How to create a pavilion-shaped ring in a house

A pavilion is a paradise where you can sit outside in a house. This may be permanent or semi-permanent. The size and shape depending on where it is located, vary. The modules are usually rectangular, square, polygon or circle. The roof can be done with rods, iron plates, tiles or concrete. The height of the walls can support pillars fifty five to seven meters in height or columns to the roof. hand sink can be installed grills.
The layout of the pavilion must be done inMeadows. Sometimes the website can post as a septic tank or fuse on the lawn. It can be done to camouflage the tanks. This should be done only on air-tight container to prevent odors that may arise. Electricity, gas and sanitary facilities should be located near or inside the pavilion. The walls can be made with bricks, cement blocks, blocks or wood floor. They are made up to a height of four feet.
The pavilion building begins with marking the extent ofArea. The excavation for the foundation work begins. After completion of the base and is made of compacted hardcore. The concrete is then poured over with a reduction of the entry point. It helps to drain the water. concrete or steel poles were installed at nine feet above the steel beams supporting the roof. The wall is then built to a height of four feet between the steel posts.
After that the posts are in place, the steel frames supporting the roof is fixed. Services such as water andPower then installed. The roof structure is completed. The roof tiles are set on the circular cone framework. The central part is pointing upward. It 'important to put a lightning rod and ground rod for safety. Benches and tables are then produced and placed on the floor. Painting with lime or wake are made on the walls.

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