Removal and prevention of white powder on concrete foundation walls and floors

What it is, as is caused, and their elimination

In our industry we are facing many homeowners, the floors are anxious to give a white flaky substance, or walls in his basement. Often the homeowner will be required if the substance is a kind of mold or fungi, if this is harmful, and if something is done about this problem and prevent recurrence possible future.

What is the white powder and soft on my> Cement?

If the white powder is based only on concrete surfaces, the substance is probably not mold. Instead, this powder is a mineral salt, commonly known as efflorescence's. This is based on concrete floors in basements and crawl spaces often acting as part of the process of moisture from the ground, concrete, and evaporation in the cellar.

Concrete is porous, and it takesThe humidity is a bit 'like a sponge. When used as part of a crawl space or basement, absorbs moisture from the soil around them constantly. In those circumstances, the moisture can pass on the inside surface of the concrete (known as the "dark side"), where the construction of the friends, the air inside.

As moisture evaporates into the air, can not run with mineral resources behind him, forming a salt-like coating on the concrete. Bianchi dusty uglyThe structure is the flower that you see on your basement walls is that the mineral in question.

How to clean efflorescence

Remove efflorescence is best done with a pressure washer - you can find a local hardware store. Your local store has a large variety of chemicals, you can use concrete surfaces, combined with the fact that the disc and cleaning fast.

For an easier way to combine them only one part bleach to ten parts water. U.S.a stable broom, and scrub the walls completely.

Phosphoric acid is also known to be effective against efflorescence. However, that should be used with extreme caution and should never be combined with the products of ammonia, which combine to create a poisonous gas when mixed. Phosphoric acid has the added advantage of being in other places also how to remove rust or oil. Be sure to consult a professional before using this first-handSubstance.

Preventing efflorescence

The best way to stop efflorescence is the promotion of moisture through walls and into your home to stop. A great way to do this will be the seal of cement on the inside, and therefore prevent its way through your house. This has the added advantage of creating a vapor barrier, the seal is removed the water vapor that would otherwise contribute to the moisture inside the basement or crawlSpace.

When choosing a sealing concrete, concrete products, shall not be used on a coating. These are known for, pushed from the walls over time, both the pressure and humidity build efflorescence behind the trim. Instead of this, it is very important to find an exfoliating product, which is in his seal the concrete from sticking deep into the pores, a solid barrier that prevents moisture from without through the long-term bubble,products and scaling associated with waterproof paint, and others.

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