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Anti-condensation paint
You can paint the inside in areas that used in which condenses the light is a problem. It reduces condensation by an insulating layer between a warm, wet and a cold surface: most do not get condensation.
There are two types: one is a dense material such as brown or black tar to seal places like the inside of gutters used, the other is an emulsion and is used for concrete shell.
Fireproof finished
Exterior paint
A grade of latex exterior paint that is usually reinforced with inert materials like sand and gravel of marble. For use on masonry, plaster and cement asbestos. Inert materials reduce the erosion of the coating on the weather and thin cracks.
Structured Surfaces
Thick textured surface for indoor and outdoor use are available. They have the advantage of covering the cracks andSpots on the surface e. inside, "worked" in a number of different effects. Old plaster is often difficult to remove and require special paint stripper. Sandcrs not use mechanical coating can contain asbestos.
Rust-colored killing
You can special thick, rust-killing colors that can be applied directly onto rusty metal, after all loose particles are removed. The color neutralize existing rust and prevents further corrosionPlace. Normally, the paint dries in a hard or "hammered" to finish.
Color Plan
This type of paint for use in concrete, stone or tiles, which are subject to wear. Available in various colors (including, inevitably, red), the paint dries, a satin finish. Ideal for front door steps.
anti-vandal paint
This oil paint thickly applied is not the approach and drains, towers or fences are used to deter thieves from their climb. Usually availableonly in black.
Cool Fusion
Normal lends luster and color of paint, when used with radiators. Cooler is melting to resist met the specific nature of the internal temperature in the radiator. Quick drying, heating elements are in the email or magnolia and white surfaces shiny or matte. Need a primer.
Black paint
A quick-drying paint suitable for interior beams of wrought iron, and the creation of photographic darkroom. You may need aPrimer. Specialist panel painting is also available.
A fast drying, very high-quality color paint, interior and exterior. Especially good for furniture.

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