied with a brush around the edges and a roller over the rest of the floor. You may apply a second coat if you wish, then you are finished. You should have a beautiful acid-stained concrete floor!

Kevin Harper is a writer specializing in covering news and information related to home improvement, real estate topics such as Orlando real estate and Portland real estate, and SEO. Sign up for Kevin's free Real Estate Marketing Tips newsletter.

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Depiction Hardscape Imaging Software, Paver Imaging Software

This Video Demonstrates Depiction's Hardscape Imaging Software created by Depiction Software. It shows how you can apply pavers with the click of a mouse on a driveway. It also show brick borders and landscaping. Video Created by Garry Galpin at Depiction Software Depiction Software has over 18 years experience developing personal computer imaging and estimating software for the Building Industry. Our products and experience spans the landscape design, architecture, interior design, and construction industries. Our company currently offers two main products -- Imaging Software and Estimating Software -- and two key services -- Online Visualizers and Websites -- for both individual contractors and customizable products and services developed for manufacturers. For more information, visit

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*SUPER RARE* Tie train flips power right in Stamford Station

while waiting for a 4:51pm train to GCT i went buffing yesterday for 2 hours before my train. Outta the blue i hear diesel locos coming from NY, then i saw the GP35R nose and pressed record after setting up on the engineer call box at the end of the platform. I had no idea i'd catch something this rare at 4pm on a saturday. i thought originally they were going on the New Canaan line cuz it was closed all weekend for track work. btw that P32 push pull set flying through stamford was another RARE catch, it just so happened to come when the lite power was backing up :P anyways i got vid of basiclly the whole power flip (even an engineer hanging out an M4 talking with the work crew & the crew switching to from the GP35R to the BL20) enjoy the vid :D

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Rachel Whiteread - House - theEYE

Rachel Whiteread has created some of the most remarkable and resonant public sculptures of recent years. House (now demolished) cast in concrete the interior of a terraced house in London's East End. Holocaust Memorial is a moving memorial in Vienna to the victims of the holocaust in Austria. Yet she also frequently works on a domestic scale, casting in plaster and resin the spaces inside, around and beneath furniture, floors and staircases. Her art is a uniquely poetic response to the everyday, and to the haunting themes of memory and mortality. In this video profile Rachel Whiteread speaks about the ideas that prompted a number of her best-known sculptures, including Ghost, her first cast of the space inside a complete room, and Monument, which established a shimmering presence in London's Trafalgar Square during the summer of 2001. She also outlines the complexities of creating her often technically challenging works, and reflects on the controversies that they have sometimes set off. theEYE is an excellent introduction to contemporary artists and their works and provides an ideal resource for a wide range of audiences, including galleries, museums and colleges, as well as individual art-lover.

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Do-it-Yourself Cork Tile Floors

Cork is a type of material that comes from corkwood trees. Corkwood trees, which are also often classified as shrubs, can be found growing in North America and in countries like Portugal and Spain. The process of deriving cork from corkwood trees is considered an environmental friendly technique. Unlike other materials that require cutting down of trees so that logs may be used for lumber and later turned into furniture or construction materials, cork wood can be harvested by simply removing its bark from the trunk of the tree. This causes less harm in the environment and also these trees can easily grow back their barks in a matter of years.

Cork Tiles For Your Floors
Cork is used for many purposes, among its many uses is for flooring material for home and office interiors. We should not confuse or compare cork floors with bulletin boards that use a type of flimsy material that can easily be torn. Cork floors are highly durable and can last through years. It comes in a variety of shades, colors, and textures, creating a wonderful effect to your home's interior.

There are many advantages to using cork flooring. Proven to be a natural insulating material, cork floors when installed in a home or room absorb warmth or coldness that helps keep the room cooler during summer and warmer during the winter thus saving you money on energy costs. Its insulation abilities also extend to sound. Cork floors absorb noise from inside and outside the room allowing a more tolerable acoustic ambiance.

Cork floors give added comfort with its soft surface. It is most ideal for kitchen floors because of its high resistance to fire. It also has the ability to absorb impact creating lesser chances of breaking things when dropped accidentally.

Install Quickly and Easily
Installing cork floors is very simple. It can even be a do-it-yourself home improvement project and depending on the size of the room, it may take only hours to finish. Cork flooring can be glued or nailed to either a wood or a concrete surface. It is important to note that prior to installing these cork floorings, you have to check that the surface of the floor is totally dry. Applying a sealer may help avoid moisture to build in. This step will extend the span of your cork floor, expanding through years.

Your Options
Cork floorings come in various sizes, for a do-it-yourself activity, you may want to use cork tiles as they are the easiest to handle and install. Use a paint roller to apply adhesive on the surface of the floor. Line the cork tiles on the floor making sure that seams are nearly invisible. Trim off excess edges using a sharp knife or a cutter. Once you've filled up the entire floor area, run a heavy weighted roller across the room to firmly press down the cork tiles in place. Heavy weighted rollers can be rented from tool stores in case you do not have one. Finish off by applying an adequate coating of urethane to protect the cork floor surface.

Looking for Professional Website Content?

Contact Permanence at

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Amazing Faux Granite Paint Finishes - A How to Guide

By using a layering process with spray bottles you can easily create incredible faux rock painting effects. There is a little more to it than simply spraying paint onto whatever it is you are painting - to get a realistic faux granite finish there are a few key steps to remember:

1) Water down your paints
2) Choose complimentary colors
3) Allow time to dry between layers
4) Always finish with black

If you follow these four steps you are sure to create realistic looking granite colors. Once you have mastered this art of faux rock painting you will be amazed at how realistic you can make a two dimensional surface like a wall or a concrete floor - just think of the 3-D results like making artificial rocks with concrete.

Water Down Your Paints
The type of sprayer you use will depend largely on your budget, but for most people trying their hand at faux granite painting would likely use regular hand held spray bottles like normally used for water. There are available everywhere and relatively cheap. The down side of these sprayers compared to more expensive pressurized models is their inclination to clog or spray in less desirable splotches as opposed to a fine mist which is preferred.

By watering down the water based paints you are using you can get most sprayers to pump them. A mix of 3 parts water to 1 part paint as the minimum is a good starting point for trying your mixture. Practice adjusting the stream of your paint into a bucket to get as fine a mist as possible before painting your subject matter.

Choose Complimentary Colors
To create a realistic looking faux rock pain finish you need to decide which color you want your subject to be overall. This is usually gray, red, light brown and dark brown which are the most common faux rock color choices. If you were to choose light brown as the color for your rock you will need to have at least two or three different shades of brown to use. Since you want a light brown coloured rock you would start with the light brown applying a heavy misting layer to cover at least 80% of the total surface.

Be sure not to have the paint drip or run. You can apply two coats of the same color one after another to avoid the paint running. Once the main base layer has been applied the remaining layers are all painted in a much lighter - misting fashion.

In addition to the light brown, and then a light misting of dark brown, you will want to add two or thee highlighting colors which you will apply sporadically to your subject. These highlighting colors are usually blue, red, yellow, tan, orange, gray and green and are intended to provide inconsistency and depth overall. Not every color goes well together and you must learn and practice to develop a strong feel for color combinations.

Allow Time To Dry Between Layers
By allowing the paint to dry in between layers you can create a much more dynamic finished product where the different colors overlap each other but remain sharp overall. If you add layers when the paint is still wet you will find that the colors will bleed into one another which detracts from the desirable speckled look of a faux granite finish.

Worth noting is that you can use the color bleeding as another artistic tool choosing to blend together colors - especially in the base color stages where you are applying a heavier coat of paint.

Always Finish With Black
If you have one sprayer that works better than all the rest, you should use that sprayer for your black paint. Once you have achieved a color combination that you are happy with and are ready to proceed to the final layer which is a list misting layer of black overall. Some areas you can go slightly heavier on to create an interesting finish, but ultimately the entire surface receives as light of a misting of black as possible.

The goal is to have the black speckles to be as small as possible which will transform a mediocre looking faux granite finish to a magnificent and realistic colour. There are hundreds of different color options and applications for faux granite paint finishes including stamped concrete, artificial rocks, statues, fireplace covers, drywall, decks, stairs, patios and much more.

Canadian author and second generation swimming pool expert Steve Goodale has a tutorial series that covers how to build artificial rocks, planters, statues, ponds, waterfalls and much more. - Over 250 photos of step by step artificial rock construction, sculpting and painting.

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Do It Yourself Home Painting Techniques

Painting is one skill which could only be mastered if you truly understand how the medium, that is the paint, could be utilized. You have to learn how to control the paint itself and then master its usage. There are likewise various home painting techniques that you need to become aware of especially if you intend to do it yourself. Do not worry because almost everyone begins with home painting technique as a neophyte.

Choosing the Paint to Use

Many of today's paints are in some limited number of colors which come standard to them. The common finishes that you may want to consider to blend with your base include flat, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and high gloss. Just a warning though: the higher level the gloss is with the finish, the harder it is to retouch any error in the home painting technique. The higher level of the gloss is, the more imperfections are likely to show up in the surface.

Tips and Concepts in Home Painting Techniques

1. Never paint your home out of the paint can itself. While you go about with painting, the brushes or rollers pick up dust and dirt which may bring about the impurities into the surface. The paint would also dry up in the course of time.

2. If the paint can is open for a long period of time, it would react to the air where it is being exposed. The paint then would become sticker and thicker. Remember that the air could dry up the paint.

3. The paint can must only be used to store the paint in and never to be carried around the area.

4. Only use at least half an inch of the paint into the bucket that you are to utilize for painting. If the bucket is accidentally spilled, you would need to clean a big mess and then lose much of it.

5. Always put back the cap on the paint can lid as you are done with pouring it out.

Home painting techniques are easy to remember especially if you are serious in dealing with your task.

To learn more home painting techniques, visit

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Concrete Sealants - All You Need To Know

Colored or imprinted concrete decks and driveways require a sealing coat to protect them effectively. However, these coatings only last for some specific time and then fade off. Various factors including wear and tear, salts and chemicals determine how strong the coating is and how long can it last.

There are two prime types of sealers namely solvent or water based that form a layer on the surface and the penetrants that penetrate the concrete surface and provide outer protection as well.

Concrete Sealant:

The word concrete means a hard porous substance that absorbs liquid into its apertures leaving it with quick stains. A concrete sealant constitutes of different silicates, siloxanes, silanes, epoxies, polyester, polyurethanes, acrylics and waxes.

These further simplify into two fundamental categories of film formers chemically reactive sealers or penetrants. To be specific, silicates are the best sealers to protect the damage from salt and water resistant sealers are the best for stain protection.

Concrete sealant forms a protective layer over the concrete's surface. They are water resistant as well. Epoxies and polyesters produce a hard, scratch resistant and much-durable finish.

Sealing Decks:

The process of protecting the floor from fading and losing the grain patterns is sealing deck. Oil sealers contain different types of oils. They are ether penetrants or coatings, whereas some are a combination of both.

Pure coatings form a layer over the wood and protect it from external stains. A product containing linseed oil is a film-forming deck-sealing product. Some constitute of paraffin oil and hence, are the best penetrants. The most famous deck sealers today are water-based wood deck sealers.

These products for sealing decks contain volatile organic compounds or volatiles, which are turpentine or simple mineral spirits.

Wood Sealer:

The use of a wood sealer is for soft woods. It helps to reclaim wild granular mold. wood sealer Permeates the wood and makes it less absorbent for a better grain pattern and color appearance.

There are different types of wood sealers that people use today such as varnishes, water based dyes, colored oil finishers, wood preservatives, water repellants, wood toners and shellac (resin secreted by lac bug). They match well with the variety of coatings and can be a coating over old shellac, varnish or gloss finishes that stick well.

Wood preservatives are classified based on their contents comprising of EPA-registered fungicide.

Concrete Crack Sealant:

Epoxies constitute of cyclic ethers called oxacyclopropanes that stiffen during the polymerization process. It is a product of biphenol A and epichorohydrin reaction. They are famous for high tensile strengths and hence, are expensive. The bond strength of this sealant is higher than other concrete crack sealants available. is one such site, wherein you can get good quality concrete crack sealants, wood sealer, sealing decks and concrete sealants.

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Concrete Waterproofing - What You Need to Know

When most of us think about concrete, we consider it to be an impenetrable barrier. What most of us don't realize, however, is that concrete is actually a very porous material that will allow moisture to pass through it readily. Because we use concrete and concrete products whenever we build our homes in the foundation or as a walkway or patio, it may be necessary for us to do some concrete waterproofing in order to make sure that water can not pass through. After all, the last thing that we would want to have happen is for moisture to creep into our basement and either damage the walls or cause a mold problem within our home.

The best time for concrete waterproofing to take place is whenever the home is first being built. The reason why this is the case is because the outside of the walls are exposed and it is easy to waterproof them at this time. The concrete waterproofing that goes on the outside of your foundation walls is much different than the type that goes on the inside. Typically, a membrane of some sort is spread onto the outside of the wall, such as a tar like substance. You would not want to put this on the inside of your basement walls as it would be rather messy to deal with, especially if you live in this area of your home. It may also put off some fumes that would creep up in your home and may cause you to get sick.

Concrete waterproofing on the inside of the walls is also possible if the outside was not properly taken care of. This is usually done by means of putting some waterproofing paint on the inside of the walls, after any mold or mildew has been removed. It helps to keep the moisture from coming through into the basement, although it will still come into the concrete.

Regardless of the type of concrete waterproofing that you have on your home, you may still want to run a dehumidifier in your basement or crawlspace in order to keep the moisture out of the air. Because this area of your home is underground, it naturally collects moisture and that can cause a problem in the upstairs area of your home as well. Running a dehumidifier will effectively take care of any of these moisture problems that are not corrected by the concrete waterproofing on the walls themselves.

You can find out more about Concrete Waterproofing as well as much more information and tips on everything to do with basement waterproofing at

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Paint an Easy Fake Rug With Stencils

Have you always yearned for a large, beautiful area rug on your hard surface floor but found the prices too cost prohibitive for your momentary budget? Create a "Faux" (fake) rug with paint and stencils that you can be proud to display. It's not only easy, but fun!

Your first order of business is to decide the size of the faux rug you want, the designs that will be used and it's placement on the floor.

Next, choose 1 or two stencils that can be combined (say a central large leaf design and a vine perhaps) or if you are a lover of more contemporary designs, you can simply tape off geometric shapes to create your design.

The type of paint used and surface preparation will depend entirely on the type of floor you are working with. It is best to consult your local paint store for the correct paint types and sealers.

Simply start by making sure the floor is squeaky clean, then tape off a square or rectangle on the floor in the size you want your finished rug to be.

Paint the background color of your choice inside the taped lines and allow the paint to dry.

Tape off a smaller square in the center of your rug design and paint that area a different, but coordinating color to the background color you used overall.

Stencil a large motif in the center. In the area outside of this new square, stencil another design going around the inside edges of your rug design. Another idea would be to use a small stenciled design and stencil an all over, random pattern in varying shades.You can get as creative and elaborate as you wish.

Need ideas? Go to the rug store and find tons of lay-out possibilities! Or search "Area Rugs" on line from the comfort of your home for cool lay outs.

Contemporary designs can be done by randomly taping off squares, rectangles, triangles, or circles over the rug area and painting them coordinating decorating colors in your room. A cool design is done simply by hand painting thick swirls of color or squiggled lines then outlining your rug with a coordinating, deeper color.

Your interior floors aren't the only place a faux rug can be done. Try one on your front porch, right in the center of your sidewalk or cement patio, or painted the full length of your stairs.

If you have been fearful of trying a mural on your wall, create a "hanging rug" instead! What fun.

This is a fun and creative projects with no limits! Anything you can stencil on a wall can be stenciled on to your floor within your faux rug, so use it as a canvas for designs you really love.

The proper sealer will depend on the floor surface so call your local hardware or home store for assistance.

Victoria Larsen is a professional wall stencil designer and interior specialist. Her products and ideas have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Women's Day, Craft Trends, Creating Keepsakes, Rubber Stampin Retailer and Memory Maker magazines and The Wall Street Journal. Victoria's website features ideas, techniques, stencils and ornamental wall molds for easy and beautiful home decorating.
Visit Victoria on line at
"Decorating with Class on a Budget" Blog:

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Concrete Acid Stain - Cheer Up Your Concrete

If you have lots of concrete around your home, then perhaps you've considered the idea of doing something to make it a little more attractive. Many people have heard of paints or coating agents, but the idea of concrete acid staining is unfamiliar to most. Basically, it involves coloring the concrete by causing a chemical reaction on the concrete's surface.

Concrete acid stain causes a chemical reaction by mixing acid, water and inorganic salts. There are already minerals present in the concrete, and once they are mixed with the three added ingredients, the concrete changes color. It doesn't matter whether your concrete is new or old; it works beautifully either way. If you take the time after acid staining to protect the concrete, then the effect will last for a very long time.

Some people who've come across the idea of acid staining concrete have the mistaken idea that it can only be done outdoors. This isn't true. You can stain both interior and exterior walls, entrances, walkways, patios, driveways, retaining walls, or any other area of concrete that could do with a bit of cheering up and color.

The acid stain doesn't just change the concrete's color; it also gives it a marbled, mottled look, which is very attractive. The colors produced are beautiful, no matter what type of concrete is acid stained. Generally, the end color is an interesting mix of earthy brown and elements of red and green. You can choose your own color by mixing and matching the available colors from a hardware store. However never make the mistake of thinking your acid stain will be uniform in color - every slab of concrete will have its own individual shade.

If you think that you'd like to cheer up your concrete, then investigate the option of acid staining. It can really make a difference to the appearance of your concrete.

If you want to read more about concrete acid stain, click over to Josh's site at

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Talib Kweli - Put it in the Air feat DJ Quik -

Get the ringtone at youre listening to Put it in the Air feat DJ Quik by Talib Kweli 2002 c$kobk

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Flooring for the Industrial Look

Flooring in interior design trends for 2011 has changed little from those of 2010. The largest overall change has been an increased desire for an industrial look, slightly different from the better-known modern look.

What is an Industrial Look?

The industrial look incorporates more bare floors or the appearance of bare flooring, open spaces and bare pipes or conduits. Wrought iron and chrome play large parts in this look, and bare expanses overlaid with area rugs bring the look home.

Antiques are encouraged in this interior design trend, but avoid going overboard. 'Cutesie' antiques or milk jug and cow plaques don't fit this design intent.

Slightly rusty or rustic appliances, whether actually used or merely decorative, fit the motif well. If included in the décor, clean away the excess rust but don't be in a hurry to paint over it.

What Flooring Fits This Look?

So long as the floor doesn't jump up and claim the attention first, almost any kind will suit. Popular choices include concrete, laminate, rubber and even cork. The latter two help absorb sound, which can be important in any interior design intent that uses bare floors.

Concrete floors are often found in converted factories or warehouses. Industrial from birth, the floor type is strong and long-lasting. Sealed properly, concrete can be uniform or decorative. Some people prefer the uniformity of the original design; others insert geometric, floral or other pictoral accents to the floor.

Rubber provides excellent padding, water resistance and sound buffering. The slight give to the material helps prevent shin splints and eases joint strain common to extended walking on hard floors. Rubber can be used in any room in the Industrial designed house, condominium or loft apartment. Inexpensive and renewable, rubber is also a 'green' element-good for the budget and the environment.

Cork is another 'green' flooring that matches rubber for its low-cost and its renewable source. Naturally water-resistant, cork incorporates pockets of air that lend padding over long-term use. It can be damaged, as any type of floor can be, but with proper care, it can outlast vinyl or ceramic tiling.

Hardwood is popular as well but more costly. Often, a quality hardwood laminate is used instead in a few rooms to differentiate the area from others in open loft plans.

If you use carpet in this look, downplay its color. Lighter shades may show dirt and stains more than darker colors, but the lighter the shade, the more open the area will feel, and that airy environment is a key to successfully incorporating the flooring into the industrial look.

Janine Gren writes about different home improvement ideas and carpet and flooring trends out of Toronto. Always looking for the highest quality materials at the best prices, she tends to end up shopping at CarpetOne Canada locations or online more often than not.

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Are You Using the Right Garage Floor Cleaners?

Homeowners always see floor stains as a headache. Cleaning floor stains due to oil, grease, grime, road salt, and dirt penetrating the garage is very hard to clean. It's a good thing that there are many garage floor cleaners being sold today. But which one of them works best for you?

To know that, first, you have to determine the real cause of the stain in your garage floor. The type of garage covering you use should also be considered. For painted garage floors, the simplest solution could just be the application of a fresh new coat of paint over the problem spot. While that seems to be a good idea, you need to be sure that the paint coating you'll use would really stick into the surface. Because if it didn't, you'll go back to your old problem - floor stains. And you can make it worse even.

Here is where the range of garage floor cleaners available in the market comes in. Thing is, before you put a coat of paint to the garage floor, it has to be cleaned thoroughly. Do it just like the very first time that you painted your garage floor. Clear the surface of dirt, grime, and oil. And you'll need an effective floor cleaner for that.

Try to use the pressure washer to clean your floor. It water and regular detergent are able to clean the garage floor, they you're lucky. Try to increase the water pressure to 1200 psi for easy cleaning. For maximum effects, get an anti-grease detergent. If the floor stains are history, then you won't have to buy commercial garage floor cleaners anymore. If a pressure washer isn't available, you can alternately use a steam cleaner.

If the stain is a stubborn one, you really have to go for specialty garage floor cleaners. You can either make them or buy them from stores. If you don't have time to make one, just head to the hardware shop and make the purchase. But before using it, take time to understand the product's usage instructions. Buy the most recommended brand so the stain is removed and there's no need to repaint the floor.

To make garage floor cleaners, you'll need an all-purpose detergent. The grease-cutting variant is most preferable. Dissolve it in half gallon of cool water. Add a cup of ammonia. Be sure that your hands are well protected as you combine these chemicals together. Wear overalls too - especially when you are cleaning the garage.

You are also going to need the pressure washer, sponge mop, and some soft cloth for drying up the floor. The air in the garage should circulate freely when you are working inside it to prevent possible suffocation.

Sal provides expert advice on the best garage floor cleaners and other topics on his website garage floor paint ideas.

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Hammer No More The Fingers - "Fall Down, Play Dead"

The official music video for "Fall Down, Play Dead", by Hammer No More The Fingers, from their 2009 album "Looking For Bruce". Buy "Looking For Bruce" online at Directed by Patrick Taylor of D Dot Films. Guitarist Joe Hall on making the video: On our spring tour, we had one day off in DC (March 17). We were staying with our friends in the band Caverns and Pat, the piano player, who runs his own film company (D dot Films), suggested we use the day off to shoot a music video. He spent the night before brewing up ideas and got us up bright and early in the morning to make it happen. We woke up that morning unaware of the song we were doing or what the concept of the video would be. "Fall Down, Play Dead" is basically about homeless people in the skid row district of LA and their daily struggles. The video obviously has nothing to do with that. Pat chose to run with the theme of our album title 'Looking For Bruce' and came up a concept that revolves around Bruce. Bruce has stolen our CR-V with all of our gear and we go out looking for him, putting up posters and playing our song in a DC park (?!) The posters we put up in the video have scenes from Dan Nitro Clark's film "Looking for Bruce," implying that Bruce is actually Nitro.

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Homes for Sale - Address not provided, Mt Carroll, IL

For more information about this property, please contact Karen Osswald and Team KO with the RE/MAX Excels office at 630-262-6500 or or visit To see more of Karen Osswald's listings, visit Bedrooms 0 Bathrooms: 0 Price: $149900 MLS Number: 07693043 Virtual Tour: Beautiful up and coming Mt Carroll's future is here! This Prime location will insure maximum exposure to locals and those passing through town! Currently used as a weekend getaway but any use is possible! Solid concrete construction deadens outside noise. 2040 SF cedar open flr plan ready for your business ideas. Live-work! 1200 SF walk up attic can be dormered. 200AMP 3 phase. Well maintaind, landscpd, A/C. Nice!

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Ravenna, finalmente!

The tecno book trailer - 'Ravenna, finalmente!' 08 October 2011 - Official presentation at sala 'Nullo Baldini', S.Francesco square, Ravenna. 08 Ottobre 2011 - Presentazione ufficiale presso sala 'Nullo Baldini', Palazzo della provincia. P.zza S.Francesco, Ravenna. Video advertisement for the book 'Ravenna, finalmente!' which employs techniques similar to those of movie trailers. From November 2011, the book will be sold in all bookstores and online on the various circuits. For the moment, you can only buy a copy directly from the publisher or online at its website. http You can also find the official book trailer here: Puoi trovare il book trailer ufficiale qui: Ravenna, finalmente! - Plot of the book: Ravenna in 2019 could be the European Capital of Culture. Stimulated by this possibility, six young authors were confronted with the idea of ​​telling the near future. Ravenna, finalmente! collects twelve episodes that weave up to design a new town, certainly not ideal and perfect, but rather realistic and concrete, in which the themes of our present, such as tourism, integration and urban regeneration, still can not erase the scars of the past. An opening ceremony with a prestigious guest of honor, a woman converted to Islam, a young rugby talent who must choose whether to go or stay, an American tourist at the mercy of the chronic inefficiency of transportations: the ...

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Curb Appeal Ideas? Landscape ideas? Front yard Ideas?..All Access 855-2LANDSCAPE Access Landscape is a one-stop solution for all of your landscape, retaining wall, and stamp concrete needs. You live in San Jose? We got you covered. You live in Concord? We got you covered. You live in Novato? We got you covered. We are a company that's gear to travel the Bay area to help you put together your landscape dream. Contact us @ 855-2LANDSCAPE or @

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Hambanthota Port Project

Hambantota Port will become a reality on 15th August 2010 The Water Influx ceremony of the world's first international harbour completely built inland will be inaugurated by President Mahinda Rajapaksa at 9.00 am on Sunday, (15th August). Hambantota had been a well known sea port in the ancient history of Sri Lanka as the name "Hambana" itself being the name of sailing vessels that had been used in the ancient times that frequented many Asian ports. Even the activities of Hambantota as a sea port are mentioned in the RLBohier's book on Sri Lanka written in the Second Century. Hambantota is situated at closest point to the main shipping route that connects East and West. 200 to 300 ships ply this area daily, and now they call at Singapore and Dubai Ports. The idea of building a modern port in Hambantota was first mooted by the late Parliamentarian Mr. DARajapaksa, the father of President Rajapaksa. But it did not materialize. Later the idea came up time to time, raised in Parliament by many Mps. It remained a suggestion but never saw the light of the day due to many reasons. The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority Dr. Priyath Bandu Wickrema says that a foreign company which was hired to carry out a feasibility study reported saying the location, Hambantota was not suitable to build a harbor and this brought the whole project to halt. However, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister then, was not impressed by the pessimistic attitude of the report and was ...

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Semi-Automatic Filmmaking

visit for more info The goal of Semi-Automatic Filmmaking (SAF) is to help level the playing field between films made in huge studios and those made by small independent artists. SAF will achieve this goal by developing open-source software (and maybe hardware) tools that partially automate difficult and tedious aspects of the filmmaking process such as organization and rote structuring. As a proof-of-concept for this idea, for my Master's Thesis at Georgia Tech, I developed the free Android app, Documatic, to help automate portions of the documentary creation process (Download here: ) I think that really powerful tools can be developed from this simple idea and so I am releasing all the code as open for development on GitHub ( I am trying to drum up support to develop more opensource tools for small independent filmmakers. If you are inspired to join the team to help with the development, please go to the main website:

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2000 Honda CR80. [Top Speed + Wheelies]

Please Read. I have just started learning to wheelie the bike but on concrete is not the best idea, but hay ho'. I shall hopefully make some better video's as i was only on my own riding. Please Leave Coments As You Wish.

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Sasori and Sakura: Whiskey Lullaby

This used to say I don't like this couple, but, um, I changed my mind. I'm a total fan of it. The idea just popped into my head about a week ago, so I finally gave up and had at it, and it actually came out quite nice. Enough said, Enjoy the video! ^_^

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Decorating Ideas For Apartment Bathrooms - Part 1

Sleek and functional, an apartment bathroom is designed to cope with limited space and busy lives. Choose simple shapes and gleaming plain surfaces for a modern look.

Creating a stylish, easy-care bathroom in a small space is a common problem for many people, and particularly for city dwellers, where space is at a premium. The newest bathroom designs are focused entirely on using the most up-to-date technology to meet these needs, with high-tech steel appliances, streamlined ceramics, and tough, durable surfaces. Decorative details are an unnecessary luxury - texture is more important... accentuating the differences between matte and shiny, and rough and smooth surfaces. The contrasts of steel, granite, wood, tiles, and glass create interest enough, combined with tough, industrial materials such as concrete, glass bricks, and studded rubber flooring.

The apartment bathroom is a good place to experiment with color, as the areas to be covered are never huge, and are generally seen for short periods only. Try unusual color combinations used in flat blocks rather than decorative patterns; or keep to cool, clinical white and steel, with small pools of concentrated color provided by towels and accessories.

Creating the Look

Aim for a simple, functional look, with sharp, straight edges contrasted with streamlined curves. If you are starting from scratch, plan the layout carefully for maximum space. You may even consider dispensing with a bath in favor of a roomy showering area with a folding seat.

Door and window frames are ideally plain and boxy, with a flush door and sleek fixtures. If you have a window, consider fitting frosted glass to avoid the necessity for any other window treatment.

Walls are best either tiled or painted in a flat vinyl latex or eggshell finish. Plain white or colored ceramic tiles are inexpensive and suit the look perfectly, as do small mosaic tiles. For a bolder look, use plain tiles in an unusual color - perhaps lilac or lemon. Granite, marble, sandstone, or slate tiles have a suitably apartment-style look, and set up satisfying contrasts with gleaming steel and fluffy soft towels.

For a seriously industrial look, cover the bath panel or cupboard doors in galvanized tin or aluminum; or experiment with metallic paint on woodwork for a similar look - a gunmetal, bronze, or silvery color would change the look of built-in louvered cupboards or an existing vanity unit.

For the floor, choose ceramic tiles, or sealed woodstrip or cork for a warmer feel on bare feet; linoleum or vinyl in plain or marbled effect would suit the look, or investigate tough rubber-studded flooring, which is available in a wide range of colors.

Style Pointers


Neutral or strong: latex paint in flat colors - either subtle stone, stark white, or bold combinations.

Wallpapers: imitation stone, paint lookalikes, or strong contemporary designs on limited areas.

Tiles: plain glazed ceramic tiles, white or strongly colored; sheet mosaic tiles in ceramic or glass; granite, sandstone, slate; sealed cork.


Frosted glass: replace plain glass with milky white, reeded, or other effects.

Blinds: narrow Venetians in metal or wood; plain roller, Roman, or pleated blind; simple eyeletted panel.


Smooth: pale woodstrip; large, plain white or black tiles, stone tiling; linoleum, vinyl, or rubber in plain or semi-plain designs.

Rugs: short pile cotton bathmat, wood-slat bathmat.


Contemporary: simple sculpted shapes in white ceramic or steel; bathtub with granite or wood surround and tiled, flush wood, or sheet metal panel.

Faucets: space-age, chrome, or nickel-plated.


Metal or wood: spindly metal chair or small stool; tub-shaped stool doubling as laundry basket, with a reinforced lid that you can sit on.


High-tech: recessed ceiling spotlights or simple modern central light fixture; plaster or metal wall torcheres; halogen lights in recesses.


Modern: gleaming, shiny, or satin steel for towel bars, toilet roll, and toothbrush holders; glass, metallic, or sleek blond wood shelves; simple mirror, unframed or with steel/wooden frame; plain white or colored towels.

Home Decorating Tip: Find some pictures and in depth home decorating ideas which will help you make your home so beautiful it's the envy of all your friends and family! Visit right now to find photos, home decor, decorating ideas, and much much more.

©2007, Kathy Burns-Millyard.

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Chemtrails in the News Sac. California 5-5-10 MENDOCINO COUNTY, CA- Debate continues to rage over contrails left by jet aircrafts. Some say they are the scenic spreading of water and ice crystals, but others claim they are an ominous sign of a secret project to alter the atmosphere. Rosalind Peterson, founder of the California SkyWatch web site, remembers a childhood almost free of white lines across the sky. "We had these beautiful, deep blue skies," Peterson recalls while leafing through hundreds of photographs of jet contrails above Mendocino County. Peterson believes a dramatic change began in the late 1980s. "Some program...something happened where the big jets began to start to leave these huge plumes that expanded over time," Peterson said. Peterson has addressed a United Nations conference on the subject of jet contrails. She is not alone in believing the change is a deliberate effort to modify the earth's atmosphere as part of a military or government plan to alter the weather or further some kind of classified project. "They produce these man-made clouds that exacerbate global warming, change the climate and negatively impact natural resources," said Peterson. But she also says she is the first to admit that concrete evidence about the trails or their purpose is hard to uncover. The lack of evidence comes as no surprise Dr. Ian Faloona, who is a UC Davis professor of atmospheric sciences. The claims on hundreds of internet web sites of a national or global conspiracy to change the atmosphere ...

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Spring Cleaning Tips: Garage Flooring Ideas

Many people fail to realize the number of garage flooring ideas available. In fact, most people mistakenly believe the only possibility for covering the bottom of their garage is plain concrete. This simply is not true. In reality, there are a wide variety of garage flooring ideas available to meet anyone's needs.

Epoxy and Painting Garage Flooring Ideas

Even if you do want to keep your garage floor plain concrete, it is a good idea to cover it with an epoxy coat. Of the garage flooring ideas, this is the simplest to implement. It is important, however, to be sure to purchase epoxy coating that is created specifically for floors and that will adhere to the concrete.

Otherwise, you risk the possibility of the coating peeling. Epoxy coating is inexpensive and helps protect the floor. It also makes it easier to clean the surface in the case of spills and even a clear coat of epoxy can make the garage more cheerful and bright.

Of course, the garage floor can also be painted to help protect the floor and add to the overall mood of the garage. This is one of the more difficult garage flooring ideas, however, because the floor must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. In addition, painting the floor thoroughly can be quite an undertaking - particularly in a large garage.

Other Garage Flooring Ideas

In addition to coating or painting the garage floor, there are many additional garage flooring ideas to choose from. For example, floor mats are a popular choice. Floor mats can be easily rolled out onto the floor surface and they protect the floor from grease and oil. In addition, they resist condensation. Floor mats also add an element of safety to the garage because they are non-conductive. Available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, floor mats a practical solution to garage flooring.

Garage flooring ideas do not, however, have to be limited to those that work well with dirt and grime. Not all garages are even used for parking cars. In fact, many people use their garages simply for storage. In this case, you may even want to consider installing carpeting or tiling in the garage in order to make it more comfortable and inviting. Implementing any one of these garage flooring ideas will certainly help you create a garage to be proud of.

Carlo Morelli writes for, where you can read tips on how to seal tile grout, cleaning ceramic tile grout and other home/garden projects.

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Stencils Make a Great Decorating Idea

One of the fastest growing trends in home decorating recently has been stencil design. Using stencils adds a creative note to any home and you can incorporate the styles and colors to suit your own tastes. You don't have to be an artist to have beautiful artistic expressions on your walls and furniture, you just have to have a good imagination and be able to follow instructions. Stencil designs are an easy and fun way to literally "imprint" your style on your home.

There are a number of ways in which you can use stencil design. Most people use stencils on walls, but it is also used successfully on furniture, glass such as mirrors and windows, and on fabrics. There are many people use use stenciling as a hobby and they do not even use it as an interior decorating tool, but just to create beautiful artifacts that have lovely stenciled designs on them. There are t-shirts, vases and wooden furniture that look beautiful with a stencil design on them.

The most common way of using stencil design is to create borders on the edges of walls. But with a little imagination, you can decorate an entire wall with stencils, using large patterns or repeating one pattern over and over. Consider using stencils on fabrics and covering your chairs or curtains in a stencil to match a pattern on the walls.

There are so many patterns and designs of stencils that it is easy to find one that suits your taste and decor. You can find pattern in craft shops, home improvement stores, and of course, on line. If you are considering a stencil project, be sure you lay out exactly what you want for the room or for the item you are stenciling. You can choose a fantasy look, or create a forest or garden right in your home. There are many simple, classical lines that add just an elegant touch to a room, and there are very ornate ones if that goes with your theme.

You can even carry this artistry one step further and create your own stencils. Using a pattern from the wallpaper or drapery fabric you have chosen for the room, you can trace it out and make your own design.

Though stenciling is fun and easy to do, you will have more success if you do a little research to learn the right kinds of brushes and paints to use, and how to prepare surfaces properly.

Using your imagination, doing some research, and getting involved in this interesting project will give you a unique look for your home that you and your family will enjoy.

Andrew Caxton is the editor of different articles published at, with reference to home decorating and interior design. You can find more information and resources on decorating ideas at his website.

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