Texas Aggregate production of metal artifacts for sale

Metal Fabrication Company thriving on sale for $ 7,000,000! Established since 1995. Strong business with a discreet, exclusive, customer base! This sale includes an agreement for approximately $ 5,000,000 (7.4 acres of property rated first real shop and office functions, equipment and tools valued at approx. $ 4,000,000, more property, the activity includes the class working (inventory and vehicles) worth approx. $ 1,000,000. Immobilien & gear will be rented, if not purchased).

TexasProcessing companies selling metal has a profit margin of about 10-20%. The company has a good income, and held the office of excellent team work crew, all ready to have new leaders, if desired or necessary. Manufacturers specializing in all stainless steel and steel, brass, copper and aluminum. The owners note that the true value of capable people that the company uses. Turnkey services include: Auto CAD design, assembly, installation, Light & Heavy Fabrication,Sandblastingm painting, water jet cutting and transport.

Current projects include: 70% of the business is for offshore oil platforms or oil and gas industries connected. The remaining 30% of the storage companies, houses SCR, runners, top spin, doors, ceilings, kennels, Hood Vent, handrails, balustrades and much more ornamental. Owner spent $ 1,500,000. in 2007/2008 and in the development of a new store, advanced cutting (water jet), the increaseResult of the company from $ 4 - $ 5,000,000.

The Security Fund includes:

Detached rugged metal housing protected buildings, concrete floor, with all utilities, 22,000 square meters;

Free-standing metal building "Sandblasting & Paint Shop", paved driveway with a concrete floor, all utilities, 6,000 square meters;

Partly to protect the space shop with the roof and concrete floor (7,500 sq.m.);

Free-standing metal building, "Mechanical Shop ', concrete floor, 1,500square feet;

Lay-down area for the storage of heavy broken concrete, for a total of 40,000 square meters

Office Equipment includes:

Office building, new

-10 Workplaces


Computer Systems and telephone system and server

Brick-home "Showroom"

Completely renovated, 2,000 square feet

Employee Parking

Concrete fracture plane,

-12 000 square meters;

Office & Guest Parking

Heavy Duty Disc

-7 "Concrete

-26 000 sq.m.

New fence, several sections.

Metal processing company to sell texas

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