Epoxy non-slip surface for your floor

A non-slip floor covering, which produced the popular and very effective today the most part, is based on epoxy resin. If the product is installed correctly, transparent resin in the form of extremely hard, solid, helps protect and seal the concrete and other surfaces. It also makes the surface very smooth, clean, hard, water resistant and, above all, there are the bottom of a working slip. E 'is used mostly by people whoaim to improve the concrete floor, flooring designer or any other type of special finish high demand for a given surface.

Epoxy resin is a polymer-based material and is composed of two chemicals that when mixed together, producing a coating that is strong enough to take a long time. It was created by the combination of epoxy resins and polyamines that a material called epoxy resin molds. The resin is appliedgenerously to the fund industry and trade. Quite apart from the surface of the land, has many other applications.

Industrial and commercial settings, is painted in general the material to be used to obtain a floor area of substantial duration to what is inside It 's also used to protect walls and other surfaces, so that the graffiti and other unwanted stains can be avoided. Since it can withstand dust, and is waterproof, is agood choice for hygienic reasons for different industries. It is widely applied in hospitals to plan for industries where the quality of food, such as kitchens and areas necessary.

There are several types of epoxy in the commercial and industrial structures and its application is very different from the request made in a private residence. If you have non-slip floor epoxy coating, then the best choice for you. Most homeowners choose this type of coating for your garage to a surface that is easy to clean, and apply of course to achieve its anti-slip properties.

The real key to the application of an epoxy coating, the test of time in preparation work. A garage floor epoxy paint color does not stick as cement, all kinds. So, with a degreasing agent, is very important. Moreover, it is recommended that the area of attack before the epoxyTimes>. This can be done with a weak solution of hydrochloric acid or a shot blaster. Do not use a sander, because it makes a big mess.

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