- Here we go again with the quirky movies that are on 16mm print including no credits

www.youtube.com []\/\/\/||||||||||Dont you think someone has too much time on there hands? Because back then people used to get stoned and watch movies. They remember a whole different planet thing they saw ; while under the influence. What happens is that it culmivates to the discovery of Pink Floyd dark side of the moon can synchronize to The Wizard Of Oz? And people accually believe it, even though it does kinda synchronize but what how for. In this day and age you will be told : You have way too much time on your hands. Do people still get stoned or take acid to watch movies or tv shows? You dont hear about it much anymore. People can smuggle drugs into concerts, but the other thing. Maybe you dont hear about it much anymore because society has changed. Maybe because the good old fashioned video stores are not there, they went out of business? Something in society has changed. People in there teens and 20s till stopping, used to get together-anywhere-just to get high. What great friends! They are not your friends, they are drug buddies. After the drugs are gone, growing up, or something else happens they are not there anymore. Cool to get together at your house with understanding parents. To get together with friends somewhere else-sometimes to watch movies-or out in public to do drugs. Another group takes over, even if they step up police. But guess what; all those other nights, the cops were not there. Funny how in the old days there were classic VHS videostores ...

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