Take The C hance . ♥ // Fifty-Seven.

Heyy my beautiful little ninjaa's ♥ Okay so, school's startin' on Monday, which means that I won't have much to time to write or upload. I'm sorry I don't upload everyday, but I just want to keep the exitement rolling, especially for this story. ;] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Previously on 'Take The Chance': Justin and Lakeisha avoided eachother for the rest of the day, and Justin wondered what would happen tomorrow. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C hapter F ifty - S eve n. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - J ustin - - A little, brown sparrow, hopped cheerfully over the green summergrass, searching for something eatable, probably to feed the starving mouths of it's late-born babies. And besides that, there were no other living creatures around, except for the noisy traffic, in the distance, on a highway we had droven off of, a couple of hours ago. Everyone still slept, understandable, as it was only six o'clock. I was sat, on a little bench, in a quiet, park-like area, near the concertbuilding where I would be performing tonight. The morningsun, put the massive concrete monster, in a beautiful light, making it look so peaceful, from my perspective. I pulled up my hood, as a cold breeze hit my face, due to the fact that the sun hadn't yet ...

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