Create a custom concrete finish

Perhaps only an ordinary concrete of cement, sand, gravel and water, but has the unique ability to produce beautiful concrete surfaces art that transforms any room of the structure. New concrete is malleable and can be formed in all. The concrete surface is suitable for sample preparation and integration of the decorations. Endless concrete-based surfaces can be beautiful in practice the number of combinationswith steel, glass, wood, stones, among others. All you need is the eye of an artist and the imagination.

Concrete also has strength and durability, the system makes it the perfect choice for the cabin floor. Solid State, can rock as hard as concrete and polished, or when applied with the sealing of concrete suitable materials may be impervious to damage and long-lasting .

No wonder, customization is one of the concrete surfacespopular and practical application manager was looking for ways to create interesting art spaces in the structure and floors.

Simple Tricks to finish the concrete to measure

specific applications may be able to plant by the contractors of the painting, the specific requirements in the form. Whether it's office space or production, the entrepreneurs offer much space for individual hand built with care. The adaptation process is simple and simple, and gives you the freedom to control parts of the application.

With customization, the desired strength and durability of the concrete surface can be achieved. The contractor has more room to make adjustments on every step of the way. The right colors and inlays aggregates can be produced, the introduction of eye-pleasing elements in each room.

The easiest way to put an end adapted to wet concrete is a thin spatula to create models> A mixture of concrete. Random arches and geometric shapes to add texture to the concrete, which not only interesting patterns, but also increase skid-proofing and traction on the surface. Other tools may like steel bristles or rake a lawn, the structure of the surface can vary. Gravel or tinted glass can also be used wet concrete, simply places them in the semifinals.

Creativity concrete image in custom applications

more complex applicationsInterface are based on concrete acid staining, polishing, mosaic tiles and decorative coating application techniques in a unique aspect of concrete surfaces in the plant.

Spillages transform the standard color dull gray cement imaginative covering every surface nicely. plant floors, patios, decks and walkways spot come alive in chemically induced, the last for a long time, especially if protected by a layer of sealantFull attractive glossy or matte finish.

Portland cement, when mixed with acrylic colors and a variety of concrete is an image of other, customizable application that combines aesthetics, strength, durability e. Acrylic is used for a long period of time to redo the work surface with excellent adhesion properties. The resulting decorative concrete application provides protection as in many colors.

Most painting contractors advice instead of repairsurfaces instead of concrete structures, particularly because there are parts of their cost. Other areas of the plant can be affected by the replacement of labor, particularly when heavy machines and equipment for the job are used. Repair is a viable choice, especially when working with concrete appropriate that the damage was resistant to most stains, spills, e. Furthermore, not only a custom interface last long, it is easyrestore - with a little cleaning and a fresh application of sealer or polish to restore its former beauty.

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