Rescue concrete floors

In general, the most persecuted deteriorates more rapidly. So it's no wonder that the land, buildings can bring more quickly than other parts of a house o. Garages and basements are often the weight of the attack, because they are strong and the most affected to varying temperatures. Another source of frustration is that these soils are often concrete. concrete floors, as soon as they begin to crack and develop holesquickly and safety features of the room. There are many resources to a concrete floor worn, but one of them is to apply a coating barrier between himself and his environment in the form of epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin is a two-part adhesive that cures (dries), for chemical interaction. The two chemicals react, a resin and hardener, and once cured, it produces a durable, impenetrable layer that bonds to all surfaces used. Part of what determines howstrong bond between the epoxy resin, if the water or solvent is in the epoxy compound is used. The use of 100% solids epoxy to ensure the closest possible link gain ground more and more durable.

When you are ready to save concrete base application or applying a garage floor epoxy, it is necessary to repair areas on the floor where the cracks or missing parts. The material is filled with first use of a cane preparationto scrub the bottom of a grain and mortar. Then, if you notice that the floor is not a smooth surface for applying epoxy patch of land use, fillers, sealers, repair (if your country does not need maintenance ahead of you are ready to make epoxy). Some websites have an entire page dedicated to restoring the ground in front of an epoxy paint treatment. Some also list any product repaired, how it works and how to use it.

Afterall repair is complete, the concrete floor ready for use. The epoxy was mixed and poured according to the specifications of the company. In the case of most products in epoxy resin, have a simple method: Mix one part A and B together, and then pour concrete. This is it! There is no measure and additional chemicals with the resin and hardener. Just spread the epoxy on the floor and spread the anti-slip patch. Spot is availablein many colors, so that buyers choose their favorites.

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