Painting concrete basement walls - Add colorful variety to your cellar

Painting concrete basement walls is an inexpensive way to quickly change from the hot lower atmosphere is dull and dirty to be loaded. Although the room is the same, t will be amazed at how lively the area was once painted. A particularly effective way to create your results, create a theme and use multiple colors instead of just one color.

Think about what your basement or will be used for and go from there. If yourKeller area used as a game, then why not paint a checkerboard pattern or in connection with the designs of sport. Or even a sports hall for boys is a very entertaining way of painting concrete basement walls. In this case, you can integrate the team everyone's heart, or even use a personal favorite as a staff problem.

Whatever you want, painting concrete basement walls will take some preparation time, e. Since some basements draw moisture, this shouldIt was required before painting. If the basement has a moisture problem, try to cause job to find and correct make for a good and lasting color. Otherwise, the results could be evaluated peeling, cracking paint, and any problems with mold.

Painting basement concrete walls

Before you start painting in reality, there are some steps to take. The walls must be clean and free of any debris. In addition, you shoulda technique called acid etching before painting concrete basement walls. When painting concrete basement walls that have been painted already, you have to do, the acid-etching, whether or not the paint peeling on the old spots.

In preparing the solution of acid etching you must follow the instructions exactly. The acid can be corrosive, so be sure to wear gloves and other equipment. So, the color onThe powder-like should be removed. Etching directions correctly, you should be the texture of the canvas number one or number two sandpaper. If the concrete is dry, chemically neutral and can start working on painting concrete basement walls and make sure there is adequate ventilation for the fumes of paint. Opening windows and doors near the area will help tremendously. Connecting a fan if you have a different is a good idea.

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