Quick Step Laminate - Discover 10 Secrets Behind This Success Story

Quick Step laminate floors has changed the face of forever. The Quick-Step Uniclic ranges are accessible to the laminate flooring installation clumsy novice. The real wood looks, textures and colors are so realistic that the neighbors probably think that a team of craftsmen of yesterday working with the fingers to the bone on your new real wood floors had. Instead, you will secretly know that it is indeed a hubby and wife team working for a little less than a daywith the help of a couple of boxes of laminate flooring planks.

What makes this line its unique looks? Why is this area with pride in the upper-class homes all over the world is displayed? Why is the first of many an interior designer's top-rated appearance list? Apart from the quality and the inner core Uniclic design, surface spill the beans about the secrets behind the success of this remarkable company.

1. Authentic

Have you ever seen two pieces of wood that are identical? Probably not.Just as there are no two people exactly alike, each piece comes with a uniquely patterned wood grain and texture. The Authentic Quick Step laminate surface is a surface coating, which highlights the theme of the wood samples. You will see the effect in the grain lines of an oak surface, the stone looks like maple, and the gloss of a cherry laminate. This line brings the diversity of nature into your home.

2. Contour Artisanal

Contour Artisanal, theVendor brings the final result is a laminate flooring installation even closer to the real thing. Each board is the depth treatment, the edge of hand scraped floors emulated. You can not much closer to nature than this!

3. Natural Variation

What distinguishes the current floor areas apart from the first efforts, the differences in the designs. Previously, the same pattern was repeated over and over again what a "plastic" look to theFloors. With Natural Quick Step Laminate the variation of the pattern, this problem disappears. Each design is combined with 18 or 54 wood grain, with a broad range of natural colors. This mimics the natural appearance of wood almost perfectly.

4. SML 3-Optic

These laminates take comfort and a real wood look a step further in the Elegance. Here are the smart home is to give people rebuilding, the perfect balance of three ready-cut lengths of board(small, medium and large) in each pack. What could be simpler than that? By using this line, you are virtually guaranteed that the final outcome of the project will be as close as possible to the real thing. You can just click and go. No worries about the production of the correct number of each length.

5. Micro-Perspective 4

With Micro-Perspective 4 of Elegance small planks and the Quadra Natural Stone product range will receive another dose of reality from the Quick Step laminate guys. The bestGrooves of the planks and tiles are the same design process, treated as the surface layer. The result is a very natural look.

6. Perspective 4

This technology creates a subtle one V-groove, while together on the boards. In addition, the beveled sides to add to terminate realistic. Even the color and design of the surface is repeated in the grooves by the real wood look.

7. Land Surface

With the land surface, Quick StepFloors manages to convey its qualities combined into planks before with artisans and year of the craft. The master touch is clear in each carefully constructed the board.

8. Area

True to its name, this interface adds a wonderful woodgrain structure of rustic designs. He is also responsible for the natural surface of ceramic tile Uniclic ranges.

9. Natural Authentic

Innovation is a Quick Step laminate brand. Thanks to theUnique Natural Authentic finish not only see real down-to-earth woodgrain in the draft, it also adds a realistic texture on the boards. This is, without abolishing the durability of the surface achieved. If you have the impression that laminates not for you, you touch an Authentic Natural Finish board and instantly experience a change of mind ...

10. Accessories

The surfaces are only as good as your last hand with the quality, decorativeAccessories and fittings, Quick Step Laminate is available in abundance. Installation of the moldings is easy with the clip system. The color palette with tones in your interior design. Every conceivable area has been covered, such as moldings for doors to pool and spa and sliding door moldings. Just make sure you follow the installation instructions to the letter. You do not want the guarantee that the proposed measures they take to emptiness, This also applies toQuickstep laminate maintenance after installation.

Uniclic as set out in this area takes a new life with all the innovative finishes dreamed of home improvement experts. The maintenance of the family. Quick Step Laminate now want to have the correct eco home renovation and real wood with its renovation.

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