Acrylic Concrete Stain - the application of the coating

If you are interested and ascetics in the application of a coating for concrete surfaces to protect you can not go wrong with acrylic. Unlike other products, acrylic concrete stain is not susceptible to degradation by UV rays of the sun is still "hot tire pickup" that is cured when parking a car caused the tires to warm up an area not think straight.

The first step in the application is to clean the floor. You need to remove naturally all dirt and dust with a good detergent. Also, make sure that all mold and rust have been removed. If the surface of the concrete is in the garage or driveway, the certainty of oil stains are removed with a good degreaser. Even if the concrete is new, may have a transparent coating, the solution should be etched with hydrochloric acid a weak acid.

As soon as the soil can be prepared that it is completely dry before the acrylic or other> Flooring for that matter. Is the floor in the basement or garage and then a space heater works great moisture to evaporate. If it is out there you really want to do this process, when the weather is warm or hot and dry. Usually you have to wait 24 hours to see if all the moisture evaporates.

If you paint ready to use the coating, mix it up as you want. Start with a brush to apply the acrylic at all hard to reach places, as in corners and edges. Continue with half nap roller to short, the rest of the coating on the floor. If you want to be sure, roller or brush in the same direction to make your own, because after about three hours the second layer perpendicular to the first applies to. Alternating directions of shooting you are sure you complete coverage of acrylic stain.

> The nest is a concrete step on the acrylic sealant> Plan. This will help protect your floor surface and brings the new color of stain and improve its durability. Make sure the finish is completely dry before applying for the seal or you are not satisfied with the result. The best way to apply the sealant is a pump spray, because it allows a complete coverage. Be careful to spray, and it is recommended to mask the walls. If you do not pass with a syringe or if you use the spray on Chaosthen you can play a role. One coat is usually sufficient for interior floors, exterior concrete surfaces, but two layers, since they are usually more traffic.

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