What Color Should You Paint Your Walls?

Bold colors are back, according to Anne Krueger, the editor of HGTV.com decorating newsletter. Krueger describes color trends in her article "The Color of Things to Come". Red and orange will continue to be popular, she says, and the growing popularity of brown.

More vibrant colors - cardinal red, orange carrots, egg yolk yellow, green lava lamp - are also very popular. Strong colors such as these are in now, but they could in a few months. This brings you back in neutral colorsand so-called "builder's white."

While understanding Builder's sounds boring it may sound a wise choice of colors. Owners who are concerned about falling prices, you play it safe and select builder's white and neutrals. Choosing the right color for your walls is a difficult matter. These questions will help you make the final decision.

Why do I paint my walls? You can enjoy a refreshing room, updating a room, unifying odd space or ready to move on. The selected colordepends on the reason for the job.

HOW DO I want to feel? Color Expert Sherry Payne (Sherry Payne Interiors, Pasadena, CA) told customers on the psychology of color to examine before they buy to color. She asks them to make a list of adjectives that describe how they feel, how calm, relaxed and want. List words that describe how you feel when the job is done.

Should I go neutral? Neurtral colors, suitable for all styles. Paint walls a neutral color - cream, beige,Taupe, and others - will highlight your organization. You can always "color block" an area to a particular piece of furniture or area spotlight.

I AM INFLUENCED BY NAME? To paint manufacturers on behalf of their colors, so you buy their products. Brown color may be called Decadent Chocolate. Take the name, however, and you can just have a brown color. Do not let the name influence your purchase.

DOES IT PASS to test day and night? Colors, which lookedgreat during the day on the night hideous. Therefore, it is a good idea to make a cardboard sample. Apply this paint on wood or cardboard. Lean aboard the sample against the wall and leave it there for a week. Determine whether you still like the color.

ME IN THE HOUSEHOLD? Cheap paint covers like cheap paint, so you can afford to buy the best. Think you add it, brushes, paint trays and drop cloths to keep the price of labor. Check the error bin Laden on bargain hunting.You may find a can of paint that you water it down or to dye.

How long will I be here? It is easier to paint over neutrals than in-your-face colors. Choose neutral colors if you plan to move soon. These neutral colors serves as a primer for the next owner.

What color should you paint your walls? Only you can decide. The color you choose, you should be satisfied and happy.

Copyright 2007 by Harriet Hodgson

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