Guide to the colored concrete floors

Stained concrete floors

Stained concrete floors are very popular for families and businesses. Ordinary materials used for paving concrete are now covered by other colors to produce colored stones for color effects that mimic natural polished marble, or leather. These soils are low-maintenance alternative to other floor coverings and design services haveThat precedent for other surface treatment. You can take over: patterns, borders, colors and a variety of techniques to create a unique design.

The concrete used for different functions stain any concrete surface. N. two planes creates an identical model or color. This variability is stained concrete its attractiveness. Almost all of concrete surfaces can be colored. Conditions such asSealants, mastics, adhesives, spot and inhibit performance and must be removed prior to the color. Since the stains are translucent concrete, do not hide surface defects such as cracks, patch links or other surface defects. Some of these defects such as cracks can help effect the overall load of stain concrete floor stains and improve the design. If a title is in serious need of repair work to patch or crack, a thin layer of cement base candeposited on the surface to create a new canvas for the commercials.

The cost of concrete windows may vary depending on: the complexity of the project, structural design, the state of the concrete and the length of the preparatory work needed. . Sealer plans priced at $ 15 per square meter of floor in colored cement prices can start at $ 3 - $ 4 per square foot for a plan from which a minimum level of preparedness foot spot of paint, and ainclude: intricate designs engraved, more colors, thin layers, sanding and / or other advanced decorative effects. Prices for paving standards are developed on the basis of labor costs and materials needed to complete the design.

The advantages of concrete floors include a colored surface that are easily maintained, resistant to mold and water damage and prevention of dust mites or allergens. The decision to use colored concrete floors, theirThe longevity and replacement costs, roofing material plane than others, such as concrete floors are sustainable only if they are economically viable. Proper maintenance of concrete floors ensure structural stability and exceptional beauty for decades.

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