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The technique of watercolor painting is for a variety of artists from the absolute beginner to advanced painters determined. Although the texts specifically for watercolor painters, many of the discussed issues of interest are the two painters in oil and other media.

This series of articles is about technology.

Technology is the way a task is executed. It includes skill of hand and brain, to be successful tools and materials to work to achieve the target in the desiredfinished work. Brain Mind is controlled by the creative aspect of intelligence.

An artist is a painter who has developed a high level of technology. An artist is, therefore, by definition, a good painter. A good painter is one who has good technique. A painter who has a poor technique, is a painter, but not an artist. An artist is someone whose work is art. Art is not a distinction between jobs and between plumbing and masonry. An artist is a master painter and a master ofTechnology.

Which would you trust more - a pilot, deficiencies in monitoring and understanding of the way an airplane flies, or someone who has studied and has shown, was trusted by trained and experienced pilots who know how to get the job properly make.

Many artists think technique dismiss this undermines their quest for creativity. Creativity can not be undermined. Creativity is more powerful than any lack of it. The search for higher levels of technology is an essential process requiredcan be achieved before any contact with full artistic expression.

Watercolor is a wonderful medium to work. It helps the individual to open his eyes and the subtlety and power of nature and our so-called artificial world. It is suitable for all ages and categories of people. In his best are his ablest supporters can compare next to the Great in another medium. This does not mean the best painters in oil are the best in watercolors and vice versa. The ability forWatercolor stands alone and is the panic of the situation of the oil painter.

If a watercolor painting is a laundry on the floor [paper the water] moves the pigment into a life of its own. To some degree, when the pigment is also often has its own will, appears to have next. A painter dabs some pigment on canvas bottom and the pigment remains there only a fool as if there is no intelligence. The oil painting is to convey energy to work for success, whileof watercolor painting to a certain degree of energy can arise from a mysterious place within the image.

Watercolors are suitable for most subjects. They are also suitable for most people at any age. But the media has its own set of unique constraints.

For example, in the situation, a painter, wash the control in the rule must be within arms length of it to keep this control. To make the oil painting can judge step back twenty feet in its impact, and this is not the slightestDifference to the position of color. "That is not so with watercolors for two reasons. One of the paintings must be vertical, to judge from afar, and by the time this is considered by far the most of virtually every painting on the floor.

Another disadvantage is the maximum size of the earth. Painter in oil seem to have no practical limit as far as space goes to the canvas. Graffiti is a proof. I do not know a watercolor painting graffiti culture.Rolls of watercolor paper can be bought, but I think only cut their own values for the suppliers for retail sale or resale of blocks painter.

One theme is the love of watercolor painting landscape. There are many aspects. The four elements of antiquity are earth air fire and water. There is nothing here about oil oil is so obviously in a different sub-category. The actual nature contains three of these elements and can be shown to be on every day of the week, simply byView from the window. The watercolor painter uses water and without it would not exist watercolor. This gives the watercolor painter with a unique combination of natural landscape and the water contained in the land air and sea in all its forms as ice, water vapor and steam.

Watercolorists are also prominent in the painting of the natural history topics. This is because the medium better suited to precise working. Early watercolor painter might focus on flowers and leaves.This was a dryer using the pigments and made free-hand drawing is the medium suitable for those who were not as creative, but be patient and content to paint as an extension of their interest.

Many artists from these beginnings to the creative artist. These middle and upper class women were also trained in writing songs and needlecraft. It was their social class, which is involved mainly in the expanding science. Graphics were needed to disseminate scientificIdeas to the general public for its support. This included the printing of engraved plates from drawings and paintings copied in order to meet the broad demand for illustrated books of all kinds, both before and after the invention of photography.

Only the very best watercolor painters are able to paint portraits. This is a nightmare for most of the field watercolor painter. It seems two types of watercolor painting portrait painter. Who paints a very dry and accurately produces images whose subjects areeasily recognizable.

The other is the free impressionistic portrait that looks as if it completed in a few minutes. Often these issues are obviously sad in the advanced stage of decomposition. A painter is either to leave a natural for portrait painting, or at best, be it in peace. I leave it alone!

Architectural painting is also an issue for natural watercolor painter. The themes are suitable for spontaneous art if the artist understands the importancearchitectural details. Even the careful long, slow display of the measured work is very satisfying. Architectural prospects are well known for their dramatic effect and use for the promotion of the designs in competitions.

Modern impressionistic watercolor painting is a natural outlet for the watercolor painter. Despite what many think structured, this type of painting is very much. Like a set of a painting is an idea, but placed in color. An idea that has no structure, is not an idea. MostImpressionist paintings are simply feelings a sense of being. A sense of being is simply blowing the brain uses for energy, to no purpose. The atmosphere is devoid of consciousness.

Art is the expression of an increased awareness.

Some painters think or feel what they need to do is to is to relax in an artistic attitude and the result is a work of art. This may be so, in rare cases, but in the majority, what will be expressed, is only a distortion caused by the illusion. It is in factSelf-expression of an illusion.

In a gallery to show a viewer, you can ask if something in purple, because some wallpaper problem they have in a bedroom in the house. This poses a problem because the temptation is to go in a hurry and color. Sympathize ignore.

Then again, if you have a picture you think is complete, the best thing that ever made a stranger, maybe you could say he sees a white stallion rearing up in painting theClouds and wants to know what your exact thoughts that horse actually at the time. The truth is, you have no idea what he's talking about. It's amazing how easy it is to construct some kind of metaphysics in order to explain this horse.

Once I was sitting in my studio looked idly at the wall, if it from a very acute angle of one of my pictures of trees in a forest came into sharp focus. What I saw instead of the trees occupy most of the area concerned within the bracket was a greatbeautiful nude sixteen years old girl with pure pink and white skin are sitting looking into the arms of a most revolting, but also nude hairy grinning devil laid back. So be careful.

Pictures seem to be a record of all our thoughts at the time of painting. Perhaps these are pictures are not what we believe to be hidden, lurking deep in the unconscious part of us, but they can also be there. Let us always be careful what we think, because what we think as well what we have thought in the past is part of thewhat our pictures and we are today.

Technology takes time to develop. The search for a true technology is leading us to many dead ends and lots of watercolor has to flow under the bridge before we even close to where we think we want to be.

For this reason, the focus here is on technology and technology is a part of this drawing - the foundation of all painting. Painting is drawing with color.

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