Hear Me Now~Black☆Star & Tsubaki AMV

HD PLEASE!!! READ PLEASE!!! FINALLY!!! I am finished with this AMV. 13 hours, two packs of oreos and a pot of coffee laterI finished my full length Black Star/Tsubaki AMV. I didnt like how the ending turned out in the video. To me, the whole video got lost in the middle of the second chorus. I love the first half, but the rest of it, seemed alittle dull and again, lost. The song doesnt fit them, putting the meaning of the song into consideration. However, I love the song and I love these two characters. And I wanted to use a song that hasnt been used yet for these two characters. I put the advice I received in What Have You Done Now? AMV into this video. Not overlapping clips too much, stuffing too many clips together, speeding up the clips and etc. It was easy, considering there wasnt a lot of Black Star Clips, but trying to make it fit with the song wasnt easy. Okay! Lets see here! Storystorystory! Lets make this shortBlack Star is struggling for the Nakatsukasa (Zebra deer)to accept his soul. In the other ring, Tsubaki is trying to defeat her brother. Both are haunted by the carnage by Black Stars father and Tsubakis brothers past. Blah, Blah, blah! I hope that maked sense. And in the end, they both decide to atone for the people who have past ons mistakes. Bearing all their regrets. And show and live the dream they couldnt reach. You should know that! It happened in episode 47!!! Anyways, I am disappointed in this AMV, like I was disappointed in the Framing Hanley ...

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