Concrete Repair Crack in basement walls

concrete cracks in almost every wall in a cellar. Builders and contractors plan for this division in the steel reinforced concrete walls. Even if the concrete cracked, the reinforcement maintains the thickness of the wall, and there is no problem for a typical house of the foundation.

By water in the basement

Unfortunately, these plans are specific to the water in the basement. Many homes today have built aroof waterproofing on the outside of the foundation for water control and must be protected to the inside basement. Old houses are susceptible to water damage, it is not installed through a seal at all. But there are still too big for the crack to seal the crack and then tears the piece of membrane is possible. Or, if the definition is wrong, and slopes toward the house, also a pool of rainwater near the house above the level ofSeal the concrete crack and insert the flow into the interior. Finally, it is possible that a landscape design for the home, on the protection and waterproofing of water in the crack of cement over the roof insulation.

Concrete Crack Repair

Homeowner or business can fill the crack from inside the basement and prevent water from leaking into making the repair of the inside is a quick and inexpensive method that disturb the soil and landscape outside. The repair of concrete cracks crack by injecting a urethane foam expansion.

Liquid injection of urethane foam

The urethane of the crack is presented as a liquid and when it hits the water begins to foam and expand. This expansion forces the foam to completely fill the crack from top to bottom and from front to back. When finished, the foam of water to keep its place on the outside of> Concrete foundation.

The width of the crack no role. If water can urethane through the concrete will crack, so the liquid. This is because the urethane is administered by injection at low pressure with a standard gun or when seal is a professional, with a special dual-cartridge gun. A homeowner or business does not do any drilling or chiseling the crack further.

As the water presence is required to act as a catalyst for making urethanebegin to foam, the repair can be done if the crack is dry. Just inject 2 1 / cup of water in the concrete floor with a spray bottle to wet the concrete crack in it.

A basement dry

Once the concrete cracks water is filled with urethane foam will not be able to leak in the basement. The house is now possible to use the basement and make sure that the contents safe and dry at the end in the coming years.

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