How to reduce weight in a Suspended Concrete Floor

Suspended concrete floors are found in multi-storey buildings. The net weight of the concrete without additional payload is large. In buildings where the fields are large, weight loss is done to prevent buckling of the floor. This bend is where the concrete sags in the middle. The concrete is placed the same way, but hollow pots are added to reduce weight. These blocks are hollow in the middle. The reinforcements are placed between them andAdmitted> Concrete and vibrates to keep them together. The top concrete is about three inches thick.

The suspended concrete hollow pots are either clay or concrete blocks. These blocks have three or four inches thick. The pots, which are at the beginning and end of a line that should be blocked on one side. This will stop the concrete from flowing into the blocks. The ceilings of the floors are flat. The regular standing below bars are notvisible below the soffit plate. These floors are ideal over large spaces such as lounges, dining room and offices. The power or lights on the ceilings inside are boxed on niches within the ceilings.

When the mold plate is exposed to the work done, which begins with the empty pots. The external rays are then placed into the mold. The internal bar for this type of soil is placed in the plate thickness. These rays are the outer cover across the room to the other end.The bars are set where the walls are constructed on the plate. The hollow pots are then placed on the form of labor between the bars. They are broadly arranged in rows of three meters. They have also rooms of four and five centimeters to three meters of blocks.

When laying the empty pots, taken between the gaps in with reinforcements. These range from bars late bar. They are together on the concrete. A mesh material is then placed on top of the hollow blocks. After thisdone concrete work begins. The concrete should be vibrated to ensure the blocks are to be closely held together. The concrete work is normally done, and is leveled and smoothed. After work is completed, it is time to cure for not less than twenty-one days. After this time, able to work form from striped. The ceiling will be plastered.

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