Benefits of cork flooring

A lot of people out there when thinking of cork, visualize, a bulletin board. But that's not reality. Available in a variety of colors and color ranges from light to dark, the cork flooring a beautiful material and texture. Tailor-made for every type of interior fit, there is a variety of patterns and structures means that Pergo flooring such as wood, grain and marble patterns.

Advantages of Cork

A good insulation, cork holdsYour house cool in summer and warm in winter. It reduces energy costs in your home in winter due to its energy efficiency, which is more than that of discount wood flooring or Armstrong laminate flooring. It also raises the noise floor or in another room because it sounded good insulator.

In addition, the material feels softer than stone or wood floors, Bellawood or ceramic tiles. Your feet feel wonderful on her. A good place to get it in the kitchen.It is the place where you are probably a lot of your time. The chances that your brittle utensils when they are covered less than stone or tiles. The resistance to fire is definitely an added bonus.

The cork tree bark, wood is used to make the cork and it is environmentally friendly. These trees can be found mainly in Portugal and Spain. Without damaging or cutting of trees, the bark stripped off so that they are simply not on the number of trees in anyway.The bark, which has taken off, is replaced by new ones and in about nine years, is gearing up again for the recording.

Cork Flooring Installation

The material is either glued or nailed during the installation. Cork flooring can be done over concrete or wood. Ensure that the sub-soil is dry, is an essential criterion. To control humidity and surface preparation, it is always useful to apply a seal. Cork tiles are easier than they can be installed easily peeled off and stuckagain.

The adhesive can be set using a paint roller on the undercarriage and the stones can be distributed next. The seams are barely noticeable and you can use sharp knife to cut the angles and corners for the perfect fit. Roll a 100-pound weighted roller to stick once the tiles are set correctly. The bottom roller can be rented from any tool rental place. For added protection, a clear urethane can be placed on the tiles, as it helps the soilmore waterproof.

Cork floor maintenance

Maintenance of cork flooring is easy as it is fairly easy to clean. Clear the dirt with a sweep of the broom and mop with a damp cloth if necessary. After several years, the processing could begin to wear off. Easy to sand the floor with floor-Sanders. After sanding thoroughly to give a urethane coating for floor protection. To the soil more water-resistant urethane coating add more.

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