How are vinyl flooring the professional way

Vinyl flooring. Certainly not as bad as it used to be. And feet soft, but not good. It 'available in a wide range of styles and models. It is best used in commercial buildings such as nursing homes and cheap hotels Etap. If you are planning, are intended for home use, I would keep him out of the way in a place like a closet on the ground floor or toilet. If you are determined to fit, then I suggest you read how they fit properly.
By the way, before you startAlthough it seems to be similar to linoleum vinyl flooring is made from natural materials and is much more difficult to fit vinyl. I suggest you call a professional, linoleum floor in the form.
I'll be blunt. You will need a lot 'of kit for the job. If you have a lot of vinyl, or vinyl you're a professional installation thinking it might be cheaper to make money to someone. Just a thought.
However, for the work that you need a roll of vinyl (of course), a StanleyKnife or box cutter, glue, a steel ruler, a measuring tape, a spatula (the glue), a pen, a roll of tape double side floor. And if you have a concrete floor, or need some leveling compound.
Step 1: Vinyl: Vinyl cold place is a nightmare. It is rigid and does not stretch well. So, for vinyl in a warm room for a day and turn on central heating. I thought it fitting so much easier.
Step 2: PrepareBack: If you have bare concrete floor, you must ensure that there is absolutely level. Otherwise, the stains are showing through the vinyl. They are ugly and are a potential source of danger. Order a self-filling, has spread across the floor to fill the holes and follow the instructions. It will.
self-leveling compound that's what you need if you are the ceramic tiles as well. Apply a thin layer and to fill the gaps between the tiles. Again followInstructions so that they are hired.
If you are on board, hardboard should be fixed on them to create a flat, smooth and stable. Be sure to stagger the joints and enough pins to make sure they do not get to wear.
Step 3: Place the vinyl, make sure it is clean. As a clean room. Get the vacuum and give a good vacuum cleaner. Take off your shoes. It is not necessary for the job. They simply drag and share with him.
Now, the roll of vinylagainst the longest wall continues. Continue to pull until the crackling is parallel to the wall. Leave a 4 inch overlap on the wall.
Chances are your vinyl suits immediately. Now you have a Stanley knife. Since vinyl is rolled out, keep as flat as possible on the edges near the wall, cutting vertically in the vinyl treatment (ie, essentially pushing against the walls, which is not the floor). For a clean surface, cut corners and cut the excessVinyl, to form a V-shape.
Step 4: Replace the vinyl: Now that most have cut the excess vinyl is more manageable. Get a pen and draw more than vinyl. Cut it out. Your goal now is to get the vinyl in rough shape of the chamber with a 1 or 2 cm in excess on the sides.
Step 5: Trim and glue: I just press the edge against the vinyl and finishes to match exactly. Forces all the edges under cabinets, baseboards, etc. This will give you a nice bright surface.Sounds good? Great. Well, if you have something other than vinyl "stay-flat, which is the time to stick on the floor. Follow the instructions on the glue.
Step 6: Preparation: You are almost there. Get a soft brush and down the center of the room, all the bubbles touch the edges. Save the vinyl on the doors and entrances to the room with a carpet adhesive double-sided tape. You stop.
You're done! Now go and put the vinyl back next year and make the price of yourTools!

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