Dare to Dream Different Contest - EcoHouse Heat Pump

I live in an eco-house that is being heated by a heat pump that gets it s energy from the ground. The Sun heats the ground in summer and I use the energy stored in winter. The heat pump itself uses some electricity. To make it as energy efficient as possible, one should let it work only at night. But the problem is to know what the weather will be next day. Because I use floor heating and the concrete in the floor conserves a lot of energy, you will only know next day if your decision last night was right or wrong. So I created a PC program in .NET to get weather forecasts from the Internet and decide how long I should have the heat pump on at night. This works great, I have equipped 3 houses of the neighbours with such systems already. The problem is, having a PC with full Windows for just switching a heat pump on and off is a bit overscaled. So the idea is to create a .NET Micro Framework controller that would be able to get weather forecasts from the Internet, give user a nice web site for configuration, statistics, and remote control, and switch the heat pump on/off on time to keep the temperature inside the house perfect.

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