As a concrete etching-acid gel increases the performance of epoxy garage floor

The main reason for the failure of epoxy garage floor due to improper surface preparation. Concrete acid gel with a risk of failure of the coating is reduced to the minimum etching.

What is the failure of the coating

Concrete has unique properties that materials are very different from other buildings. As a result, not simply paint the floor and expect long-term performance.

The concrete is under pressure, humidity pushes porousthrough your concrete slab. Just because the water on the floor, does not mean that there is. If the garage floor is only the possibility of water vapor from small air holes in your pot is up to. You may have noticed also a white powder on the floor. This is the result of salt water vapor pushing up through concrete. If the coating is not properly attached to the surface and you start to see chipDelamination. Gradually degrade your coating and fail.

The importance of your concrete etching

The most important step before applying a garage floor epoxy coating on the surface of the surface to adhere to increase visible. A properly shaped surface sensation of sandpaper 100 and each link switches are removed. Bond switches are salts, oil, dirt, grease or rust.

Professional industrial epoxy applicatorsProfile of a stick with a blast. It is a tool that walk past thousands of tiny ball-bearing buds on the surface. Muriatic acid and hydrochloric acid, a similar result. Most Do It Yourself Floor coatings manufacturers recommended that a liquid surface profile of the acid solution. This method has been used for years with little success.

Why does not Liquid Etching

Works for the acid etching of concrete, but the method of applicationno. Liquid hydrogen is dangerous in its pure form, for which the manufacturer, the liquid diluted to safety. Then he suggested dilution with water, even more. At the time of this diluted solution is applied, there is little to affect your floor.

There are other questions. If you fill the bucket of acid and water, is difficult. The natural tendency is to pay a lot of load on the floor at first to help. Namely, inconsistent application. The next step is to use a broom to agitate the surface.

With a broom, a few concrete rewards of small acid into the pores des If the soil dries and a coating applied to the holes, the tiny particles in the air stuck to the concrete acid reactivated. This breaks the chemical cross linking of the coating. The result is a very small chip to remove the floor.

The other problem is that the concrete is never a dull and acidic water, the flow of small spots> Plan. I mean, what more can be done is minimal incision on the high points. At best, the profile is consistent. You'll notice when coatings fail, they start at the bottom of your shows.

Gel Technology Solution Create an effective concrete etching

The acid is very effective for profiling of cement, is the method used, which fails. possible in recent years acid gel technology has progressed to be mixed in a gel. L 'The result is a gel, acid that has the consistency of a thick shampoo. It is available in defined amounts of acid. For example, you can purchase 20% or 24% solution, which is not diluted.

The application is by rolling with a concrete / 8 "nap roller 3, the surface follows the contour des edges and tight areas brushes can be engraved with A. The acid affects the area actually pulling out the hammer and concrete link iscontained in the gel. This is important. Liquid acid binding pull switches from the surface, but they move right back into the pores. A liquid solution, only a partial withdrawal.

Consistent profiling offers improved adhesion of the coating

Etching concrete with acid gel was a service performed for the garage floor-covering long term. It 'was the missing ingredient for years. The results are then opened the garage is a small marketContractor or homeowner to achieve the results of a professional applicator. Profiling concrete increases with a gel coat surface makes your stick for the long term and reduce the chances of failure of the coating.

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