Nils Frahm - Keep

Artist: Nils Frahm_Title Of Album: Felt Year Of Release: 07-10-2011 Label: Erased Tapes_Catalog #: ERATP 033DL Felt is a body of music so intimate and hushed you can practically hear the microphones breathing. Put together in late night sessions at his home studio, this third release from German modern classical impresario Nils Frahm has floor boards creaking and errant noises rustling in the gaps between his delicately poised chords, Frahm's breathing faintly audible as his ghostly piano tinkering plays out. If autumn has so far been generous to neo-classical junkies with albums from the likes of droned string symphony experimenters A Winged Victory For The Sullen, then Felt is perhaps the season's most enticing gift yet: a cryptic weave of indelible sounds and silences; an emotional juggernaut. The 23-year-old composer recorded his last album, 2009's The Bells, in a cavernous old church in his native Berlin. This follow-up is in many ways its homely inverse, the lush reverberating sonics of his last outing replaced by scratchy, rougher textures making it a comparatively rag-tag endeavour. The title is pretty apt too -- Felt is guided by moods and colours more than concrete musical ideas, notably melancholia and wistfulness. Heavy stuff indeed -- but not without reward. From agitated piano skirmish opener 'Kept', Frahm curates his sounds in a ...

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