Remove coatings, concrete grinder

You know, that thin coatings can be difficult to remove the concrete more difficult? Did you know that most containing epoxy powder sand and are not always difficult to crush?

grit diamond coating:
Rough diamonds are usually better than from coatings for diamond segments that tend to clog with the coating material. Should be sufficient to penetrate into the bite size of the diamond coating and the guests, then a grain is 30/40recommended. For thicker coatings, grain size of up to 10 happened.

If the diamond blade to remove the coating is productive then continue to use, but if it slows you need two things.

1. Perhaps the concrete is too hard, and Diamonds are dullness, this means that you must choose the same energy cupwheel a softer bond. For more details, see Segments - hard or soft.

2. Or maybe the coating is too thick (say more than 500 microns), then you mustThe move towards a scraper plate that ripping, instead of sanding it off. These discs are small blocks of PCD diamond.

Concrete hardening and finishes:
Cycles plus cupwheel coatings coating must grind the concrete floor below. The concrete is exposed to the diamond cutting and, if the loan is right for the concrete, eliminating the development of the coating that accumulates on the segment. If you have a diamondBond that is difficult for the concrete, diamond is dull and not really cut the coating.
At this point, the operator, the coating is not aware of the debt does not remove the disc can be a problem, but this is not very practical to do so to the finish and hardness.

Coating of friction:
Acrylic, DIY painted plaster and glue sticky with the heat generated by grinding, especially with multiple layers applied some Over the years. These coatings soften and stick to posting the segments rather than clean. You need to try another disk, if so, under the best available rate of removal are indicated.

Scratch instead of reply:
The options are to try and rough diamonds, or try a disc scraper PCD or smaller bite in the finish at any time. Sometimes a long-handled scraper and can be useful for removing most of the coating. PCD scraper discs will be most successful on the difficult> Concrete bond soft, very rough diamonds, down 10 grit. 30/40 coarse diamond with the constraint on the right is more soft to medium hard concrete.

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